Bill Whittle: Don’t Vote for Hillary, Vote for a Turnip Instead

From:,  by Soopermexican,  on Nov 5, 2016


Bill Whittle makes the case for voting against Hillary… and voting FOR a TURNIP!

Bill Whittle goes through all the terrible things Hillary has done in this video where he compares voting for her and voting for… a turnip!!

I guess this is to persuade those of us who just conceive of voting for a degenerate like Trump. See if you find it persuasive:

He makes some good points, a few exaggerated ones, but this doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter – are conservatives ready to take responsibility for what Trump would do to the country and to conservatism? I don’t really think it matters anymore. Trump is a result of the success of Obama’s “fundamentally transforming” America. Principles and words don’t matter anymore, just celebrity and self-delusions. I can’t vote for that.


Wow! After that, I’m now torn between voting for Donald Trump or a turnip. Oh wait, I’ve already voted for Trump, so … never mind. But I do hope that Bill’s video is watched by some prospective Clinton voters and they’ll recognize that a righteous root vegetable would be a far more honest choice than that lying, sickly, old skank Hillary.

Truth be told, with a turnip at the helm, our national debt and our deficit will both be more stable and won’t increase dramatically as they will if Hillary is elected and a turnip wouldn’t increase taxes either. There’s a lot to be said for a turnip.

Trust the Turnip!





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  1. She and the turnip have a lot in common, and the turnip is every bit as qualified as she is.


  2. Love all of Bill Whittle’s stuff! I’m a long time subscriber of His work.


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