Watchmen, Man the Walls!


Condensed from a post by Brandon Smith at (Link here ).


Through the majority of this election cycle the public consensus has been that Clinton will win. . . They have assumed that the elites want Clinton, and therefore, the election has already been decided. . .

U.S. elections are indeed controlled, and have been for decades, primarily through the false left/right paradigm.  However, . . . don’t think that Clinton is the choice of the elites. . .

Trump is slated to take the White House and that this is by design. . . That said, here are some issues that I think many people are overlooking when coming to conclusions on the election and the events surrounding it.

Clinton Is The Worst Candidate The Elites Could Have Chosen

So, in my view it is rather insane for the elites to field a candidate such as Hillary Clinton IF the entirety of their globalist empire hangs in the balance (I don’t think it does).  Though she is fond of BleachBit, the woman is unbleachable. . . Her dismal crowd turnouts are rather indicative of this.

On top of all this, Clinton’s anti-Russia rhetoric is coming off as absolutely crazy, . . . even putting liberals off rather than inspiring their confidence.

One would think that if the elites have their veritable pick of any politician to represent their interests in the White House and convince the American public to go along for the ride, Clinton would be the worst choice. Even if the intention were to rig the election in favor of Clinton, she would be a lame-duck president the second she took office, and, her mere presence would galvanize conservatives to the point of mass rebellion.

This is not generally how the elites play the game.  Instead, they prefer co-option to direct confrontation.

Which President Is Better For The Elites During An Economic Breakdown?

If you consider the premise that Clinton is NOT the chosen one, and that the entire election is theater, the situation changes rather drastically.

Those that follow the underlying economic data that the mainstream tends to ignore know that large swaths of the global financial system are not long for this world. With Europe’s banking system plunging towards a Lehman-style event, the OPEC production freeze deal ready to fall apart yet again, and the Federal Reserve threatening to raise rates into recessionary conditions in December, our already floundering fiscal structure is approaching another crisis.

My question has always been who would the elites rather have in office when this crisis occurs?  . . . (W)ith Clinton in office, globalists and international financiers get the blame for any economic downturn.  With Trump in office, conservative movements will be blamed. . .

The FBI’s Move Prepares The Way For Trump

. . . Clinton was never meant to win the election in the first place, and that the elites want Trump placed in power during the final hours of the U.S. economy.  Everything else is just a Kabuki dance.

The democrats are crying foul and accusing Comey . . .I think much of this outrage is real, as I believe much of the mainstream media attacks on Trump are coming from people who really think they are waging a propaganda war to get Hillary Clinton elected.  . . .

The FBI’s announcement ONLY harms the Clinton campaign.  Period.  Even if it fizzles out, even if they announce that nothing was found, the investigation hitting the news streams so close to election day refocuses all public attention back on Clinton’s corruption and will continue to do so for the next week at least.  The idea that the elites hope to use it to help Clinton is nonsensical.

. . . Comey does what he is told.  The FBI is an owned and operated elitist franchise.  They do not go rogue.  If the rogue FBI narrative were true and Comey actually feels the need to cover his bases with Trump, then it is only because he knows something the rest of us do not.  With Clinton in office, his goose would be cooked after this little incident.  Comey only gains an advantage if Trump is slated to win.

Trump May Or May Not Be Aware Of The Plan

The bottom line, according to the evidence I have seen in terms of elitists influence over U.S. elections, is that if Trump wins it will only be because they wanted him to win. The FBI firestorm this past week  appears to support my view and we still have another week left for further Clinton ugliness to be revealed.  I also expect that if Trump wins, the reaction from conservatives and liberty activists will be that the event was a “miracle,” a shocking upset against the establishment.  Much like the reaction to the Brexit referendum.  I continue to hold that conservatives and sovereignty champions in Europe and America are being set up to take the fall for a coming global destabilization.

. . . If I am right, I cannot say either way if Trump is aware that he will be a potential scapegoat for the elites. . .The point is, as horrifying as a Clinton presidency might be to conservatives (or to everyone), don’t get too comfortable under Trump.  The party is just getting started and our vigilance must be even greater with a conservative White House, because, like it or not, everything Trump does is going to reflect on us.  We can no more allow unconstitutional activities under Trump than we could under Clinton.  If you think the election has been chaotic and confusing so far, just wait until after it is over.


