Our Patriotic Duty is First to God, then Family, then to Country

I’ve had enough of those Trump supporters — including those voting for him because they believe it might stop Hillary Clinton — that have found it necessary to tell the rest of us that it’s our patriotic duty to get out and vote for Donald Trump while attempting to assign blame for the situation the Trump campaign finds itself in, to those of us who can’t in good conscience vote for him. I believe our patriotic duty is fulfilled by honoring the creator of our liberty and unalienable rights. So how, politically, do we honor the creator? By preserving that which he has given us in the manner which best brings glory to Him. God will not be mocked, hence according to scripture, we are duty-bound as Christians to choose candidates that meet the moral fitness God set forth as a requirement. That was  also the admonishment given us by the signers of the Declaration of Independence which they reiterated on many occasions.

I was raised with the understanding that the end does not justify the means. Period. Yet the opposite is exactly what an increasing number of our fellow patriots are giving-in to, out of fear that the evil Hillary Clinton will become President of the United States and the country will be lost through the courts (note: it already is lost through the courts). Because of their fear, and I believe Hillary as POTUS is a fait accompli regardless of whether every conservative that shows up on November 8th votes for Trump, we’re apparently all to forget principle, forget moral character, forget the criteria given us in scripture, forget all the moral lessons and values we’ve passed on to our children and grandchildren, to vote as a matter of political pragmatism for a candidate so vile he makes the Devil blush with pride.

My 16-year-old son asked me months ago before Donald Trump had locked up the nomination if I was voting for him. I said no, I couldn’t do that because Donald Trump was not a moral man or a conservative. I explained that as Christians we are commanded to stay away from willfully immoral people and that we are to seek moral God-fearing leaders, based on God’s criteria, the Ten Commandments. That isn’t to say we can only elect Jesus, none of us are even close to that kind of righteousness, it simply means we need to seek out moral people as leaders. How do we know the moral from the immoral? A moral man — though he will fail at times — tries to do the right thing according to the will of God. An immoral man doesn’t consider the will of God at all and just goes his own way.

God’s criteria for the men we choose as leaders is as follows — Exodus 18:21 “. . . furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens”. Donald Trump meets none of that criteria, in fact, he brags about his serial-breaking of God’s commandments. The founding fathers insisted that the Declaration of Independence and subsequent Constitution were meant for a moral people and that our nation could only be maintained by moral people.

Voting for Donald Trump may be the pragmatic, angry and fearful thing to do, but it’s completely against the moral will of God. It’s an ends justifies the means vote. So when you consider voting as a strategic/pragmatic move, do so understanding this — the ends do not justify the means unless of course, your ideology is Marxist/Leftism, in which case you’re keeping company with the likes of Karl Marx, Gramsci, Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

God calls on Christians to act according to His will in faith, not to act out of fear. In God We Trust. There is no duty to cast a vote for evil people regardless what brand they place next to their names on the ballot. VOTE, of course, but vote to keep the House and Senate out of the hands of Hillary and the Democrat Party.

DISCLOSURE: The first paragraph was rewritten in pertinent part to clarify my position and remove unintended generality.



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  1. “Voting for Donald Trump may be the pragmatic, angry and fearful thing to do, but it’s completely against the moral will of God… The Word of God isn’t some indecipherable mysterious cryptic code that requires scholarly review for centuries to figure out what it says.”

    So opposing abortion and rape is against the will of God. Gotcha.


