Finally – the Townsfolk Are Rebelling


I believe that what we’re witnessing is a bloodless rebellion. We, the hitherto unwashed, ignorant masses are showing that we’ve finally had enough.

We’re seeing the democrats exposed for what they are, power-hungry, un-American criminals. They’ve been able to conceal their crimes in the past and escape justice, but it looks like now their criminal activities are being exposed for all to see.

And it’s not all due to Wikileaks and their drip, drip, drip release of emails, but it helped. The Wikileaks exposures are helping to establish patterns of behavior that are part of the DNC’s playbook.

It appears that finally, we’re going to have cold, hard evidence of the Clinton Crime Family’s influence and be able to identify the complicity by supposedly nonpartisan entities, like the major media outlets, for example. The dominos are beginning to fall and when they get up to full speed, the downright un-American activities by previously cherished institutions will be evident.

As this is written, Hillary’s campaign is in free-fall and Trump is surging ahead. I do believe that he will win the presidency, and in a convincing fashion. And that will be the final straw.

I feel that I must issue my usual disclaimer that I don’t like Donald Trump, I believe that Ted Cruz would be a better president for a myriad of reasons, but that was not to be and we’re stuck with Trump. But, Donald Trump, on his worst day and exhibiting his worst behavior, is still FAR better for the country than Hillary Clinton.

One thing that I’m counting on is that President Trump can be held accountable – president Hillary Clinton would be impossible to impeach.

I am also counting on President Trump to prosecute the criminal behavior that’s been so rampant in the past by the democrats and is only now being exposed by solid evidence.

For example: all of Hillary’s inner circle are currently under investigation for various crimes relating to her email scandal (mostly the cover-up), perjury, obstruction of justice, violations of FOIA regs, etc. They ALL should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Only by doing so can we establish that they are no longer protected by the Clintons and the DNC and will be brought to justice.

FBI Director Comey’s reopening of Hillary’s email investigation is another avenue that will expose those members of Congress and media personalities who have been savaging anyone who dares to testify or expose evidence against Hillary. Director Comey, who was lauded by democrats when he initially refused to prosecute Hillary is now being crucified by those same democrats for (finally) waking up to the hard facts of her criminality and is re-opening the investigation.

His letter to Congress has been savaged by many in the press and on Capitol Hill as having an effect on the coming election. Great! The truth should have an effect on our choice. The very fact that he went against Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, to update Congress helps to illustrate that the Department of Justice had given Hillary a pass on her crimes from the beginning and didn’t want the case re-opened.

As reports of the FBI’s investigation become public, it was (again) apparent that they didn’t do their usual thorough job on her – essentially, they went through the motions, treating her with kid gloves and not at all the way that other ordinary citizens would have been treated. Contrary to the belief of democrats and the Clinton Crime Family, they are NOT above our laws and MUST be made to suffer the same consequences as any other citizen.

ONLY the election of Donald Trump will send this unmistakable message to all of the others in D.C.’s established hierarchy that their time is over.

We must encourage President Trump to make sure that his Attorney General and the FBI revisit the shoddy work done before and, if warranted, throw the book at everyone who participated in Hillary’s attempt to circumvent the law.

At the same time, we the public, must remember those entities who, though they were aware of Hillary’s guilt, continued to obfuscate and hide information that would have convicted her – at least in the public forum.

I hope that the full extent of the massive collusion by the networks and print media to insulate her from damaging disclosures won’t be forgotten by the public. We no longer have a “Fourth Estate” that we can depend on to expose criminality by a public figure – not when the figure is a democrat.

It’s been a long time coming, but the townspeople have finally gathered up their torches and pitchforks and are intent on storming the democrat castle. We just need to watch over President Trump and make sure that he isn’t infected by the D.C. virus and falls victim to the same un-American political shenanigans that we’re finally about to bury six feet under.

Maybe, just maybe, Congress will see what can happen when the people have had enough and maybe they’ll get the picture that we, the people, have found our voice, our courage, to throw the bums out and take heed.


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  1. >>”We must encourage President Trump to make sure that his Attorney General and the FBI revisit the shoddy work done before and, if warranted, throw the book at everyone who participated in Hillary’s attempt to circumvent the law.”

    I agree with that 100%, Garnet. Nothing will change unless people up and down the ladder are held accountable for their misdeeds. If Trump is truly going to “drain the swamp,” a lot of Democrats need to lose their cushy government jobs (and it will be a bonus if they are not replaced) and/or go to jail.

    I think when people picked up their pitch forks they dropped their copies of the Constitution, and we ended up with Trump. I am not convinced that Trump can win. I suspect with HC dropping in the polls her backers are launching plan B which will involve stealing the election by some other means. But there’s a chance and I remain hopeful because it will be a happy day if and when that evil witch gets her comeuppance and Democrats are a billion dollars lighter in their wallets with nothing to show for it.


    • Absolutely right, CW. Trump winning is only step one, all of the steps following that require that he do what he’s said he’d do like stopping illegals from flooding our border, thoroughly vetting all refugees and stopping sanctuary cities, prosecuting Hillary, etc.


  2. Although I’m not quite as optimistic as you are, I’m sure hoping you are right. There is a low rumble building up.

    My concern is overcoming the massive voter fraud. Much of it had already taken place in early voting before Comey dropped his latest H-bomb and they’re still reporting incidents of it. That’s what got us in 2012 and little has been done to stop it.


    • I may be overly optimistic – I sure hope not. If Hillary wins, tens of millions like us will feel like there is simply no way to overcome the democrat machine and become despondent. It’ll be hard for the country to move ahead in any way when half of us could feel like “what’s the use?” and we will be relegated to watching the American Experiment slowly recede beneath the waves.


  3. The peasants may be of mood to finally revolt, but the outcome still revolves around who perseveres next Tuesday. That result could spell the difference between a coming Bastille, or Tiananmen.


  4. The Democrat Party has become nothing less than an ongoing RICO violation on steroids! They must be emasculated and spayed!!


  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto! Excellent, well thought out post. Keep up the great work and I’m sincerely praying you are right!

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