What’s Really Unprecedented?

Hillary Clinton is very distressed about FBI Director James Comey’s announcement to congress and the American people that the FBI is re-opening its investigation into her emails, complaining with shrill indignation that his actions are “unprecedented.”  It seems a bit odd that a lack of precedence, of all things, would be the main basis for her protest given that she and her fellow Democrats are no strangers to doing that which is unprecedented.

  • It was unprecedented when Democrat Hillary Clinton set up a private server in the basement of her home for the sole purpose of concealing her communications as Secretary of State from public scrutiny.
  • It was unprecedented when the head of the Department of Justice (appointed by a Democrat POTUS) held a private meeting on an airplane with the Democrat husband of a central (Democrat) figure in an investigation.
  • It was unprecedented that a presidential nominee’s spouse has a known history of serious sexual misconduct, including allegations of rape.  Both the nominee and spouse are, of course, Democrats.
  • When Democrat POTUS Barack Obama chose the occasion of the State of the Union Address to attack the Supreme Court for its decision on “Citizen United,” that was unprecedented.
  • It was unprecedented when Democrat Obama used executive action to unilaterally grant amnesty to five million people – non-refugees – living illegally in the U.S., against the objections of Americans’ representatives in congress.
  • It was unprecedented when Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore challenged the vote results for the state of Florida by requesting a recount – but only in select counties, and it was unprecedented that when Democrats lost (after two state-wide recounts) many continued to claim or suggest that George Bush was illegitimately occupying the White House throughout his term.
  • The number of unanimous Supreme Court decisions overturning actions by the Obama Administration has been unprecedented.
  • The $400 million cash ransom to Iran, courtesy of our current Democrat administration, was unprecedented.
  • When Democrat Barack Obama disparaged presidential candidate Donald Trump while on an overseas visit to Japan, this was an unprecedented breach of presidential decorum.
  • When Democrats, led by Obama, passed an almost trillion dollar stimulus bill without Republican support this was unprecedented both by its size and partisanship.
  • When Democrat Senator Harry Reid orchestrated a change in the senate rules to take power away from the minority party, this was unprecedented.

It’s no wonder that “unprecedented” has come to be such a dirty word, and yet in keeping with the increasingly Orwellian world we live in, only Democrats are entitled to be outraged over the crime of doing what supposedly is “unprecedented,” an irony which is not lost on those of us who are acutely aware that we’ve been living through a whirlwind of unprecedented acts for the past eight years.


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  1. Good post CW. I think I did a similar post several years back after the media was calling Obama’s presidency Historic. I tried to outline, as you did, those historic things he had accomplished (of course they were all negative because there is no positive from this guy). I think you summed it up pretty good. I am sure there are few more things out there. It is hard to keep up with all the nonsense.


    • Thanks, Patrick. As Kathy noted I forgot a few big ones on the list of unprecedented acts by Clinton. It’s just too long of a list!

      I read your latest election predictions and they’re not very encouraging. Trump needs a small miracle at this point.


  2. Well, unprecedented may be a word that fits democrats best since others previously have considered the same things and decided that they were unethical, immoral, or illegal – things that might stop others, but would never stop democrats.


  3. There they go again…trying to ruin another perfectly good word.

    Add to that falsely blaming a video for Benghazi and the only one in jail was the poor guy who made it. Then there’s issue of a presidential candidate who’s under investigation – that’s unprecedented too. Oh, this could be a really long list, but the worst case of unprecedented would be if this unindicted felon becomes president.


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