The One Reason to Choose Trump over Hillary



What is the essence of America?  There is the land, of course, the essential territory wherein people can exist and exercise their God given right to pursue happiness in this life; but every country, good or bad, has land.  What makes America unique is its founding as a nation rooted in the quest for freedom and the opportunity for prosperity; its inhabitants’ fight for resistance against tyranny; and, of course, the Constitution that arose from this struggle which makes government subservient to the people and signifies mutual agreement to recognize and respect each other’s basic rights.  Lastly, the essence of America is our sovereignty – our proclaimed right to self-determination and refusal to be subject to the will or demands of any other persons or nations.

All of this is old news to the conservatives who frequent this blog but this post is going to be about the love of country and I feel that, in recognition of the sad state of true patriotism that exists today, it’s necessary to explain what America is before I can talk about what it means to love it.  Leftists like Hillary Clinton don’t share my view on the essence of America.  They may pay lip service to certain patriotic themes, but if you listen carefully to their speeches, if you read between the lines and if you heed their actions, you’ll see that they are not talking about America as we know it (read the WSJ’s “Hillary’s New Constitution”).  Their serial abuses of The Constitution, veneration for big government and cavalier attitude with respect to our sovereignty (read:  “Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world” – Washington Times) reveal their disregard for the essence of America.  To the Left, America is merely a tool that enables them to herd and mine its inhabitants for their own wealth and power.  Everything they say and do is intended to keep the herd compliant and moving in the direction that it wants them to go.  They may love what it can do for them, but they have no love for America as it was intended to be. 


Presidential Candidate Hillary Making Sure Her Contempt for OUR Representatives in Congress is Abundantly Clear to All

For all of his faults I believe, and always have believed, that Donald Trump sincerely loves America.  It’s unfortunate that, like too many Americans, he’s never given serious thought to the relationship between America’s founding and what this country provides us that makes it worthy of his love and effort to preserve it.  These are things that he takes for granted, that’s obvious to me from his speeches and from many of his policy proposals.  I’ve found that to be problematic because someone cannot truly fix what’s broken in this country if they don’t understand its essence at the deepest level any more than a mechanic can make a car run as it should if he doesn’t understand how the engine works.  Still, Trump understands enough to know that America is slipping away, and while he may not have the understanding or expertise to repair its engine himself, he understands that it needs to be protected from those (like Hillary Clinton & Co.) who would run it into the ground.  If you don’t believe that Hillary intends to run the country into the ground, just take an honest look at the presidency of Barack Obama.  Yes, by outward appearances we’re humming along with life as usual, mostly:  You go to your job (if you have one), pick up the kids from school, help with the homework, eat some dinner, watch your TV shows, go to sleep and start again the next day.  But if you ever dare take the time to really look at what’s under the hood of our car you’ll see the reality:  skyrocketing debt, half a nation on welfare, a weakened position in the world, and scariest of all – a growing sense of entitlement and disrespect for the rule of law.  The Left has abused and neglected the car and there’s a fatal crack forming in the engine block.


Barak Obama Signs Trillion Dollar “Stimulus”

You can talk all you want about experience, temperament, health or making history, but none of those things means anything if you have a POTUS who doesn’t first and above all, love this nation.



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  1. Good, great job on this piece, CW.
    And, hey you invisible Mickey, I’d rather you would get back into your sheltered little safe space and spend more time with StFU. And ifn you were any bit learned about history you might be aware of a great mumber of nations that have fallen under the brevity of complacent ignorance. (oh, reread this again)


  2. Very nice CW, I think it spells out our situation very well. Like you said Trump certainly has his flaws and up to yesterday when I voted I still was debating if I should vote for Trump. What put me over the top was all the terrible coverage that Trump was receiving. He was even criticized for taking a few hours to open up his Hotel in DC. I mean every thing he does is scrutinized and criticized. Meanwhile, nothing is negatively said about Clinton and there is no mention of her emails. We live in a rigged country.

    I have not posted my models this year, but it looks pretty bleak. I am going to watch the early vote and see I find some possible issues with the models.


    • Thanks, Patrick.

      I suspect there will be a lot of people making up their minds at the last minute just as you did, trying to forestall the pain of that decision. It will be interesting to see to what extent the reality of our rigged system changes people’s minds.

      I read your post from the other day with your predictions and tried to comment but wasn’t able to – again. I will be fascinated to see what your models turn up. Were the lines longer than usual in Colorado? Here in Texas the lines are far longer than usual. Are people lining up to vote FOR someone or AGAINST someone? Time will tell….


      • Colorado is all by mail in ballot except on election day. Right now in the early returns it is D+5. In 2012 in was R+2 but Obama still won by nearly 5 points. I do not have high hopes for Trump here in CO.


      • Thanks for that info, Patrick. I forgot that Colorado went to mail ballots. I’m sure there’s no fraud in that.


  3. A most excellent piece, CW. You’ve captured the essence of what America was and what it should be. Had the conservatives not allowed themselves to be steered off course, we could have been that great nation all along. Here’s to hoping that sometime soon we can find that George Washington who’s willing to fight and take us back to that.


