DHS Silences BP Agents as Large Throngs of Illegals Pour Into the US

From Judicial Watch, 10-14-2016 (bolding mine):


DHS Orders Border Agents to Give Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians Asylum Via Mexico

Throngs of Haitians, Africans, Russians, Armenians and Guatemalans are being admitted into the US via the Mexican border with virtually no vetting for security or health risks, high level Homeland Security officials told JW this week. Overwhelmed and understaffed border agents are bombarded daily with an onslaught of immigrants from these countries and have been ordered by the DHS to process them as refugees with “credible fear.” Most are camping out in Mexican border towns and going “port shopping” before gaining entry to the US, according to federal officials whose identities must be kept anonymous because they fear retaliation. The ports “are unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Patricia Cramer, a veteran border agent who serves as president of the US Customs employee union in the Tucson sector.

One federal agent at the San Luis Port of entry in Arizona described the situation as a “mass crisis, like a third-world country.” A DHS supervisor in the region told JW that the agency has issued an order from Washington D.C. to all agents: “No one is allowed to speak to the media.” The veteran DHS official said that to accommodate the influx border agencies have suspended regular business and “people that have actually gone through all the legal and proper ways to get documents are being shoved to the side.”

One frustrated DHS official in the border region said she has never seen this type of rampant lawlessness throughout a lengthy career with the government, adding that the public should show up at ports of entry to see firsthand the problems border agents face every day.

The migrants’ journey begins in Brazil under a South American policy that allows the “free transit” of immigrants throughout the continent. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama facilitate the process by transferring the concentration of foreigners towards Mexico based on an agreement that Mexico will help them gain entry into the US so they can solicit asylum. Under the plan Mexico gives the immigrants 20-day visas and temporary shelter but the backlog is out of control because the US isn’t processing the migrants fast enough. This week Mexico’s secretary of the interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, told the country’s largest newspaper that DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson assured him the US would speed up the process of admitting the refugees to “alleviate the crisis on the southern border.”

US border agents can’t keep up and are working 16-hour shifts to accommodate the order, according to various officials on the frontline. DHS failed to respond to JW’s request for an actual number, but here are figures provided to a Mexican newspaper by Mexico’s government this week: “More than 15,000 Haitian and Africans, especially from Congo, have crossed into Mexican territory in the last six months on their way to the United States, but more than 4,300 have been stranded on the border with California.” In a separate Mexican news report published this week the country’s secretary of health, Dr. José Narro Robles, declared that the Haitians and Africans that remain in Baja California and Chiapas present serious health risks to Mexico.

JW’s sources on the border say the overwhelming majority of migrants don’t appear to have been through any hardships. Instead many look in great physical shape, even muscular and fit, well-groomed and a lot of them have large amounts of cash. “They’re showing up with a few hundred dollars if not a few thousand dollars, new electronics, cell phones, tablets, etc.,” said a Border Patrol official in Arizona. Another border agent told JW that many of the Haitians and Africans “know the administration is going to let them in and they come with an attitude of entitlement.”


Its not the first time O’s admin used ‘credible fear’ to make it easier for them to come here. Last year they let hundreds of illegals stay even though they were coached by an immigrant rights organization called the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NITA), which had coordinated demonstrations along the border in Texas and Arizona. In 2014 they used a racket to bring 250 illegal aliens in through the Otay Mesa Port in San Diego. The migrants had to falsely claim that they had a “credible fear” of returning to their native country.

It boggles the mind to think that our government is the ring leader in this racket to purposely break our laws, while they order the overwhelmed and overworked agents to stand down and be silent, when they were chosen to uphold our laws and protect Americans.

Much too often we’re seeing headlines about illegals killing Americans and many times those illegals have been deported only to return through our revolving door of a border and take cover in unlawful sanctuary cities, also supported by our federal government.

Our country is nearly unrecognizable so, it is absolutely imperative that we get a grip on this, if it’s not already too late. Hillary has said that she supports open borders, so we know this will continue if she is elected. Remember that when you vote.


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  1. How about we just do a little math?
    How many folks are in the USA?
    How many folks are in the world?
    Ifn we, the USA, is the most powerful nation amidst this globe,
    then what shall become the outcome of subjecting the citizens of OUR Great Nation into servitude to become unified into this tin-foil-hat-theory of a New World Order?


