All Politicians Lie, Don’t They?


Let’s assume that all politicians DO lie (that’s a pretty safe bet). So, how is a voter supposed to decide which candidate to vote for if their statements can’t be depended on to be factual? That’s easy; break out the Tarot Cards or the Ouija Board, they’ll be every bit as valid as simply guessing and a lot more entertaining.

Historically, we’ve looked to the “fact checkers” to separate truth from lies, but even then, we need to view their pronouncements through a correcting lens to filter out their own political tilt – they are notoriously left-leaning.

Over the past few months, we’ve been privy to a contest between two of the country’s most proficient liars: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both are accomplished at convincing crowds that they are something that they are not to curry favor of the country’s voters.

In Trump’s case, his lies are primarily self-aggrandizing exaggerations to make him appear as the consummate entrepreneur and a genius at negotiations. He is a flamboyant billionaire who wants people to believe that everything he touches turns to gold. He never fails in his relentless drive to the finish line. He wants us to believe that he is, simply put, a winner.

Hillary’s forte is convincing voters that she is looking out for them. She tries to impart the perception that she is concerned that they are not being treated fairly and she wants to right the wrongs inflicted on them by the “boogeyman” in government (Republicans). Her theme is kindly, altruistic and compassionate. She wants us to think of her as our selfless granny whose primary concern is always our well-being.

But alas, my friends, we shouldn’t and mustn’t, ignore the hard, cold proof of exposed lies.

In Hillary’s case, we’re being influenced by her massive political machine that hones every statement, polishes every comment, to contribute to the image of an experienced professional public servant who wants the very best for each and every person on United States’ soil (and not just citizens either).

That’s the image that’s being projected, but in recent weeks we’re seeing copies of email correspondence that call her veracity into question.

When we see evidence that Hillary says one thing for public consumption and something completely different in private, it prompts questions about which position will she take if she’s elected.

When Hillary says publicly that Syrian refugees should be admitted in far greater numbers while admitting privately that vetting them is “impossible,” what are we to think? She is trying to convince us that importing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees is based on compassion, but we all know that it is just another way to add more democrat voters to assure that democrats will rule in perpetuity.

And there is the inherent danger of terrorists slipping in disguised as refugees as is already commonplace in Europe.

She says that they will add a diversity that will benefit America. But when our welfare rolls are already bursting at the seams and we have millions of people who are already unemployed and looking for work, how can adding more nonproductive people be beneficial? Almost all of those refugees already imported have required financial assistance just to survive – and she wants to add even more – why? How will that benefit America?

Her private confessions indicate that she believes in “open” borders and she wants a path to full and equal citizenship for those who manage to get into the U.S.

Why won’t she proclaim publicly that she wants citizenship for those millions of illegal aliens who sneaked across our Southern borders? And, she wants open borders – won’t that be an open invitation for even more to “invade” our country? It’s simple – she won’t say it publicly because most Americans are against both of those proposals.

In summary, Hillary lies to hide her real intentions because if they were widely known, she wouldn’t stand a chance of being elected. Her falsehoods are the textbook definition of lies: they are a deliberate intent to deceive. How can we trust someone who is deliberately lying to us?

Donald Trump’s lies, while perhaps just as voluminous, are designed to embellish his personal persona rather than hide his actions if he is elected. I prefer to take my chances with a self-aggrandizing blowhard than someone who deliberately hides what her intentions are once she is in power.


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  1. Our liar is better than your liar.

    It’s sad that these are the kinds of arguments we’re having to make, although I agree 100% with what you’ve said.

    Motive matters. It’s as simple as that. If you’re looking for true love you don’t pursue a relationship with someone who makes it clear that she just wants you for your money. That would make you a fool. Likewise, if you want your own rights and interests protected you don’t elect politicians whose lies and actions make it obvious that their intention is to undermine your protections. That would make you an even bigger fool. Tragically we are stuck in a boat with a whole lot of fools.


    • We agree again, motive does matter. I’m pretty sure of Hillary’s motives and don’t want any part of them. I wish I could say that I know Trump’s, but I don’t. I’m just going by his statements and past history to assure me that he is not anti-American nor anti-capitalism, that’ll have to do for now.


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