No Border Wall, but US Builds Green Bus Corridor in Mexico, Bicycle Highway in Colombia

From Judicial Watch, 10-25-16:


Surprise, surprise the US is the first to donate millions of dollars to yet another global warming experiment—run by the famously corrupt United Nations—that aims to forge “climate resilient infrastructure” in third-world countries. The money will help build a bicycle highway in Colombia and bring electric buses and a “green bus corridor” to Mexico, issues that are unlikely to keep most American taxpayers up at night.

During the Paris conference a C40 Cities Finance Facility was launched to provide much-needed cash for a 10-year-old program called C40 that claims to be a “network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change.” The conglomerate specializes in tackling climate change in developing countries by driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks.

The first project is a 25-kilometer bicycle highway in Bogota, Colombia that will connect citizens from low, middle and high-income neighborhoods to work education and recreation opportunities. This month the US doled out $2 million for the project.

How about we help our own first??

More money will be doled out to buy a fleet of at least 100 electric buses for Mexico City and install a “green bus corridor” in one of its major thoroughfares. It’s expected to serve an estimated 133,400 Mexicans daily, providing connections to metro lines. This is an important investment for the US, a government official says, because the impacts of climate change are impeding cities from delivering reliable services, “especially to the poorest.”

It’s been determined that the poor will feel the brunt of climate change and it has cost American taxpayers monstrous sums. In the last few years the US has funded a number of programs, both domestic and international, to prepare those communities for the impact. Back in 2012 the administration asked Congress for a whopping $770 million to help developing countries with climate change initiatives after it had already spent $323 million on a project called Global Climate Change Initiative that helps “meet the adaptation and mitigation needs of developing countries, including deploying clean energy technologies.” Earlier this year, a federal audit revealed that a $25 million project to help Guatemala combat the ills of climate change is rife with problems that include data errors and discrepancies.


It’s funny (not the haha kind) how we’re building a bicycle trail in Colombia, whose economy is better than ours in some respects. Their GDP is at 4% and increasing. The government expenditures account for 28.3 percent of the domestic economy, and in 2015 their unemployment rate was 8.9%.  Currently, one of their main targets is to build 7,000 km of roads for the 2016–2020 period to reduce travel times and transport costs by 20 per cent. A toll road program is in the works and is part of a larger package of $50 billion to be spent on infrastructure. I’d say a bike path is the least of their concerns, but why not let the foolish US government spend their money on it, instead of spending their own?

traffic-in-mexico-cityPersonally, I don’t think we should be financially helping Mexico at all until we see genuine efforts in helping us stop the flow of illegal immigrants, but if you’ve ever seen the traffic in Mexico City, you know the last thing they need, or have room for is a green bus line. What Mexico needs is help getting a grip on the drug cartels and help to strengthen and clean up their law enforcement. If our government wanted to put our money where it would do some good that’s where it would be spent.

It’s also funny (again, not the haha kind) how every time the government spends money, they lay it off on helping the poor. That line is severely overused and long past believability. Just once it would be nice to hear the truth, and that is, they are flaming idiots who can’t manage money.

We spent over $4 million just to transport O and his entourage to Paris for the summit – the limousine bill alone to drive his sorry carcass to the event was over $750,000.

Climate change is without a doubt the biggest and most expensive hoax ever perpetrated, and for the most part, the same goes for the UN. There is no need to spend money on climate change projects in Guatemala and Mexico, because from the numbers we’ve seen, most of the ‘poor’ people living there are in the process of illegally moving to the US anyway. Rant over (for now).



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  1. The research for this post is very impressive, Kathy.

    One really has to marvel at this grandest of wealth-transfer schemes dreamed up by the leftists. It was truly a stroke of evil genius to change the name of the falling sky from “global warming” to “climate change.” I thought surely Americans were too intelligent to fall for it but boy was I wrong. We really are that stupid, which explains so many things.

    Your arguments with the logic of these expenditures raise great questions but IMO they are based on the generous and faulty assumption that the Left genuinely cares about making a difference in the climate, which is disproved (again IMO) by their disregard for the careless waste of energy involved in holding the climate change summit. Words may lie but our actions speak the truth. I don’t think they sincerely care about climate change at all, except to the extent it can be used to extort money from the U.S. I believe the object is to get the proverbial camel’s nose under the proverbial tent, to install visual reminders of the “crisis of climate change” (which most likely have propagandist names adorning them), and to plant the seeds of entitlement in these poor communities – let them see what can be obtained for them as long as the leftists are in charge. Obama & Co. probably puts its friends in charge of managing these projects, and they will find a way to personally share in the budget and can recommend future projects. The U.S. money that’s syphoned away to begin buying the loyalty of these foreigners will slowly reduce our wealth, which will reduce our power, which will reduce our ability to fight back against The Left.


    • Thanks, CW. You make a good point about the camel’s nose – perhaps it is a gesture of good will intended to leave them beholding to us while the friend in charge lines his pocket as does the foreign official handling the matter. There’s a good chance nothing really gets built, but the palms have been greased which opens the path for future deals.

      It’s pathetic that there’s no accountability for the money spent on these projects, or anywhere for that matter. It shouldn’t be so easy for them to continue spending other people’s money, but that’s on us for not demanding it long ago.


  2. On a single night in 2015, some 564,708 people were experiencing homelessness. These weren’t just poor people or folks having a tough time making their house payments – these 564,708 were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter.

    Someone please tell me why we taxpayers are funding bike paths and buying busses for other countries when we have over a half million U.S. citizens who have no place to live?

    We need to take care of our own FIRST, and then we can consider helping other countries.


    • Ditto that, Garnet, and how many of them are veterans? But it’s going to take a huge shake-up within our government to make that happen.

      Americans wouldn’t resent spending money in other countries, if we’d taken care of our own first, and if it weren’t spent on things the countries don’t even need.


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