    • I admit Crawfish, if that were really Trump’s position, one he’s always maintained without wavering like say a Ted Cruz or a Marco Rubio or even a Jeb Bush has, then that might be a gotcha! But alas, it ain’t so. Donald went back on that position just as he did on the border issue where he now essentially has endorsed the gang of 8 plan — Marco Rubio’s numbers in Florida have gone up ever since. Anyhow. Trump made a statement that there should be consequences against women — not the abortionist per se — that get abortions. That at the time was a calculated position he took because he had equivocated every time he was asked prior to those videos being released regarding the harvesting and selling of baby parts. But then his libtard daughter Ivanka entered the picture and had a discussion with the Donald, Trump’s own words not mine, and he decided that Planned Parenthood should continue to receive funding because they “do some really good things” for women. I suppose maybe between aborting and butchering babies for their saleable body parts? Have you ever seen a video of a partial birth abortion Crawfish? Where the Doc takes a knife and severs the baby’s spinal cord at the base of the skull so it can’t struggle too much, then takes that stainless-steel liposuction tube with the sharp end and plunges it into the live baby’s soft skull twisting it around as the kid is in pain, to suck the brain out? Yep that’s the Donald Trump you’re supporting, the guy that’s not really outraged at the primary business of planned parenthood enough to say he’d shut it down and prosecute it’s management because somewhere in all that process they allegedly do some really good things. Ain’t no gotcha there. As for rape, apparently, he’s responding to a pending suit by a 13-year-old girl at the time of the incident, for statutory rape of a minor. Of course he’s innocent until proven guilty but how many people that have had such a consistent pattern of speaking about, and to, women the vulgar way he has, and has so much porn on display in his life, not to mention video where he describes committing and intent to commit sexual assault — have survived unscathed and completely innocent? Bill Cosby?, Bill Clinton? Bob Packwood who resigned after he was threatened with expulsion if he didn’t on the allegations, not a proven case? Trump’s a real gem Crawfish. Vote for him if you think it will really help the country, just don’t pee on the rest of us and call it rain in the process by defending his obvious lack of honor.


  2. Aftershock, I fully support your own personal decision to abstain from voting for either Trump or Clinton, since that is what your heart and mind tell you is right for you. However, I do think that you’re going a bit too far when you’re interpreting God’s word as justification for your opinion vis-à-vis anyone else voting for Trump.

    You say that those of us who believe that voting for Trump (abhorrent as he is) are going against what God wants us to do. You’re taking on a heavy load to presuppose that you’re interpreting God’s word for each and every one of us.

    You’re not my minister, priest, or rabbi, who are you to interpret God’s word as if he speaks directly to you? I have a relationship with my God and I don’t believe that he thinks any less of me because I plan to vote for the lesser of the evils. Yet you have the temerity to tell me I’m wrong because you say so?

    I’ll not argue that Trump is a bastion of goodness and all that is holy, obviously, he is not, but you have essentially condemned him as Satan-like. In doing so, you are assuming that Donald Trump has no relationship with God. You don’t know that; you assume that God would disapprove of what Trump has done based on your interpretation of scripture, that’s taking a lot of responsibility – that of judging others just as God would – don’t you think that that is a bit presumptuous?

    For me, I have chosen to vote for Trump, not because he serves as an example of what I want my grandson to be like. I sincerely hope that my grandson is nothing like Donald Trump (although being wealthy wouldn’t hurt). I expect to vote for him because of the alternative – that alternative that you believe is a fait accompli – that Hillary will win the White House. Following your logic, all Christians should forego voting for Trump, we should simply allow Hillary to assume the presidency, and be satisfied with what will follow. If you think that Christians or God would benefit from that, I couldn’t disagree more.

    If you believe that a President Hillary Clinton won’t be harmful to Christians or conservatives, then apparently, you know something I don’t because I expect that all of us who are conservative and Christian have a lot to lose under a Hillary Clinton administration.

    You tell us that God doesn’t want us to act out of fear – does that include a fear that Hillary and the democrats will act further to diminish God and Christians in every way throughout the land? I think that is a genuine fear and one that I share with many others. Suggesting that others also vote to keep the House and Senate out of the hands of Hillary and the democrats because of what they might do sounds like a very similar “fear” to me.

    Aftershock, I do believe that you have every right to vote as you believe God would have you vote, I just disagree that you should be interpreting how each of us should vote based on your own personal interpretation of God’s word.