    • Sadly I think George Washington would be soundly rejected if he ran today, even by Republicans.

      Do you want to know something interesting? I just looked up the history of party divisions in the House of Representatives and from 1933 to 1939, out of 435 total seats Democrats held a MINIMUM of 313 seats (during one session Republicans had just 88 seats!). It just goes to show how eternal this struggle is. We can’t ever let our guard down. Wonder if we can get LifeLock for America?

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      • True, but I think it’s also important to remember that the Democrat party of that era was completely different from the “Democrat” party of today, which is only “Democrat” in name only.

        It’s been utterly hijacked by radical leftists, American Marxists, and bears no resemblance to that era. In fact, those Democrats would be horrified by the party that calls itself “Democrat” today.

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    • Very good point, Brian.

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  4. People who love America (as opposed to loving the benefits of living here) craft actual, detailed plans to address her problems. Trump loves America because we have a system of laws allowing him to remain rich by refusing to pay his bills and lower-level workers. Nice try, though.


    • For a man who supposedly doesn’t pay anyone Trump manages to employ quite a lot of people. Must be his good looks.

      So you think the definition of an American who loves this country is someone who has crafted a detailed plan to address her problems? Where’s YOUR detailed plan? Or do you not love this country? What “detailed plan” has Hillary laid out that persuades you about her love for our country, its Constitution and the protection of its sovereignty and ongoing viability?

      You’re a non-thinking man, Mikey, a person who tries to make the argument fit a desired outcome rather than honestly addressing the facts. Maybe if you removed your head wrapping you could take a look around you and absorb the reality. Better yet, Google ‘Venezuela crisis,’ because that’s soon to be you’re reality if you don’t grow up and become a thoughtful man.


      • I have very detailed plans. I just don’t believe you have a very sincere interest in examining them. I live on less, and repurpose, recycle and reuse wherever possible. I chose to live near work to drive less, leave a smaller footprint, produce less waste, and add less pollution. We bought a smaller house to purposely carry less debt. I chose professions that benefit other people directly, and meet dire demands, over ones I qualified for that pay more but would only benefit me.

        The easiest way to compare the plans the candidates have proposed is to visit their web sites. By that standard, HRC wins by a mile. Trump also has plans, but they are bloated with platitudes and ambiguities. If you compare speeches given by the two, her positions are more consistent as well. Trump can’t focus on any subject except his own awesomeness for more than 30 seconds. This does not mean I will vote for Clinton, but her qualifications are obviously superior if the only comparison is to Trump.

        There are no major party candidates whose plans are as consistently ethical as mine, so I either have to choose the “lesser weasel”, or skip the top box on the ballot. Since I don’t live in a swing state, it doesn’t really matter if I vote for one of these one percenters. My state’s Electoral College result will be unchanged no matter what I do.


      • I’m so relieved to know that while the Constitution is being shredded, the healthcare system is being destroyed, Americans are being made slaves to the welfare state and people are flooding into our nation illegally that you’re recycling your egg cartons and pedaling your Smart Car to work. That’s a giant help, thanks so much.

        I am not the least bit interest in what “plan” a big-government, power-hungry, lying socialist has for me and my country. The fact that she is a big-government, power-hungry, lying socialist tells me all that I need to know, and besides that she ought to be in jail. I’ve been a very harsh critic of Donald Trump. He wasn’t my first choice and I don’t particularly like him as a candidate, but he is not going to make it his mission to destroy the country. Sadly that’s going to have to be enough.

        Thank you for letting me know that your vote is irrelevant. I’ll sleep better with that in mind.


      • Apparently, our new invisible friend needs to take a step back and assess his sources. Anyone who accepts and believes the information on Hillary’s website or in her speeches hasn’t been paying attention to reality, nor taken an objective look at the facts pertaining to her history. For starters, I would suggest searching for and reading the 45 goals of communism and see how closely she aligns.

        Her speeches are consistent because her spiel is memorized, not heartfelt and spontaneous like Trump’s are. She talks ‘at’ people where he talks ‘to’ them and it doesn’t take acute observation skills to detect this.


      • Alas reconciling what people SAY to what they DO seems to be a lost art, Kathy.


      • Mikey, it sounds like you’re doing what you believe needs to be done for the good of the environment, good for you, BUT, examining a candidate’s website had got to be the WORST possible way to forecast the kind of job they’ll do as president.

        Those websites, regardless of candidate, are poll-tested and focus-group-tested to appeal to prospective voters. Realistically, there is almost ZERO correlation between what’s contained in those advertisements and what the candidate really plans. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what they are: commercials for the candidate.

        Instead, we need to be looking at the honesty factor. If the candidate is a proven liar (and Hillary is that), how can we expect to get a real image of someone who has no compunctions about lying via a website that she has personally approved?

        For example, did Barack Obama’s campaign site tell us that he would lie to the American people numerous times, like “keeping our plans,” “keeping our doctors,” or does Hillary’s site mention that she refused to respond when our Benghazi people asked for additional security or did she mention that she’d blame the attack on a video and do her best to cover up her part in it.

        What a person has DONE far outweighs what they SAY they will do, especially when the individual has a three-decades-long record to go by.


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