Hillary’s Unmitigated Gall

NOTE: I’m publishing this for Bobbie Kelley. She isn’t familiar with the WordPress editor and is up-to-her-ears busy right now, so here it is. I just wanted everyone to recognize her as the true author. Garnet92.


Not that Donald Trump is any paragon of virtue, but when Hillary questions his fitness for the office of President, accuses him of cheating on his taxes, disrespecting women, lying and other things that she herself is blatantly guilty of, I can barely contain myself.  She consistently slings contemptuous insults and accusations at Trump, (and anybody else who gets in her way), seemingly clueless that she is worse, by far, in indulging in the very acts for which she accuses Trump and others.

In psychiatric circles, this ugly habit is known as projectionism; projecting your own faults on others.  Hillary Clinton is good at two things and two things only as far as I can tell.  Those two things are projection and bald-faced lying.  On those two planes, she’s definitely an expert.  If we want a finger pointing, irresponsible, unaccomplished pathological liar in the Oval office, then she’s definitely “fit”.  Otherwise, she’s a disaster of unimaginable proportions.  A monster in a pants suit.

Hillary’s ugly habits that should be of concern are as follows:

She’s a proven thief.  Leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave at the end of slick Willy’s Presidency, Hillary stole thousands of dollars worth of treasured merchandise that belonged to the White House, and therefore the American people, that she was forced to either return or pay for.

Haitian relief donations by the millions were sent to the Clinton Foundation that never benefitted the Haitians devastated by the earthquake of 2010.   Haitians angrily demonstrated in New York with printed signs and raised voices yelling, “Bill and Hillary Clinton where is our money?”  The Clinton’s did build a warehouse in Haiti that benefitted Clinton Donors but not the Haitian people.

She’s a dishonest wheeler-dealer with foreign countries. She deals with foreign countries on a quid-pro-quo basis, giving them goodies in exchange for many millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton foundation; a foundation that is listed as a charity qualifying it for special tax breaks.  Only 10% of the foundation’s enormous haul of donations ever sees its way to benefit those for whom the money should be used.  The other 90% goes to the Clintons to line their pockets, pay exorbitant salaries to some friends while finding other ways to favor more of their friends who will donate still more money to Bill and Hillary.  If this isn’t thievery I don’t know what is.

Hillary love criminals.  She sympathizes with the Black Lives Matter thugs, stirs the racial pot, puts at risk the lives of law officers, the businesses of hard-working citizens and the welfare of communities where the BLM criminals for hire riot, loot and kill.

Our Ambassadors and the compounds they serve are the responsibility of the Secretary of State.  Yet Hillary turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the more than 600 pleas of Ambassador Stevens for assistance in Ben Ghazi getting the Ambassador and three other brave Americans slaughtered. She then told bald-faced lies about it to the American public and the families of those killed.  When queried by an investigative panel about the tragedy, she irresponsibly and callously hissed, with utter disdain, “What difference, at this point, does it make”?  The difference it makes is that her irresponsibility cost 4 lives and she apparently couldn’t have cared less. The difference it makes is that she grossly failed in her duty to protect the compound and those in her charge then lied and lied and lied about it.

She’s a traitor. For the 4 years she served as Secretary of State, she used illegal computer servers, betraying her Country’s confidential information, making it available to whoever wanted that coveted information and putting America’s safety at risk. This was an act of treason.  She lies with every breath she takes; one scandal after another swarms like flies around her head; she is suspected of having hit men to take care of those who dare to cross her and gets by with one crime after another…………….WHY is she even being allowed to run for dog catcher much less President of the United States of America? She belongs in federal prison for life with no possibility of parole.

Another example of treason is Hillary’s role in Russia being allowed to acquire ownership of 20% of America’s uranium supply.  Again she engineered this for personal gain coveting and getting millions of dollars of donations to the foundation while selling out America’s security to a country that is not our friend.  Speaking of countries that are not our friends, Hillary has multiple cozy connections with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Anybody looking forward to Sharia law?

Among other old scandals of wrong doings are the Lincoln Bedroom for hire, Officegate, Cattlegate, Pardongate, Chinagate and all the other “gates”. Hillary’s defense of child rapist that she found humorous, failure to report income to IRS and the Rose Law firm debacle.  while these cases are old news, the character flaws of Hillary and Bill are current news every day.

The trail of crimes is never ending for Hillary and Bill.  If she wins the election, we’ll get two criminal for the price of one.  Two criminals that put the mafia to shame.  Criminals whose enemies end up mysteriously dead; who are in favor of one world government with themselves occupying cushy seats at the top; who feign love for America but hold multiple groups of society in utter disdain; who actually love absolutely nobody but themselves, power and money.

Bobbie Kelley

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  1. Kathy, Well Traveled,CW and Aftershock, Thank you for your kind but undeserved kudos. I’ve embarrassed myself , and probably poor Garnet, by sending him a very rough draft of an unfinished piece in lieu of the final and cleaned up post. He was kind enough to publish it for me not knowing of my error. I apologize to him and to you for my incomplete and messy post. My apologies to all.


  2. Thanks for posting this, and Bobbie – what a great piece. You covered all her crimes and shall we say…her personality flaws. That’s a nice way of saying she’s an evil witch straight from the pits of hell.

    The part that bugs me is the complete complicity of the rest of the government. We could handle one bad apple, like we did with Nixon, but the entirety of the government is covering for her. How do we fight that?


    • “…but the entirety of the government is covering for her. How do we fight that?”

      I guess purty similar to how we’re fighting isis. When confronting an enemy who can’t be clearly identifiable there’s going to be significant amounts of collateral damage and deaths.
      The same canards that are pushing their anti-social behavioral comply or die agenda also go galavanting around touting about going to the churches we go to, proclaiming patriotic love peace and pursuit of solving problems THEY create and clearly demonstrate are completely incompetent but to garner the glamour for implementing methods to show obedience to COMPLY or DIE.


  3. You can call a dog a cat,
    but you cain’t make a dog meow.


  4. Great summation, Bobby.

    They can dress her up but they can’t change what she is inside.


  5. Criminals that leave you wondering if 2020 will matter at all


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