Why I will vote for Donald Trump – by Bobbie Kelley

This is a guest contribution from our longtime friend, Bobbie Kelley. Bobbie is known to many of us from the old TownHall blogging days. She, like so many of us, agonized over the choices available in the upcoming presidential election, and here she tells how she came to her conclusion. This is her story about how she finally made the decision to vote for Donald Trump. Garnet92.


I’m not voting for Donald Trump because he’s a billionaire. Nor will he get my vote based on his claimed conservative points of views or because he’s running on the Republican ticket or for his virtues, which go without saying, are obviously less than stellar. Mr. Trump was not and would never be my first choice for a candidate for the office of President of the United States of America. However, he’s the only choice we have if we are to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval office; if we are to have any chance whatsoever to start reclaiming America from the immoral cesspool it has become.

I think it’s safe to say we know what to expect out of Hillary if she’s elected. She’s given us a 30-year history that clearly shows a pattern of operating outside the law, outside of common decency, outside of God’s laws and outside the welfare of We The People of the country she wants to rule. Hillary’s virtues are even less stellar than Mr. Trump’s. She’s been proven over and over to be an outright criminal and if we get her, we also get her reprobate husband, Bill, as part of the package deal. Not a pretty sight.

As for Mr. Trump, his loyal supporters seem to feel he’ll ride in on a white horse and “make America great again”; almost overnight and singlehandedly. That’s unrealistic, to say the least. They don’t KNOW what he’ll do. They’re wallowing in wishful thinking.

Likewise, the “never Trumpers” claim to know to a T all the things he’ll fail to do. That’s not realistic either unless somebody up there has endowed them with divine vision & wisdom that the rest of us lack. So stop it with all the predictions that he’ll be worse than Hillary. Nobody outside of God Almighty knows what he’ll do or not do.

I pray daily and fervently for our country to seek God’s will on this critical issue. I don’t claim to know what God’s will is. I just know it will be in our best interest regardless of which candidate wins the White House. He is, after all, in charge.

Having said all that, here are my thoughts leading to my decision to vote for Donald Trump.

Hillary subscribes to “Political Correctness” which is nothing more than a purposeful barrier to speaking the truth; especially when it comes to morality and anything tied to Christian values. It is designed to discourage, limit and even forbid, freedom of speech. Why is this first on my list? Because when we lose freedom of speech, we lose our God given the right to freedom of religion; specifically freedom of Christianity. Christianity is frowned upon, forbidden and punishable, in other countries, up to and including death to Christians. Think it can’t happen here? Think again. Freedom, in general, hinges on freedom of speech

Donald Trump, on the other hand, does not appear to subscribe in the least to political correctness. That may be the one thing that I appreciate in Trump.

Hillary holds Margaret Sanger up as her hero. Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood and who championed eugenics, the wholesale euthanasia of those whom she saw as inferior human beings. Since Hillary stands so solidly with Planned Parenthood and their practice of murder for hire of the unborn, what’s to say she won’t expand it to include wholesale euthanasia of those whom she and her “healthcare” bureaucrats deem unfit and unnecessary to society? Just think of all the money they could shave off the debt if they disposed of the “disposables” on the disability role. That could include you or me or someone we love.

I don’t claim to know how Trump would handle abortion or euthanasia. He claims to be pro-life. At least we can hold out hope that he actually means it. As far as I’m aware, he doesn’t have a reputation for making people who cross him end up mysteriously dead like Hillary does. To me, that holds out a degree of hope for the sanctity of life where Trump’s concerned.

Hillary will celebrate the LGBTQ agenda. Like on every other unsavory issue, she will latch onto every opportunity to patronize those outside the mainstream and outside God’s laws to gain votes and possible contributions to her campaign and/or the Clinton Foundation.

Trump is a bit squishy on the homosexual agenda. Hard fast answers from him have been hard to come by, even by the Evangelicals who had a special meeting with him. At least he hasn’t made vows to promote the agenda.