    • First of all Garnet, God’s word is what it is, says what it says and means what it says, I don’t have my own personal interpretation and your conclusion that “my personal interpretation” of God’s Word is the basis for my post, is frankly an insult. That said, read my post again then my answers to other comments, it’s not about me telling others what they should do it’s about me explaining why I’m sick and tired of being told by Trump sellouts what I SHOULD DO as if I’m shirking my patriotic duty — according to who? And it’s about pointing out that Donald Trump is neither behaving as a transformed Christian nor anything close to a Conservative or even your average RINO Republican. He’s behaving on par with Bill Clinton — a chronic liar, con-artist and in just about every possible way he’s a sexual pervert and reprobate that has never taken responsibility for his sins nor asked anyone for forgiveness. Ya know Garnett I thought I knew you better than that. I have the temerity only to have quoted God’s Word on the matter of electing leaders. Anyone that thinks they can have their own personal interpretation of God’s Word isn’t actually reading it. It’s the same as saying there are personal interpretations of the Constitution like the left does whenever the plain meaning of its’ text conflicts with their worldview. God wants us to trust HIM based on His Word alone, not to act in defiance of His mandates because we’re afraid of a greater evil. God’s in control here and he wants us to trust Him without fearing the consequences of doing so. In that context, a vote for an evil man isn’t a vote for the lesser of two evils, there is no such thing, it’s just a vote for another evil person. The whole “lesser of two evils” is what it has always been, the means of getting people to keep voting for evil men and/or women because of the illusion one is worse than the other. Time to break that chain my friend. By the way Garnett, I was not speaking to anyone as a minister, priest or Rabbi and wasn’t telling you or anyone else what to do, just pointing out what the written word of God says and what the known facts about Donald Trump are. But haven’t you recently posted materials telling us all we have a Christian duty to vote? Isn’t that telling others what they should do? I didn’t quote a Georgetown professor, I quoted the unchanging Word of God and that’s where I intend to stand always.


      • Aftershock, you’re taking a stance that can’t be defended – that there is only one interpretation of Bible verse when you know that Bible scholars don’t even agree on meaning of every verse, yet you’re making it sound like you are privy to the one and only interpretation that is sound – that you know exactly what God’s word is. I maintain that you know what you believe God’s word to be – not necessarily the same thing.

        I’m sorry if you take my statement that you’re expounding on your personal interpretation as an insult, but if you believe that the Bible is the Word of God then you must know that interpretation of Bible verse is both a science and an art, even to men of the cloth – and amply demonstrated by the number of interpretations that can be found on most any passage. We are only humans, prone to error and mistakes in judgment so how can any of us, you included, be infallible?

        You can live your own life and vote or not vote, that’s your decision. But when you imply that your interpretation is the only one and if we don’t act as you believe the Bible tells us to act, then we are somehow defying the word of God. That is what I meant by labeling your essay as your personal interpretation.

        I applaud your faith and your tenacity, but we’ll have to disagree on your personal interpretation as being the one and only perfect understanding of the Word of God when interpreting Bible verse.


    • On the issue of a transformed Christians, “By their fruit ye shall know them”. That wasn’t referring to money or riches, it was referring to fruit of the spirit. How a man/men/women act and behave. What they say as well as what they do. The record we have of Donald Trump is one of an unrepentant sexual deviant and general moral reprobate. Everyone was willing to condemn and say they believed the allegations against Bill Clinton because back in the day he was on the ballot as a Democrat. I suppose then all he had to do was run as a Republican and all would be good. There has been no public acknowledgement of his sins, no apology from the heart to all those he has made to suffer or harmed with his vile words, in most ways Trump shows the fruits of evil acts not of good. Even evil doers do some good to deceive but their hearts are revealed over time for what they are.


    • Garnet92, first, my post wasn’t addressing everyone supporting Trump for their sincerely held reasons, but that’s a different thing than whether God approves of voting for men like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump or Hillary. All I’ve been getting since the convention are people who wouldn’t want you or me telling them what they should do, telling me that if I don’t “do the right thing” and vote for Trump, then I’m to blame for Hillary, I’m to blame for the Sup. Ct. (same BS we hear every election) and that I’m a purist, I’m this that and the other thing…

      My post was addressing that, and that’s all it was intended to address while adding the reasons for my conscientious objection to voting for Donald Trump. It’s the same reason, by the way, that I wouldn’t ever vote for Hillary Clinton and why I would never have voted for Bill Clinton. I did not give one single interpretation of Bible verse or what God asks of us as Christians that was “[my] own personal interpretation”. You pick apart my posts sentence by sentence and miss the overarching point because you’re offended by what you believe is me telling others what to do as Christians. I wasn’t the one that posted an article supposing to tell us it was our Christian Duty to Vote, which sounded like marching orders to me.

      On “interpreting” God’s Word. The Word of God isn’t some indecipherable mysterious cryptic code that requires scholarly review for centuries to figure out what it says. If that were the case and 2000 years later scholars and theologians still can’t agree what it says, then it’s a virtually worthless book. My understanding is from sources far greater than you and me as well as years of my own research so that I would fully understand what I’ve been taught. God gave me eyes, ears, and a brain to reason with, I’ve done with those gifts what any of us can and should do in this regard — used them. It’s been my experience over the decades that the only real divisions on what a Bible verse means, is when someone or other has cherry picked a verse or two, out of their context when discussing or teaching them. Without context, anyone can make most any verse to mean whatever they want.