I have never “trusted” Trump, but I have always detested Hillary. I must vote against her with the only vehicle in position to stop her. That’s Trump.

I concur with Brandon’s view of the way the Elites pull the puppet strings in ways that seem inconsistent. Their goal of discrediting the conservative and liberty movements by inserting a NY liberal as the figurehead of their movement is a master stroke in that regard. With the global economy on the path to an obvious reset of that economic system, it serves their purposes to deflect the blame from the forces pushing globalism/collectivism, and place it on those upholding traditional economic, moral, and civic values. That way the elites kill two birds with one stone while their hands appear totally clean, in fact they will play the victim!

My question is, how do conservatives and liberty advocates avoid the blame the Elites intend to dump on us via Trump?

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  1. His is an interesting take on the election and a coming global financial meltdown. One question is this: if there are an unnamed and behind-the-scenes group of financiers controlling things, why can’t they also control the impending global financial crisis or at least, insulate its effect on their own holdings? I’m not necessarily disagreeing, I’m not in a position to know, but it does raise questions.

    I immediately think of George Soros as the only name that I can associate with being a “global financial” wielder of influence on that scale. He’s funded a large number of leftist groups, most of which are directly coordinating with Hillary, which would lead me to believe that Soros exerts much more influence with her and Bill than with Trump.

    I guess that my main point is that most of our unengaged and brain-dead citizenry won’t know who to blame if a financial meltdown occurs here and/or elsewhere unless it’s force-fed to them. I just have trouble accepting that this nebulous cabal of moneyed movers and shakers are prepared to see Trump elected just so he can bear the blame when the wheels come off.

    That’s my .02 cents worth on the issue.


    • Garnet,

      I understand your reticence. I was that way fully, at first. Then he guaranteed that Brexit would pass when it was down by 20 points or so. Likewise he picked Trump when the betting pools guaranteed Hillary at over 90%.

      You’d logically ask why? The answer is the need for a scapegoat so they don’t get the blame!

      The EU is unworkable, so foment war, and a refugee crisis in the MidEast. Direct the politicians of Europe to accept Islamic refugee haters of the West en masse. Then engineer the passage of Brexit, so they can blame either/or, but not have the finger pointed at them! They will be the Solution.

      The ZIRP & Progressivism are demonstrable failures, so you don’t want a proponent of both(Hillary) at the helm when the SHTF! You want the populist opponent of globalism, so those policies are blamed for the collapse!

      Again like at Waterloo, Rothschild was a winner regardless because he “owned” both horses and had superior intelligence services. He could tailor his Long/Short positions before the rest of the world knew the outcome. The same here!

      These folks will make huge profits on the destruction of the current system, and intend to wholly own the new one as the savior of the economies of the world.

      Soros is a mere billionaire bit player set up as a visible pomposity, and allowed to shine at times. These people actually own puppets like him, Presidents, Chancellors, & Queens!


  2. This is a very interesting piece, although I’m not sure which elites the author is referring to that supposedly have Trump slated for the White House. It’s been my understanding that when he first jumped into the race, it was more of a game to him, just to see if he could shake things up, which he did. Then as people began to seriously consider him a viable candidate, he got serious about it too.

    For those reasons, I’d say Trump’s completely unaware of the scheme these elites have in mind. I’d have to agree that Hillary isn’t the candidate they wanted – she’s not the candidate anybody wanted, except maybe the Saudis.


    • Kathy,

      Brandon has a very involved theory of how the world works on a macro global scale. The gist is that broad economic and political trends do not occur unless they are blessed, sponsored, and led by the international financial elites. By “leading”, he doesn’t mean visible candidates or corporate heads, though these can be on the edges of the elite core. He speaks of those who dictate the policies of the BIS, IMF, and the like, not as officers, but as the small group who tell those officers and board members what will be done, and in what way. They will likewise tell the political parties and media consortia precisely how it will come down.

      All very shadowy, of course, but both sides of every war must be financed, and ultimately it is by the same pool of money channelled differently. Rothschild financed both Napoleon & Wellington, for example, and would be backing the winner regardless how the military campaign evolved.

      It’d almost be the executive steering committee of the Bilderbergers, or some such, mixed in with the Illuminati, with the knowledge, wealth, and power passed down over many generations, with intermarriage amongst the clans as you go.

      It sound like a fantasy, but Brandon has been able to predict events in an uncanny fashion, so we’ll see.


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