Want a liberal Supreme Court and Loretta Lynch to stay on as Attorney General? Vote for Hillary and your wish will be granted.



With the Department of Justice doing her bidding and a 5/4 or 6/3 liberal Supreme Court, just imagine what Hillary can accomplish over the next EIGHT years.

I say EIGHT years since it is extremely unlikely that anyone will be able to beat Hillary when she runs for reelection. With the vigorous assistance of her sycophants: the media, academia, unions, blacks, illegals, welfare recipients, and governmental employees, there won’t be any way for a challenger to oust her in 2020.

If she wins in 2016, we’ll have no recourse except to “enjoy” the presence of the Clinton Crime Family in power for EIGHT long years.

The word is that Lynch would like to continue as AG if Hillary gets elected. That was likely one of the reasons that no indictment came out of the FBI investigation despite the presence of evidence that Clinton broke a number of laws – sweet Loretta was simply protecting her job.

What are the chances that Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, would pursue any prosecution that would be detrimental to Hillary’s campaign (or Hillary’s presidency)?

Answer: Slim and none.

And what about this: A congressional committee was going to hold Platt River in contempt since they’ve refused to comply with a subpoena. The committee will vote on holding them in contempt, if passed, it’ll go to the full House for a vote. If that’s approved by the full House, it’ll then be passed on the U.S. Attorney General who would be tasked with compelling Platt River to provide the documents in question.

What are the chances that AG Lynch will compel Platte River to turn over evidence incriminating Hillary to the committee?

Same answer: Slim and none.

How can the American public expect to see justice served when the top enforcer of the law (our AG), is crooked herself? The only justice that we’re ever likely to see is action taken against conservatives and Republicans.

She’ll have Hillary’s approval to pursue vigorous prosecutions against those pesky Republicans, but democrats, especially the president and her closest allies will be immune.

If we’d like to see Hillary prosecuted; if we’d like to see the democrat operatives who admitted to election dirty tricks on video prosecuted; if we want to expose the traitorous crimes committed relating to Benghazi; or if we honestly want to see justice of any kind served, regardless of politics, we must elect Donald Trump.

A return of Loretta Lynch to head the Department of Justice only guarantees more INjustice.



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  1. Heck, Clinton is likely to appoint Cheryl Mills to be the next AG. Or maybe we’ll get our first undocumented AG…..

    Anything’s possible from this point on. Hide your 401K.


    • Frankly, anyone that Hillary might appoint should automatically be disqualified simply because Hillary likes them. That’s sufficient cause for me.

      An “undocumented” AG? I think that’s a little premature – note that I said a “little.”


  2. My guess is that the Platt River issue will never make it past the House so long as Paul Ryan is Speaker, so Lynch will never see it. From what we’ve seen the people reporting to her are always ‘cooperative’ that way.

    With Hillary’s health issues, she may not last eight years – heck, she may not last 4 years, and while that’s to our benefit, the double edged sword is that we end up with Kaine in the oval office. There’s no doubt that he and Lynch would get along just as beautifully as Hillary and Lynch would. Either way, we are doomed and justice, already on shaky ground, will become a thing of the past.


    • Unfortunately, you’re probably right. It’s really a shame since I expect that Platte River has a bunch of “smoking gun” documents that could help voters “flesh out” the REAL Hillary Clinton.

      We ARE in a heap of trouble, Lady Justice is too weak to even hold up the scales and she’s currently on life support. Heaven help us.


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