Five Reasons the FBI’s New Email Investigation is Hilarious

By Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire, 10-31-16:


Photo credit Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty Images

The Democrats are in full-scale panic.

They should be.

Hillary Clinton has been dropping like a stone in the polls. Weeks ago, she was up well over seven points in the RealClearPolitics poll average; she’s now down to a 2.8 percent lead in a four-way race. In the state polls, Trump has been gaining steadily, to the point where Axiom Strategies has Trump down just one point in Colorado and two in Pennsylvania, and up four in Florida, four in Nevada, two in North Carolina, five in Ohio. If that’s right, this election is now on a knife’s edge.

And all of it is hilarious.

Every accusation Democrats made about Trump during this election cycle is now blowing up in their faces. And Democrats are running around like Joe Biden drunk with a shotgun, endangering themselves and others.


Here are five reasons this news cycle is the greatest in human history.

1. Hillary Tells The FBI To Come Clean. Hillary has now said that the FBI should reveal what it knows about Anthony Weiner’s emails – they have to come clean in order to demonstrate to the American public that there’s either something there or there isn’t. It turns out that there is someone else who knows whether there is something there or not: Hillary Clinton. Her pathological need to hide information led to this entire bizarre scenario: she set up the private server, she hid its existence, she deleted thousands of emails…and now she wants the FBI to come clean. This is the equivalent of the Menendez brothers killing their parents and then falling on the mercy of the court because they’re orphans.

2. Anthony Weiner. Yes, Anthony Weiner. Hillary’s spent her entire political career worrying about rogue weiner, only to be laid low by a rogue Weiner. Bill Clinton officiated Weiner’s wedding to Hillary aide Huma Abedin, who has been paid by every Clinton-associated group in history (Teneo, the Clinton Foundation, the State Department). Now, Weiner’s unfortunate tendency to send pictures of his junk to random females, allegedly including underage females, has come back to bite Hillary Clinton – after Huma already decided to publicly dump him. Oh, the hilarity. And if you don’t think it’s funny, just watch Joe Biden’s reaction to Weiner’s involvement.

3. Democrats Hate James Comey! The New York Daily News accused FBI director James Comey of being a “bomber.” New York Times columnist Charles Blow essentially stated that Comey had rigged the election on behalf of Donald Trump. After months of complaining that Trump undermined democracy by calling into question the decency of American institutions like the FBI – and saying that Republican attacks on Comey specifically undercut the country’s best interests – the Democrats want to take Comey out and pound on him like Joe Pesci at the end of Casino.

4. Democratic Spokespeople On Comey Are The Worst People In The World. So, who are Democrats trotting out to castigate Comey? They’ve decided to unleash former attorney general Eric Holder, the most corrupt AG in American history, a fellow under contempt from Congress, who facilitated gunrunning in Operation Fast and Furious and then lied about it, who oversaw the transition of the DOJ into a racial grievance squad, who used the DOJ to target journalists like James Rosen, who labeled Fort Hood “workplace violence.” He’s their go-to guy criticizing Comey on ethics. And then there’s Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), a sociopathic liar who once said that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes – without evidence – and then said it worked just fine so long as Romney lost. Now Reid’s accusing Comey of violating the Hatch Act, and stating that Comey is covering up Trump’s relationship with Russia. With no evidence. And the media, naturally, are taking it seriously. Because of course they are.

5. Obama’s Now Campaigning For Someone Under THREE FBI Investigations. Hillary’s private server remains under investigation. Anthony Weiner’s device – his other device — is now under investigation. And the Clinton Foundation is under investigation. And Barack Obama’s going around telling Americans that Hillary is the most qualified presidential candidate ever.

Yes, for prison.

This is sheer hilarity. Should Comey have dropped this bombshell? He had no choice after killing the private server investigation for political reasons back in July. If he’d waited two weeks to drop this information, people would rightly have accused the FBI of politicization.

Now Hillary’s got troubles.

And it sure is sweet.


Were our beloved country not so near ruin, this might be hilarious. That’s overstating it a bit, although I ldid augh out loud at the ‘his other device” line, and it is funny to see their hypocrisy come back and bite them in their lying butts.

Hillary has managed to stay ‘above the law’ for decades in spite of the scandals, corruption and the unexplained disappearances of people who crossed her. We could finally be seeing her come-uppance, though I’m still not getting my hopes up (too much).

Some of her supporters are jumping ship and even O may be trying to distance himself from this. Today Josh Earnest had this to say –

The president doesn’t believe Director Comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters. “The president doesn’t believe he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party.”

He went on to say that Comey is “a man of integrity” and a “man of good character” but acknowledged that “he’s in a tough spot” when it comes to the Clinton email probe.

Then there was this little twitter meltdown she seems to have had today (note the time intervals)

That sounds to me like someone in panic mode who’s just about to lose their grip.

Good. It’s about time this country got a break from the Clintons.


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3 replies

  1. Hillary looks like she’s hurting in that image – maybe a full-bore migraine. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t wish ill health on any human, but I’ll make an exception for Hillary. She deserves the Chuck Norris of migraines for all of the lying and cheating that she’s done and I hope she “enjoys” the Karma of it.


  2. Apparently desperate times call for desperate tweets.

    Ben Shapiro is a treasure. I love this post.


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