The DNC’s ‘Deplorable’ Scheme to Bully Women at Trump Rallies


Project Veritas has released another video in which the DNC’s rapid response director, Aaron Black, explains how they inject their people into Trump rallies to intentionally beat up people. “We want images of the men bullying the women who are trying to hold their signs up.”

Hillary has claimed that Trump is waging a war on women, while her operatives are responsible for assaulting them. Who are the real deplorables here?

Here is another video and it shows a young black woman being cursed at and getting shoved around. Those men are DNC operatives who are paid to appear at Trump rallies and assault people.

Yet again at a rally in Tucson – as he’s being escorted out, a guy in a flag shirt gets pummeled by a black guy.

During last night’s debate, Fox moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump if he would accept the results of the election and he said “I will look at it at the time. I will keep you in suspense.”

Hillary was, of course, appalled at such a statement, but this behavior is acceptable to her. Worse yet, it is promoted by her – you know these guys aren’t doing this out of their blind devotion to her. She has contrived plausible deniability, but there is no doubt she is in charge of this.

Having seen the three Project Veritas videos that show the blatant physical attacks and the methodology libs’ used to acquire and transport fraudulent voters, why should Trump blindly accept the results prior to November 8?? He should not.


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  1. I agree with you, Kathy. Trump had the right idea, but he answered in the wrong way. What’s really too bad is that Clinton gave him the perfect segue to a response that would have both justified his answer and educated voters about the dirty tricks of her campaign when she said: “That is not the way our democracy works.”

    If I were Trump I would have looked out at the audience and said:

    “In a democracy, one political party doesn’t get to collude with the press. In a democracy, one campaign doesn’t send paid agitators to start riots at their opponent’s campaign so as to give voters a false perception. When democrats are talking about committing voter fraud, that’s not democracy. I know in the past Republicans have always agreed to play by the rules no matter how much cheating the other side was doing, but I’m not a typical Republican and I’m not going to play that game. I’m starting a NEW tradition where we either all play by the rules or none of us do.


    • Excellent, CW! If he’d said something along those lines, it would have reflected poorly on her instead of him. He missed a perfect opportunity to get in one last dig.


  2. Guys, I understand your points and even agree to some extent – he could have phrased it much better. Wallace had to be aware of those Veritas videos and shouldn’t have asked that question and put him on the spot like that.

    I have to admit though that when I first heard the question, my immediate response was ‘oh hell no!’ After the libs’ blatant fraud was exposed and now knowing all those unlawful votes are being cast, there’s no way he should agree to such a thing. Had he done that, how does he fight the results if it turns out to be overly lopsided in her favor, without going back on his word?

    That polite pre-acceptance – gentlemen’s agreement type thing belongs to the establishment politicians and Trump is about as far from that as he could get.


  3. I agree with Aftershock. This was one more case of Trump’s ego getting in the way of what otherwise appeared to be a successful debate. To say that, during a debate is lunacy. Even if he has already committed to fighting tooth and nail against results showing a Hillary win, why on earth give her and the media such fodder for an attack on the issue beforehand? It was just plain stupid.


  4. The perception is hurting him, that his flat out refusal is un-American. I agree with other conservatives that said he should have said “yes, I expect to…”, but with the caveat that if there’s evidence fraud may have occurred in close races, state by state, then I reserve the right to take appropriate action”. That would have covered all the bases and kept the post-debate focus on issues. What he did has destroyed that and I think though Hillary lost the overall battle in the LAST debate, she won the war. I calls em as I sees em. That was a disastrous response to a gotchya he should have known was coming.


  5. Pravda and Tass will never run such scandal against Party, comrade. It is as if never exsist.


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