Hillary is now making noises like she supports our Ally Israel. I suspect that’s a charade designed to benefit Hillary. Her support and her accomplishments on behalf of Israel have been less than spectacular. She helped with the Nuclear deal with Iran which certainly was not beneficial to Israel. She also sided with the Palestinians on the two-state issue between Israel and Palestine

The pros and cons of Trump’s support of Israel are debated as is just about everything else associated with him. He is known for doing business with a lot of Jewish businessmen and he has Jewish family members. There are a multitude of articles on the net about him and his ties to Israel. Some are negative and some are positive. One article is by a Jewish author in a Jewish Newspaper. There are many others available. I would doubt that Trump would poke his finger in the eye of states with whom he does extensive business. Earthly business or not, God’s word declares Israel as God’s chosen people and he issues dire warnings against not supporting them.

Hillary will have the opportunity to nominate multiple Supreme Court Justices. I doubt that God is disinterested in who is placed on that high court. These Justices have the final say-so on the laws of our land brought before them. When they make decisions that are in direct conflict with God’s own laws, they are thumbing their noses at Him and, in fact, legislating on behalf of sin. Roe vs. Wade is a perfect example. This legalization of wholesale abortion has resulted in the mass murder of upwards of 6 million unborn babies who were created in God’s own image. It has reached a point where the Judicial Branch of our government is instrumental in the attempted ousting of God from our Society. God can’t be happy with that. He can’t be happy with us for allowing it.

Trump declares that he will appoint Judges that support the Constitution. I would hope and pray that he would keep that promise. Those that swear that he won’t don’t know any such thing. They believe it. It’s their opinion but they don’t KNOW it. Neither do I know what Trump will do. But history certainly tells me what Hillary will do. And Trump, imperfect as he is, is the only other candidate available for office that will keep her from becoming president. Neither of the other two candidates running for office can win. Nobody that is written in can win. It’s either going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump barring outside divine intervention.

Everything we hold dear; everything our forefathers worked so hard and sacrificed so much for; everything our military has forfeited life and limb for; our children’s futures; all the countless blessings our loving Father has bestowed upon us … it’s all hanging in the balance. I believe God is watching and waiting to see how much heart, soul, and prayer we put into this election. Neither Hillary or Trump can or will singlehandedly save America. Nor can any politician. Only God Almighty can do that. Of the two candidates available to us, sorry as they both are, I believe that Trump will be the most pliable in God’s hands.

More importantly, I KNOW God is perfectly able to work things together for good, even with bad people. The Apostle Paul is the perfect example.

God be with all of us in this election. May His Holy spirit speak to us and guide us to make a voting decision that will please and glorify Him and hopefully, prayerfully return America to his favor.

For love of God and Country,

Bobbie Kelley

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  1. Thanks for your contribution to Pesky Truth, Bobbie!

    It’s just a little bit like old times again with us all bantering about some political issue of the day. I enjoyed reading about your consideration and of your final decision, I hope that we can see more of the Kelley perspective in the future.

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  2. Great piece, Bobbie, thanks for sharing your thoughts, which are shared by many conservative who are voting for Trump. Hillary is a sure bet – we know exactly what to expect from her – more of the same garbage we’ve seen for 8 years, except she’ll take it to the next level and we’ll end up as an immigrant/terrorist infested lawless & Godless country owned by Arabs.

    Trump is a gamble – he’s not a real conservative, but he’s also not establishment GOP. He will at least try to do all those things he promised his fans, because if he doesn’t, they’ll be saying bad things about him, and he can’t stand that. His own ego will force that on him, and that could work to our advantage, much more so than Hillary will.

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    • Thanks, Kathy. You are exactly right. The biggest thing about Trump is his Narcissist’s ego. He loves strokes; not jabs & punches. For this very reason, we have hope that he’ll do some things right. Maybe even lots of things once he gets tidbits of praise for some job done well. His ego will love that and want more of it. Now if we can just get him elected.


  3. Aftershock, I do not recall attributing, or even hinting at, repentance, salvation, Christianity or any other saintly quality of Donald Trump. I do recall saying that regardless of who wins this election, God is in charge. I give Him the glory; NOT Trump.