      I don’t assume anything about Donald Trump or his relationship with God, his own actions and words are smeared all over the media, on video and radio, among the women he has abused, in court records, proceedings, and the latest filings. What’s in his heart is easily known from every disgusting personal attack he’s ever made against other candidates, all of which occurred after his alleged conversion and which continue to this day. Referring mainly to false prophets, the Bible tells us “we shall know them by their fruit”. But more broadly, that verse also serves to tell us that if we observe closely, then who people are inside will be revealed by the patterns of their words and actions. What galls me, Garnet, is that most of the people defending Trump’s behavior now were not that long ago calling Bill Clinton guilty as sin and a fraud for doing and behaving exactly as Trump has been today, why? Because Clinton was a Democrat. Bill Clinton used to walk into Church carrying a Bible as a routine photo-op and virtually every Republican howled hogwash! Assume? Hardly.

      As far as God’s position on Trump’s behavior, start with the Ten Commandments, they’re pretty straight forward, don’t think there’s a whole lot of disagreement as to what they mean or how to apply them to what we can see with our eyes and hear with our ears. God’s Word, in fact, is filled with condemnation for exactly the things Donald Trump has done and admonishments to believers that we should not engage such people in relationships let alone as our leaders.

      On the issue of the Devil, the Devil is surely proud of every single man woman and child he’s able to corrupt, that’s what he does for a living, just ask Eve, or Job or Jesus… he wins some and he loses some, but in this world he wins far more than he loses. Tons of evidence indicates Donald Trump and Bill Clinton are sexual deviants and general moral reprobates so yes, the Devil probably shows a blush of pride because men like them represent some of his more successful work. I rather think the Devil likes showing God how many he can corrupt don’t you? I pray to avoid and resist temptation in my own life. For me, prayer is the best way to strengthen my resolve.

      I hope you understand where I’m coming from a little better. You mischaracterized what I was attempting to say and accomplish. I don’t care if you vote for Donald Trump, you’re doing it for reasons you believe are necessary. I just don’t want people falling into the trap of defending Trump’s actions and behavior to justify their vote for him while in the process attempting to tell me I’m wrong for refusing to follow suit. Donald Trump was master of his own fate in this election, and he blew it — predictably.

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    • Regarding your first paragraph Garnet92… I did not interpret God’s will regarding the type of men we are to vote for, I quoted it directly from Exodus in the context it was intended. I never said any person had to vote for someone other than Trump, I pointed out that God does not support voting for such reprobates by His own Word, not mine. If we all shy away from talking about what God says because there is some idea out there that none of us can really understand it, then there’s no way believers can ever be free as they will always have to look to a so-called “expert” to tell them.

      Look where that leads! You’ve got a Joel Osteen — and he’s by no means the only one just a good example — living in multi-million dollar mansions, flying on personal private Jets,building immense Temples to his own prosperity, in the name of Jesus of course, and getting people to donate to his lavish lifestyle (by buying his books sold to a ready-made audience as well as charitable donations to the church itself) while they themselves scrimp and save to survive such things as Obamacare and a collapsing American economy. No offense if you’re a fan of Joel’s, but where in the Bible did this “prosperity gospel” and its’ proponents appear? Where did Jesus, for instance, tell the rich man to keep all his riches then follow Him and see his riches increase tenfold? I was not being self-righteous, I wasn’t using God’s word to justify my opinion I was giving you God’s truth — His righteousness — as expressed for all to see from the book of Exodus.

      The Word of God is either true down to the last syllable or it’s not true at all. I happen to think it is truth and strive to live by it. The more I saw this country, even some friends, and family — me included — sliding down the slippery slopes of Hell, I came to the conclusion that the Bible was and is the only source of truth we can depend on so I have decided to do my best to live by it…not an easy thing to do I’m finding out.and sometimes I fail spectacularly, but if publicly stating what the Bible itself tells us is just one’s own opinion, then how can the Word ever be spread? Even the Pastor, the Priest, the Rabbi, are still just men like you and me.

