Project Veritas: Video III – Rigging the Election


James O’Keefe and his team have released their third video which shows Hillary’s direct involvement in underhanded schemes to discredit Trump. Why? Because she simply cannot stand on merit.


The list of Clinton crimes is growing, but the DOJ and FBI  don’t prosecute her for getting people killed or breaches in national security, so she’ll skate on this too.

Nothing will come of this unless Trump is elected and decides to pursue it. But, if by posting this, I can persuade even one voter not to vote for her, then it will have been worth it, even though it’s been thrown in our faces that she truly is above the law – at least as long as the Dems reign. It is imperative we change that.


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  1. Kudos once again to James O’Keefe for providing video evidence of illegal collusion between Clinton’s advocacy groups, the DNC, and her campaign – the evidence is there, she can’t DUCK the issue.


  2. What does it say about candidate Hillary and her campaign (and the maturity level of the Left) that they resort to such silly, juvenile methods against their opponents? To me it says they don’t believe they can win on the merits of their ideas and yet, isn’t that what democracy is supposed to be about? God forbid.

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” ~Saul Alinsky


    • Exactly, CW, she can’t win on merit so she hires people who’ll help her demean her opponents. Meanwhile, the FEC and the government look the other way. It is pathetic.


  3. I put nothing beneath Hillary or Bill Clinton. Felonious graft & corruption are a given. Murder, by omission & commission, as well as High Treason, are highly likely.


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