Mainstream Media: “Trump and His Fans Hurt Our Feelings”

By Todd Starnes, 10-27-16:


CNN’s Wolf Blizter unloaded on Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager — demanding that they stop heckling journalists.

“He shouldn’t be doing that,” Blitzer said on CNN. “I mean, can you talk to him? And say to him, ‘Mr. Trump, we only have a few days left, and these are hardworking young journalists, they deserve to have some security,’ if you will, because of some of those Trump supporters out there, they get pretty nasty with what they’re screaming at these young people.”

Blitzer actually told her that some of the reporters are scared.

Well, boo-hoo and bless their hearts (as we say back in the South).

I’ll be sure to muster a bit of sympathy for the terrified and tearful reporters, quivering in their safe spaces in some darkened corner of a Trump venue.

Ms. Conway should’ve asked for a list of journalists who had been attacked at Trump rallies by Trump supporters. To my knowledge, there are none.

For the record, Trump and his supporters are not heckling at journalists. They’re heckling at Clinton’s media operatives.

The Mainstream Media is just getting a taste of what they’ve been doing to Donald Trump ever since he announced his campaign for the White House.

I’d like to encourage the Mainstream Media to put on their big boy pants and man up.


Ditto what Todd said. Suck it up buttercup.

For years, the media has had no problem being harsh and biased when it comes to Republicans and now they’re getting a dose of their own medicine. Month after month we’ve watched the media be downright brutal to Trump and they can’t stand it that Trump and his people are shoving it right back in their faces.

It’s also highly likely that those people heckling the media are actually Clinton’s activists who’ve infiltrated the crowd and not really Trump fans at all. Evidence shows they have no problem with physical assault, so verbal abuse would be easy for them.

Either deal with it or go hide in your safe space.


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  1. I can hear the Trump supporters now yelling, “why don’t you report the truth?” and “Why are you in the tank for Hillary?” and such. They’re just simple Trump supporters who want equal treatment by the media instead of the bent, folded, and mutilated slant common to the media when reporting anything to do with Trump. Like Harry Truman said, “I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”


  2. Oh brother. Give these guys some smelling salts.

    If covering Trump is so awful, maybe they could try covering Hillary for a change.


  3. I guess the days when a Hunter S. Thompson could go to a Wallace For President rally (Fear And Loathing On the Campaign Trail 1972) and yell his head off with the crowd are long gone. Also the days of the gritty newsdawg with an unlit cigar and a pint of cheap rye in a brown paper bag in his jacket pocket were gone even before that. These are a new breed of cat, with no inkling that they aren’t a hundredth of the journalists who went before them. All grads from triple A universities…the kind of weasel a Mencken or a Winchell would have laughed at. And they seriously don’t know why the people they insult and lie about hate them so much. If you listen to Trump’s speech and then read their accounts you can see why they are so hated. It’s obvious to everyone but them.


    • Exactly. These guys today with their double latte, Greek yogurt and hurt feelings wouldn’t have been able to cut it back then. Can you imagine Mencken or Winchell complaining about hurt feelings? Yeah, me neither.

      Appreciate the visit and your input.


  4. This whole election brings to mind the quote: “You are entitled to your own opinion, so long as you can defend it”. If only we held this standard. Lol


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