      The Bible was meant for us all to study and have what God wants, revealed to us. So powerful is His message that communist dictatorships have tried to outlaw the Bible for the past two centuries. The Catholic church attempted for hundreds of years to keep the Word out of the hands of the people lest the Church lose power and control over them. No Garnet92, I’m not giving my opinion, just sharing what I’ve learned from the Book and from the people who are further along on that curve than I am.


  3. Has that behavior been recent, since his claim of rebirth?
    How moral and Godly was Paul before he became a leader of our side?
    My parish priest growing up had been a bit less than Godly in his younger days, as an OSS agent in France during WW2.
    Men change.


    • Paul confessed, did repent and asked God’s forgiveness. Donald Trump has done no such thing. All of his tactics during the primaries were in the last 9 months. He supports planned parenthood, saying they do some very good things. He uses Bill Clinton’s record with women and allegations of rape, against Hillary but then admits to none of the same being exposed about him. Bill Clinton never admitted to the rape of Juanita Broderick or the groping of kathleen Willey and the list goes on. But we all believed those women, didn’t we? Or is it because Donald Trump decided to become a Republican and put the “magic” R next to his name that makes the women claiming the same about him, including the evidence he can’t deny of his own words, that says “eh, so what they’re just lying to bring him down”? Sorry, the evidence is overwhelming that Donald is an unrepentant opportunist, sexual predator, and a con man; and now the people that have supported him don’t want to admit they were fools and have been conned. No my friend, Donald Trump is not what he claimed to be and as Levin would say, you’d have to be Helen Keller not to see that.


  4. After reading your post, AfterShock, I took a long walk to munge (as our dear friend Mrs. AL used to say) on what you said and how I should respond. On the one hand I share your anger with those who have the gall to suggest that to not support Trump is unpatriotic. Where was the patriotism of these people when the choice was between Trump and Ted Cruz, the candidate most inarguably devoted to restoring the Constitution? It wasn’t important back then. Now, when they’ve forced us into a choice between the lesser of two evils, their appeals to patriotism strike me as hollow, desperate attempts to bully the reluctant into compliance.

    But I disagree with you that a vote for Trump at this point is immoral. To use an unpleasant analogy I’ve used before, a married woman who takes a vow of fidelity does not make an immoral decision if she gives in to a rapist who holds a gun to her head, and this choice we have between two evils is no different. Would you scold that woman and tell her that the ends do not justify the means? If you can find fault with that analogy you’ll have to explain it to me.

    I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether or not I will vote for Trump, but if I do it will be strictly a strategic decision based upon what I think is best for the survival of my country. That comports to my moral obligation in my view, and any suggestion that this puts me in cahoots with Karl Marx would be as offensive as calling our rape victim a whore. Hillary is by far the greater immediate risk to our futures, but Trump – as the new titular face of the Republican Party – could usher in the death knell of conservatism, which means we could narrowly avoid the flames from a deadly fire only to have cut off our only escape route. That makes the choice nearly impossible for me.

    As for your description of Trump as “…a candidate so vile he makes the Devil blush with pride,” really? I have always found you to be a very reasonable man so I must ask you to consider the possibility that you have allowed your anger and frustration to color your perspective just a tad. Barack Obama and HRC, with their schemes, lies, corruption and malevolent intent towards the citizens of this nation, would fit that description but Trump does not.

    >>” There is no duty to cast a vote for evil people…”

    Nor is there a duty stay out of the path of evil people.

    Best to you, my friend.


    • I am not angry with Trump or with our choices CW just very very sad that we are where we are. I am upset, of course, with individuals that badger, cajole and otherwise attempt to demean and intimidate people who vote or do not vote for a particular candidate as a matter of conscience. Moreover, I in no way meant to tell you or anyone else that they are immoral for casting their vote for Donald Trump. I did say that the Word of God defines a fit candidate for office, a description of what a moral candidate looks like and that when we do not choose such people we’re going against God’s morality and will likely deserve what we end up with. That doesn’t make us immoral it means we are not choosing according to God’s will the type of man or now, woman, we’re told to seek and bless with our vote. As for your analogy, c’mon CW that’s not at all what God’s Word has to say about immorality. Being forced under threat of imminent death to do something is hardly analogous to exercising one’s free will to vote against God’s definition of a proper and fit candidate. I hope I’ve cleared this up to some degree for you CW, thanks for your feedback…

      And CW, the foregoing was NOT hyperbole. Donald Trump is every bit as vile a human being as Bill Clinton. If you do not get that information, it’s only because you aren’t getting it from the sources that I am. Fox, Drudge, Limbaugh, Hewitt, Savage, Hannity, Metaxas, and more are examples of the elect that have been totally deceived and who therefore do not report who Trump actually is.


