Four BLACK Men Charged With Beating Alabama Teen With Pro-Police Views

From:,  by Katherine Rodriguez,  on Oct 12, 2016


Four black men are facing charges for beating a white, teenage high school student from Alabama who voiced his pro-police views online.

Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson announced the arrest of four men in connection with the assault of 17-year-old Brian Ogle, WJLA reported.

Two teenagers, ages 18 and 19, and two 20-year-olds were arrested on felony assault charges for a Sept. 30 attack in a parking lot that left Ogle with a fractured skull and brain trauma, according to a release.

Ogle’s mother, Brandi Allen, described the assault as a “hate crime.”

Two suspects were arrested at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa while the third 18-year-old suspect was arrested on Auburn University’s campus in Montgomery.  A fourth suspect was arrested in Sylacauga.

Three of the suspects charged with second-degree assault are being held on $15,000 bond while the fourth suspect charged with first-degree assault is being held on $20,000 bond.

“Our department would like to thank all of those that cooperated in this investigation as witnesses,” Johnson said in a statement. “SPD would also like to thank the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department, Homicide Division, for their help in locating and apprehending the two suspects in their county. SPD investigators have worked tirelessly to bring this case to the point that it is at. SPD does not expect to make any further arrests at this time.”

Allen said her son was targeted because of his pro-police comments on Facebook after students wore Black Lives Matter shirts to Sylacauga High School last month.


Will someone please explain to me how what these FOUR BLACK MEN did to this 17-year-old CHILD is any less racist and abhorrent than what the Ku Klux Klan did years ago to blacks and were demonized for it? It was wrong then when done by whites and it’s no less wrong now when it’s done by blacks.

Note that I’m taking a page from mainstream media and describing the 17-year-old white boy as a “child.” That’s what the leftist media does when a 17-year-old black is assaulted or killed, he’s always referred to as a “child” to elicit sympathy. Also note the usual modus operandi for a black-on-white assault: overwhelming odds – four to one. Real heroes, huh? All four of them older than this kid and they jumped him because he made pro-police comments on Facebook. Cowards all. 

This kind of activity is incited by the BLM crowd and it’s typical of black-on-white assaults. They either sneak up behind someone (as in the “knockout game”) or attack with numerically superior numbers so as to overwhelm their victim and then, cowards that they are, proceed to kick the victim while he/she is down – and they have the temerity to talk about “fairness.”

I’m glad that four more black criminals will be off the streets and no longer available to participate in the next riot or violent “demonstration” by BLM. BLM is a subversive, anti-American group of anarchists and they are inciting violence against whites in general, not just police. 




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  1. It makes you want to blow a gasket to think that just a couple of years ago things were quiet and people of all colors were getting along with each other, yet here we are with a half black president and we’re near the point of a black vs. white war, because he has incited this racial divide.

    These brainiacs don’t have the sense to look at the numbers, listen to reason, or control their hatred. Stunts like leaving innocent white people for dead is exactly why they get called that N word they hate for whites to use. They deserve it. Jail is too easy for them and personally, I think the punishment should fit the crime.


    • I concur with your observation of the racial landscape just prior to Obama’s election. We didn’t have the dissension between the races that is raging now – and worse, just think of how much better things could have been today, almost eight years later, if not for Obama’s meddling.

      The current unrest didn’t “just happen,” I believe that it is part of a plan by anarchists to wrest control of the country and a state of war between blacks and whites is the most efficient and quickest way to get us there. Again, I see Cloward-Piven strategy written all over it with Barack Obama as the enabler.


  2. >>”I’m glad that four more black criminals will be off the streets and no longer available to participate in the next riot or violent “demonstration” by BLM…”

    That statement may be a bit optimistic, Garnet. The bond amounts of $15K – $20K are ridiculously low (George Zimmerman’s bond in the Trayvon Martin case, by way of comparison, was set at $150,000 with no evidence of premeditation of a crime), and if my understanding is correct they only need to come up with 10% of the bond amount to be freed. Furthermore, we have an imbecilic policy in this state and in this country of being illogically lenient when vicious people attempt murder but fail despite their best efforts. Even if convicted these dangerous animals will spend a paltry amount of time in jail, after which they will be released to prey upon us once more.

    That makes sense, right?


    • You’re right CW – I was being too optimistic.

      Those bond amounts are tiny and as far as I know, a bondsman does charge 10% (plus fees) to issue a bond, so a piddling one or two thousand to him and they’re free to return to their next BLM assignment.


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