    • I think the answer to that varies with the changes in leadership. GHW Bush saw the US as the leader of it, so the citizens would likely have been elevated to a new level, while Gorbachev probably saw Russia as the new leader, thus its citizens would be given the higher level. God only knows what O sees happening, but I feel sure the Americans, primarily middle-aged white men, would no place at all in his version of it.


  2. Why would the so-called “representatives” of the people continue to ignore our immigration laws, invent new migrant programs, welcome countless “refugees” and prevent our immigration control authorities from doing their job?

    It’s a simple case of Occam’s razor where the simplest answer is usually the right one – they want power.

    The power to control the masses, regardless of the diversity of the masses, and until they’re entrenched to the point where they (with opinions from a liberally-stacked Supreme Court) can eliminate elections entirely, they’ll have to depend on increasing the masses of humanity who will be dependable democrat voters.

    Nothing else matters: so citizens can’t find jobs, deficits increase, taxes increase, crime increases, and welfare rolls increase. None of that matters as long as the controlling elite overcome all constraints to total power.

    That’s their goal, and everything they do supports a steady movement in that direction.


    • True that they want more power, Garnet, but I think O is doing it in part to further divide our country. He knows we already cater to the Latinos and that the muslims will create chaos with their demands for special food, prayer and holiday privileges, etc. His diabolical plan is already in place and working well with the blacks making demands.

      This will take it up another notch and he won’t even be in the White House, but whoever is will either allow it to go on, or be unable to stop it with any effectiveness.


  3. Wait a sec… ARMENIANS?

    WTF? I’m half Armenian, and I have no idea what they’re talking about. In fact, it’s estimated that the ENTIRE world population of Armenians, including half-breeds like me (and the Kardashians and Cher) is between 6 – 8 million, which is less than the population of Los Angeles.

    Armenia is located in Asia, just north of Iran and east of Turkey, and I highly doubt that there’s some flood of people from there ending up on our border with Mexico trying to jump the fence.

    I think they threw us in there just to put a non-Latino and non-Muslim face on the problem. “Hey, look! Even white people are illegals!”

    What a load of crap.


    • Had no idea you were part Armenian, but thank you for that geography lesson, lol. It is a load of crap alright – the BP agents are kept from doing their job according to our laws, and meanwhile O is letting unknown numbers of would-be terrorists in by twisting those very laws to his advantage. He’s the one that should be at the top of the most wanted list.


  4. Nothing surprises me anymore, Kathy.

    If Donald Trump were a smart man (he’s not) he’d stop wasting time flying around the country and get himself to the border and do all of his speeches there from now until election day, forcing some attention on the issue (and off other topics). This is a traitorous crime that affects EVERYONE in EVERY state, and it’s the issue that won him the nomination. He should invite the media and concerned Americans to join him to see what’s happening, and he should call out Hillary for her traitorous intentions to undermine our sovereignty. That could be a game changer.


    • You make a great point, CW, one that I’d almost forgotten about. Trump did make his great entrance onto to candidate scene with his touts of building a wall and stopping this rush hour traffic of illegals.

      That seems to have taken a back seat while he deals with all the distractions the Dems tossed his way, in between his spiels of telling voters of his greatness. If memory serves, it didn’t take long for that wall to become a pipe dream and deporting all those people won’t be possible either. He hasn’t even gotten the job yet, and he’s already backtracking.


  5. This is almost too depressing to comment on. The Dems and Republicans save the relatively few real conservatives both want this. I think the plan has been for some time now to create a single political body made up of the elites from both parties. Paving the way for a dictatorship merely managed by POTUS and protected by SCOTUS. I doubt that voting will ever be mandatory, but the choice will always be between political clones that are black on one half and white on the other but depending on the letter designation “R” or “D” will have the black and white sides reversed from one another.


    • It is very depressing, especially when you think about the millions we give Mexico and Central America in foreign aid, only to have them turn a blind eye to the illegal traffic. Meanwhile Congress does nothing to stop O and his henchmen in the DHS from trampling our laws. They’re supposed to be reducing the number of illegals entering the US, but instead Johnson tells Mexico we’ll work harder to process them faster. The brainiac that he’s not fails to realize that will only increase the flow.


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