    • Bobbie, I wasn’t saying you attributed any of those things to Donald Trump nor was I indicating you were giving any glory to the reprobate Donald Trump. This is truly the worst of election choices we’ve ever faced as a nation, and of course, Donald Trump vs Hillary is our own fault culturally and politically. I reacted to your comparing God’s transformation and use of Paul, to possibly using Trump in the same manner, and in that context I’m just pointing out that there are some real transformative differences between preparing Paul or, for that matter even Cyrus, or Nebuchadnezzar for God’s purpose, that are not true about Donald Trump.

      At this late date for those who were not supporting Trump but are left with no other real choice, I don’t think there needs to be any other justification in voting for him than that he might save the nation the self-inflicted wound of Hillary Clinton, who hates America and who we know will cost many American lives with her policies alone perhaps especially by her continuing the destruction of our military and national defense capability.

      Trump is completely unrepentant and while I don’t doubt God can use anyone he chooses, there is a consistent record in the Bible of how bad people are used (usually as a means of correction) and how other bad people are transformed by God — first convicted of their sins, followed by repentance and forgiveness — then in God’s righteousness, used for God’s purpose. Since I believe the Word of God is there so that we might know him and his ways, the Trump candidacy doesn’t appear to fit with what scripture says about God using such men or women.


      • And I wasn’t comparing Trump to Paul. I was simply saying God isn’t new at working with bad people. All bad people won’t fit into the same mold as Paul but God is capable of working with whatever bad person he has at hand. .

        As for Trump’s state of repentance or non-repentance, I don’t claim to know his heart. I see his behavior and am concerned but I’m neither Judge nor Jury. Let’s not get hung up on semantics. I believe we both care deeply about this election and the effect it will have on our country. I think that’s what really counts.

        Thanks for your comments.


      • Agreed!


  4. The “bad people” God worked through as described in scripture, went very publicly through one experience that there is zero evidence Donald Trump has. I’ve learned about Saul of Tarsus, who, once convicted of his sin in his own heart, repented and was saved, becoming the Apostle Paul — The salvation of Saul was the result of being confronted by Jesus somewhere on the road to Damascus, then a conviction in his heart of the sins he had committed, his repentance, God’s forgiveness and salvation.

    From the moment Saul accepted that Jesus was Lord and Savior he was transformed, and he openly acknowledged Jesus was Lord then asked “… what wilt Thou have me do Lord”., Paul’s life became a life completely dedicated to doing as Jesus instructed him, and he gave Jesus all the credit. He became a living testimony of the Word. There was no trace of his former self in his actions and words other than to use his past, before salvation, in relationship to his new life. The fruit of Paul’s spirit was obvious and a complete repudiation of who and what he once was. That’s the behavior of someone Jesus has confronted, convicted of his sins, who repented, was forgiven and saved, and, who God intends to use in a big way.

    Unfortunately, none of that kind of fruit is evident with Donald Trump. His actions and words are not what we are told in the Bible we should expect to see when one has been saved and carries on to serve God’s purpose. No midnight tweet storms, no equivocating on funding Planned Parenthood, no requiring speech-writers to tailor his speeches to reach the particular crowd he’s in front of; there has been no sincere acknowledgement, repentence and request for forgiveness regarding the sins he has committed with and against women, as well as the people he has hurt by the lies and rumors he spread about them during the campaign… In short, if Donald Trump was showing the fruits of the spirit, consistent with conversion and transformation, he would use the name of God and Jesus Christ many times more than “I” this, “I” that or “me”.

    So while I’ve decided to vote for the reprobate Donald Trump to stop Hillary who has dedicated her life to destroying America because like Alynski, Ayers, Cloward-Piven, Barack Obama, she hates it and us. However, I have no illusions that Donald Trump has been confronted with his sins, convicted in his heart, repented and transformed into a new man. He is what he is today and it’s the same guy we’ve witnessed for the past year and a half — and before — running up to this election. Nothing more.

    If God is actually involved in this election and intends to use Donald Trump via the Presidency, it won’t matter what poll numbers are, it wouldn’t matter if he was actually like Saul, out persecuting Christians day in and day out. He’d win the race whether or not #nevertrump conservatives voted for him. But by the same token, if Hillary wins, and at this point I see no path to victory for Trump given the disasterous campaign he has run, you must be ready to say that sometimes God uses “bad people” in reference to her as well. In either case, if God is using one or both of them, it might well be to chasten us as a nation, not redeem us.


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