Importing Hillary Voters


Many of us have been complaining about illegal immigration seemingly forever. We’ve just never thought that it was right to allow people to cross our border unimpeded and without challenge.

The United States, like every other country, has immigration laws that are designed to welcome immigrants who can be expected to learn our language and contribute to the betterment of our culture and institutions. They are expected to assimilate and become part of our “one nation from many peoples” concept.  In previous years, immigrants have accepted those challenges and followed the necessary legal requirements in order to enter the country legally.

But in recent years, due to the meddling of Barack Obama, our immigration laws have become unenforceable. In effect, he has encouraged open borders. He has issued directives that prevent our border patrol and immigration personnel from enforcing our immigration laws, and he’s directed them to look the other way while millions have crossed into the United States illegally.

In the past decade, we’ve seen countless taxpayer dollars being spent on the housing, healthcare, and education of these new arrivals even while many of our own legal citizens are jobless, homeless, and hurting.

We’ve long tried to understand how the United States benefits by adding these new illegal immigrants to America’s population, but to no avail. They are, and can be expected to be, a net drain on the country’s financial well-being for years to come. Few, if any, of these migrants entering the country via our Southern border have any marketable skills and for the most part, they are not self-sufficient without taxpayer assistance.

Why then, has the country expended so much money and so much manpower on helping them enter and set up households in the U.S.?

There was only one need that they could be expected to fill immediately – a source of new democrat votes.

Pollsters are finding some 3.5 million new Latino voters this year over 2012 and only 3% have indicated that they definitely not vote this year. So, we can expect that about 3.4 million Latinos WILL vote in this coming election.

And I’ll give you three guesses as to who they plan to vote for?

The democrat: Hillary Clinton.

Democrats, by design, have been executing a long-range plan to retain their political power indefinitely by importing new democrat votes by the millions. Theirs is not a method of winning elections that would have even been considered by our founders. The founders (foolishly and naively) thought that good governance, honesty, and character would be attributes that would entice voters to cast their ballots for qualified candidates. They never considered that a political party might win a presidential election by simply importing foreign votes, much like importing foreign electronics, wine, or cheese.

This is one more way that Barack Obama is transforming our United States into a country that would anger and disgust our founders.

I wonder how many of these new 3.4 million Latino voters are aware of Hillary’s activities of the past three decades. What do they know of her honesty or her character? What do they know about her record as Senator or Secretary of State or what part she played in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi? It’s likely that they know nothing of any of the candidates except what they’re told.

Most are believed to be entering the U.S. to provide better lives for themselves and their families, a laudable motive and they’re unaware that they’re just pawns. More and more illegal aliens are finding that it is possible for them to vote for president. With the democrat’s able assistance, more states are making it possible for non-citizens to vote, some by design, others by intentional inaction.

We don’t allow high school students to vote. We require that a voter is at least 18-years-old to vote. Yet, illegal aliens who’ve been in the U.S. for just a few months in some jurisdictions are able to vote in federal elections. They may have the maturity that age typically brings, but they know little of the responsibilities of a U.S. president and are most likely to vote for whoever promises them the most aid, medical care, the best housing choices, etc. In other words, they’re voting for the person promising the most freebies – the highest bidder for their vote.

They can make a difference. Their numbers can swing an election.

And not only do the democrats know that – they depend on it.


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  1. Progressives have never really been the majority in the past. US was mostly conservative. Now with Muslims, illegals, etc, they have a huge voting block. Christians (40 million who stayed home in 2012) need to vote!
    Thought you might get a kick out of this.

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  2. Rather than make a separate post, I’ll just add this here because it absolutely supports what you’ve said.

    O publicly encouraged illegals to vote and promised them that their addresses are not used to track them down and deport them.

    Were we not accustomed to hearing this from him it would be outrageous, but for him it’s business as usual. No respect for the law but it verifies your title and he’s been doing it for years. Between Hillary’s fraud schemes and his importation of voters, Trump will need a huge landslide to pull this off.

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    • Thanks for posting the video, Kathy. It graphically illustrates the disdain that Barack Obama has for the laws of our United States – laws that he supposedly took a solemn oath to uphold.

      It is absolutely ludicrous that we’re even talking about illegal aliens voting. They CAN’T VOTE, they AREN’T CITIZENS. But, in Obama’s world – the democrat world – the only laws that we must abide by are theirs, not those pesky constitutional ones.


    • Someone on twitter said slopes stated that video was false, edited. But even their own text of the interview states it! They think they can fool people just by saying it was false! Snopes is so, so, so, BIASED!


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