  5. I hate that Trump is our choice in what’s the most important election in years, so far be it from me to try and convince anyone to vote for him, but from what I’ve seen we’ve got a huge shortage on moral people in our government and our candidates.

    That being the case, we have to choose between the sinners available to us or choose to not vote. Voters will have to choose which immoral candidate they can stomach.You know the standard arguments regarding that, so no need to go there again.


    • Kathy, there is a difference between being just another of 3 billion sinners in this world and being an unrepentant willful and braggadocious sinner. I’ve heard in every election since Bill Clinton’s re-election in ’96 that “this is the most important election of our time” or else the sky will fall. That’s what I meant about not trusting God’s Word but instead, giving in to fear that all is going to Hell without casting a vote for the lesser of two evils. There IS no such thing as the lesser of two evils Kathy evil is evil and evil is as evil does, that’s just how the powers of this earth justify putting corrupt candidates before us and getting us to take one of them. Then when we do so, expecting things in this country to change, it always changes for the worse, not the better.


      • AS, Unless you (or anyone) know him personally, I don’t think you can know what’s in his heart based on the information fed to us from the media. On the other hand, we have 40 years of history to tell us what’s in Hillary’s heart – it has turned into a black stone.

        We’ll just have to agree to disagree on the levels of evil, because I think intent plays a big role there and Hillary’s and Trump’s intentions are polar opposites.

        Agreed, that line ‘this is the most important election of our time’ is awfully overused, but I truly believe this one will have the most profound effects imaginable on our country. Hillary’s never been so close to winning and she has the advantage of O’s eight years to get things rolling in the direction they want to go, which is another polar opposite from what conservatives want.


    • Kathy if that’s your criteria, then no person or candidate can ever be vetted. The Bible tells us by their fruit we shall know their heart. It wasn’t referring to wealth or business success or even family. It was referring to behavior and actions, how they pursue their goals, wealth, and personal lives. I am stunned at the number of Republicans and conservatives that were all on board believing every word against Bill Clinton, every allegation of rape, groping, lewd behavior because above all he was a Democrat pushing his leftist policy agenda. But when the same evidence is presented about Donald Trump, including the disgusting last nine months of the campaign where he lied, smeared and employed leftists Democrat dirty tricks to besmirch the character of honorable men and their families, all of a sudden this Clinton donor and apologist-turned-Republican in name only — Donald Trump — gets a pass because he’s got the magic-bullet “R” next to his name, all of a sudden we can’t know his heart. No that doesn’t fly. God gave us eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to reason and connect the dots..


      • Big difference. The allegations against Trump have all been heresay 30 years later. Plus, they have been debunked by the claims being word-for-word the lyrics of a song and the simple fact of First Class armrests never folding away. The allegations against Clinton were corroborated and there was evidence. Moreover, the women made their complaints in a timely manner.


  6. Cannot agree at all. Trump is not openly anti-Christian, while Hillary is. Trump is not openly anti-Constitution, while Hillary is. Trump opposes abortion, while Hillary supports it to the moment of birth. Trump opposes the islamic invasion of our nation, while Hillary wants to increase it.

    And the list goes on…..

    Besides, Trump claims to have had a Christian rebirth in the past year or so. Until I see otherwise, i will give him the benefit of the doubt.


    • Crawfish Trump’s life, the immorality of it that he embraces and brags about is openly anti-God’s Word and therefore anti-Christian. I never used that term. What I did say is that Trump is not fit from a Biblical perspective to lead this nation. Moreover, he is virtually the same man morally as well as politically, as Bill Clinton. Now if it were Bill Clinton that was the lifelong liberal Democrat and supporter of Hillary running against her as a Republican, would you be saying the same thing? Would you be telling everyone we had to vote for him to stop Hillary? That, in a nutshell, is exactly what some people are attempting to argue we must do to save the Country, and I am saying that two wrongs do not make a right and the end does not justify the means. Check what Trump has said, done and how he has treated others this past year and then tell me that’s the fruit of a Christian man. Sorry, the evidence goes entirely in the opposite direction.


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