Trump’s Right About the Biased, Dishonest Media



Years ago I did a bit of research on the ideological leanings, or biases if you will, of the general media.  What I found was no surprise, as reporters, journalists and producers of our newspapers and television news overwhelmingly – in the neighborhood of 80%+ – were self-described liberals and/or Democrats.


Over the years many polls have revealed an absence of trust in mass media, including a new Gallup poll showing the public’s distrust of our disseminators of news at an all-time high.  This can’t be blamed on premature conclusions arising from a journalist’s or news anchor’s party affiliation, since that information isn’t provided to viewers/readers/listeners.  Instead, the distrust arises from the American peoples’ real-life observations about inconsistencies between what they read in the news and what they can see with their own eyes, along with inconsistencies in reporting between news outlets.  In other words, their distrust is based in fact on discernible biases, which ought to be a No-No in the world of news journalism but we live in a time when liberals can get away with it (they still have jobs, right?), and so they do.  If you’re waiting for the leftwing media to be shamed or embarrassed by the public’s ability to see their lack of journalistic integrity, please tell me you aren’t holding your breath.

Perusing the headlines of the various “mainstream” news pages this morning evidence of the usual bias was there for all to see, but I’m just going to mention one example and leave you to judge the rest on your own. has in its front page “Featured Stories” a piece titled, “A Full List of Donald Trump’s Rapidly Changing Policy Positions.”  Flip-flopping policy positions are certainly a reasonable and newsworthy subject to inform the public about, but if flip-flops are sincerely NBC’s concern why aren’t they a concern for both candidates?  Hillary Clinton has changed positions on the war in Iraq, same-sex marriage, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, deportation of illegal immigrants, federal gun control and a host of other critical issues (see here), validating those who claim she is a lying, power-hungry politician who will say anything to win.  Furthermore she is, according to the odds-makers, more likely to be our next POTUS, so why does NBC not provide its readers with a summary of her changing positions as well?  It’s a little perplexing isn’t it?  No, not really.

The producers of the news at NBC want to decide who our next POTUS will be, that’s why, and they’re concerned their readers might not come to the correct decision on their own. This is how they “make a difference.”  This is how they nudge us to do what they would like us to do.  It’s textbook.

If Hillary Clinton wins, the black-out order will be lifted and our stewards of information dissemination will selectively, but not totally, show some interest in the dark side of Hillary (That’s a figure of speech.  Please do not assume I am suggesting there’s a bright side to Hillary), if only to give them cover when defending against your claims that they’re biased.  Democrats shouldn’t worry.  Their friends in the media will take care not to do any serious damage.

This election will not have been a fair fight, but then, when did you ever see a liberal agree to a fair fight?



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  1. Like so many others in this day and age, I stopped buying newspapers or news magazines years ago, I haven’t watched a network newscast in years either. The “mainstream” media has been in the tank for democrats for ages and anyone who depends on major news outlets of any kind for their news is either ignorant or left-leaning themselves. Today, they are simply another source of democrat propaganda.

    If anyone had any doubts of the incestuous relationship between mainstream media and the Hillary campaign, simply watch the daily Wikileaks drops of emails – they show, without a doubt, the relationship between the so-called “news’ operations and Hillary’s campaign.

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  2. Just to say first, I like listening to Rushbo, Mark L., Redeye Radio, and others. But, for some time, it’s been like becoming noticeable that as you’re listening, that even as much as they howl how upsetting it is to see events become just as crooked, deceitful, manipulating as being portrayed, then what it sounds like is that all that they are yammering about is exactly the way it is going to become and you’d better grasp what’s being told to you now because it is going to happen and there’s nothing anybody can do anything about it because that’s what’s going to happen.
    What’s confounding about it is that these are the folks we listen to for insight about what’s going on, but at the same time they are sounding upset about something, it’s sounding more like they are just announcing what is taking place throughout the country we grew up in and believed would continue generation after generation.
    But, even as wierd as this could make sense, it as though we are only being fed that other side, that side that sounds like we need to and should continue to listen as they pound out the outrageousness of the bass-ackward insensibility of the crap our government has become, because what you are actually hearing about is going to become what will happen and there will be nothing you can do because they will have the media, the guns, energy supply, food supply, and our children who grew up in their protected and protective custody.


    • Thanks very much for your comment, WT.

      This country is in deep trouble. There’s no question about that, and we cannot begin to resolve our problems until we break the Left’s hold on our government and restore constitutionality. Hillary Clinton will take us further toward the cliff. Trump, unfortunately, is not the savior people are wishing for. IF he can even manage to get elected, he lacks the conservative principles needed to set us on the right course. He’s better than Hillary, I’ll concede that much, but it’s a sad day when we have to pray for a semi-liberal jackass to save us.


  3. The Dems can’t fight fair because they’d lose and they know it. Cheating is the only chance they’ve got and turning the media into their lapdogs has been very effective for them. Trump pointed it out during the debate Sunday night – he was absolutely right when he said it was three to one.

    I miss the old days when the media stuck to the news and left the analysis to us.

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