James O’Keefe Video Shows Dems’ Plot to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

From Robert Laurie at CainTV, 10-17-16:

James O’Keefe and his group Project Veritas has compiled the video you’ll see below. He said “This was a conspiracy to create a narrative that Trump supporters were dangerous and out of control. This scheme was created and approved at the highest levels of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.”


While covering up the fact that Hillary’s campaign approved it all.

Hillary keeps telling us she’s innocent victim of a vast right wing conspiracy spearheaded by a monstrous demagogue.  Her campaign claims that they’re running a clean fight, but it’s tough because the opposition is so violent.  Trump’s rallies, they argue, are Nazi-like affairs where a would-be dictator whips his base into a militant rage.

Evidence of that has been hard to come by, but that’s the DNC party line.  …Except now we have new undercover tape that exposes the truth:

Democrats have teams of operatives who are paid to incite physical violence at Trump appearances, the DNC sanctions the work, and part of the job description is making sure there’s a “double blind” of plausible deniability between those who execute the plan and Mrs. Clinton herself.

The video is well worth your time.  For me, the most damning moment happens at around the seven-minute mark:


Every time one of these hidden camera videos pops up, I have to wonder: will this be the one that people will actually care about?

I’d love to believe that such blatant evidence of corruption (not to mention violation of campaign law) would spark widespread outrage and some kind of change. Honestly, though? Sometimes I fear we’re past the point of no return…


It does spark outrage – most Americans continue to feel outrage every day, but it’s mostly because we see one story after another of the corruption, fraud and deception going on in the Clinton camp and nothing ever happens to her.  There is no recourse for voters when those who should be upholding our laws allow her to get away with everything including murder.

In social media we constantly see headlines touting that this news will shut her down, or this scandal will force her to withdraw, when nothing could be further from the truth. She will continue her quest for the White House, regardless of her poor health and her lack of scruples, but the worst part is she could actually win. There’s nothing much scarier than her as our president.


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  1. Holy shit! I’ve been writing about voter fraud and dirty tricks by democrats for years, but I’ve NEVER actually seen and heard their operatives openly admit to the underhanded and illegal tactics that they regularly employ to get and keep democrats (like Hillary Clinton) in power.

    These people are smart, shrewd and obviously unprincipled. This is what we are up against … and we’re still trying to play by the rules.

    I watched both videos – both were much better from a video and audio quality perspective than I expected. Big time kudos to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for (somehow) getting these criminals to openly discuss their strategy and tactics – that’s far more informative than just reading words on paper – and it establishes their statements as REAL, not just conjecture.

    It is somewhat disheartening to see the disparity between our side and the “win at all costs” democrats. I feel like we’re stepping into the ring with oven mitts on and our democrat opponent is outfitted with brass knuckles. It’s not a fair fight.

    O’Keefe is right; the best thing we can do right now is distribute these videos to as many people and outlets as possible and expose their abhorrent tactics to as many prospective voters as possible, asking along the way, are these the kind of people we want in charge of our government?

    Thanks to Kathy and Saltwater for posting these two videos – they deserve wide exposure.


    • That’s pretty much what I said too, Garnet. The first video was quite an eye-opener and the second one really slams it home.

      The truth of their actions couldn’t be more obvious, but the question is, will anything be done about it? No need to answer though, because if recent history bears out, there will be no penalty to pay.


  2. As disturbing as this is, O’Keefe’s release today of Dem operatives conspiring on how to commit massive interstate voter fraud, using fake names, addresses, and employment documents to “legitimize” pools of fraudulent voters who can be moved between states to where their votes are needed.
    LANGUAGE WARNING; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDc8PVCvfKs

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    • A good addition, Salty, thanks for posting that, and please post other upcoming releases if you see them before I do. This needs blasting from rooftops and like O’Keefe said, we need major media to broadcast it too. Will they have the guts to do it? We’ll see, but one commenter said that Hannity played it yesterday, so maybe…

      Prayers for the safety of O’Keefe and his team and hope that he has a back-up plan in case he loses internet access.

      The amount of voter fraud they’re committing is astronomical and I don’t see much of a way to stop it, not with all those operatives at work.


  3. Brave to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for another incredible exposé. They are the closest thing we currently have to Garnet’s dream of the magical truth detector.

    As this gets out sleazy Democrats will be conferring with their sleazy lawyers to see if they can find a way to put O’Keefe in jail to distract from the reality of what these tapes reveal, but I hope voters will give serious thought to what all this means. Why go to such extremes to create a fictional narrative to use against your opponent? Obviously they don’t believe they can win an honest fight so they are determined to stack the deck in their own favor. This strikes right at the heart of Democrats’ claims about their veneration for democracy. It’s all a big lie. These people are thugs of the worst kind and their goal is to make sure the scales are tilted in their favor. That’s not democracy.

    Thanks for sharing this, Kathy. It was worth every minute.


    • Dang – I meant “Bravo.”


    • You said it CW, and the Dems have been fighting dirty for decades. I hope you have time to watch the second one that Salty posted – it’s even more damning and at one point the guy says something like ‘we’re not gonna ask you to vote our way, we’re gonna make you.’

      The worst part is that there’s a really good chance nobody does anything about it – the R’s can’t challenge it, remember? They should anyway, imo. Blow it wide open.


      • Just watched it, Kathy. As I say about once a day now, nothing surprises me any more, except maybe the American peoples’ complicity in their own demise. Generations from now Americans are going to ask how this could happen (just as people asked how Hitler could happen), and people will marvel at the stupidity and gullibility of the American electorate.

        I am hearing on Fox and elsewhere that there is “no evidence of voter fraud.” If a crime occurs and the Obama justice department decides to ignore it, does that mean it doesn’t exist?

        These tapes put the exclamation point on my “Conscience of a Liberal” post.

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