Hillary and your Christian duty

This is a letter (from an anonymous individual) that was sent to me by our old friend Bobbie Kelly. It lays out, from a Christian perspective, how (and why) the author believes that a Christian shouldn’t be voting for Hillary Clinton. Garnet92.


Your Christian Duty. Make no mistake, this election is going to be close! If a Christian stays home on November 8, or votes for a write-in candidate, mathematically this means that Hillary Clinton needs one less vote to win. Those who are considering abstaining or writing-in a hopeless candidate just for principle’s sake should ask themselves: “Can I in good conscience act in a manner that helps Clinton win the Presidency?”

Make sure you vote. If you know someone else who is considering staying home on Election Day, convince them to vote as well. Have them read this article. Know all of the candidates and reject whoever supports euthanasia, abortion, or ersatz homosexual “marriage.” Don’t fall for the “seamless garment” scam; the issues of poverty, hunger, education, sexism, racism, housing and health care in the United States do not involve the endangerment of millions of lives or the corruption and eradication of the fundamental building block of our society, the family.

Above all, keep Jesus the focus of your life. Voting for Trump is undoubtedly voting for the lesser of two evils. As the Church clearly teaches, this is not choosing evil, it is a legitimate attempt to limit the incredible evil that Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly wreak [Evangelium Vitae, ¶71, 73].

But we cannot stop there; we are up against a powerful and highly experienced political ground game, and we must match it if we are to have the slightest chance of winning. Volunteer at your local Republican district office. They can tell you what you can do. Make phone calls, distribute yard signs, and educate others about the dreadful dangers of a second Clinton presidency.

Hillary Clinton has escaped prosecution several times for crimes that anyone else would be jailed for. If she is that slippery now, she will enjoy absolutely unaccountability as President.

I understand that you detest Trump. I get it. He isn’t on my Christmas list either. But this is not about how horrible Trump is; it is about how hideous Hillary Clinton will be without any oversight whatsoever. We don’t know about everything we are going to get with Trump, but we do know what we are going to get with Clinton ― unmitigated, crushing, relentless evil. In this case, we must vote for the devil we don’t know, because the devil we do know is much, much worse.

Interestingly, secular ethicists are trying to convince Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of staying at home on November 8. Their logic is impeccable and applies to #nevertrump people even more urgently. Georgetown University philosopher Jason Brennan, author of The Ethics of Voting, says that

The purpose of voting is not to express your fidelity to a worldview. It’s not to wave a flag or paint your face in team colors; it’s to produce outcomes. If the voters are smart, they’ll vote for the candidate likely to best produce the outcome they want. That might very well be compromising, but if voting for a far-left or far-right candidate means that you’re just going to lose the election, then you’ve brought the world further away from justice rather than closer to it.

The question facing us is not “Which candidate do I despise the least?,” but “Which candidate is likely to be best (or, in this case, least bad) for our nation as President?

But What of the ChurchI have read the writings of Christians who say that the Church will never allow things to get this bad.

Excuse me?

The Church slumbered peacefully when contraception was legalized.

The Church dreamed on when divorce was legalized.

The Church was snoozing when abortion was legalized.

The Church snored loudly when ersatz homosexual “marriage” was legalized.

The Church continues to doze as euthanasia spreads across the land.

What makes these Christian writers think that things are going to be any different now? Face it, people! It’s up to us! This is our moment!

Trump has promised to “make America great again.” Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But he is the only Presidential candidate who has it on his “to do” list.

We have to face up to it, people.

This is our Dunkirk.

Under a President Hillary Clinton, the Left will concentrate so much power in its own hands that it will be virtually impossible for Christians to act. To speak. To even think. Ask yourself this question: “Do I like what 7½years of “fundamental transformation” has done to my country?” If so, stay home, and you will get four or eight more years of it.

It took Russia three generations to throw off the poisonous yoke of Communism — and it will require another three generations to recover from its destroyed economies, its plunging fertility, the catastrophic alcoholism, rampant suicide and drug addiction, and its warped view of the human person. It will take just as long for our beloved nation to recover from a second Clinton presidency — if it ever does.

The last several elections, I have held my nose and voted for lukewarm establishment Republican schlumpfs who could take us conservative Christians or leave us. But this year, I’ll have to wear a full-body Level A HAZMAT suit to do my patriotic duty. Come November 8, I am going to put on that suit and vote ― for Donald Trump, as imperfect as he obviously is.

And I fervently pray that every single one of you will do the same.


I know, for the most part, she’s preaching to the choir, but it never hurts to hear someone else’s reasoned, logical arguments. If Hillary were to win, the war on conservatives and the war on Christians will certainly escalate and we’ve already been taking incoming fire for too long. If we are to survive, it begins on November 8th by pounding a figurative stake into the evil black heart of Hillary Clinton.

As regular readers know, I’m not really a fan of Donald Trump, in my opinion, he’s the worst candidate the Republicans have offered in my lifetime, but when one considers that he’s not likely to persecute Christians or conservatives as Hillary would and he has made promises that, if kept, would result in reversing much of Obama’s damage, he’s our only choice. 

Maybe I can find a full-body Level A HAZMAT suit too. It’ll be worth the effort if it keeps Hillary far, far away from the White House.


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    • I understand Aftershock and you must do what is right for you. If you think that I’m a fan of Donald Trump, you haven’t paid attention to my Trump-bashing of the past year. I defy you or anyone else to find anyone who railed against Trump more than I have. I wouldn’t hire him to do anything, especially anything that might influence my grandchildren, but that ship has sailed. He won the nomination and while I hate that he is the opponent for Hillary Clinton, it is what it is.

      He is the ONLY way to prevent a Hillary presidency. No other option will prevent her from winning. If you think that Hillary will be good for Christians, I strongly disagree. I believe that the left’s assault on religion in general, and Christians in particular, will not only continue, but undoubtedly increase with Hillary at the helm.

      Voting for Donald Trump is abhorrent to me as he doesn’t represent much of anything that I hold dear, except he is a capitalist and a businessman and no one expects him to be as liberal as Hillary on any issue.

      Again, I respect the fact that you must weigh the options and make a decision that you can live with. Just remember that if you don’t vote or vote for a secondary candidate, you’ll be giving the presidency to Hillary by default. You’ll have to live with the results of that too.


  1. We have griped for years about the stagnant Senate and House, about how they let O get away with all his rotten unlawful schemes while they do nothing except cater to lobbyists and raise money for their next election. They are as much of the problem as the president is.

    Donald Trump has made them nervous and very uncomfortable. That’s a good thing so I give him credit for that. Mike Huckabee said they’re not afraid he’ll lose, they’re scared to death he’ll win, and I think he’s right. They’re scared that Trump will upset their cushy jobs and force them to actually do what’s best for the people and the country.

    Trump doesn’t care about their protocol or their attitude of ‘this is the way we’ve always done it.’ He cares about winning, that’s a yuge deal for him, and if he wins this, that desire will continue when he’s on the job. Yeah, Trump has some of them very antsy and it will be interesting to watch, should he win. If he doesn’t, we can kiss this country goodbye.


    • Right Kathy, and Trump’s disdain for the Republican establishment parallels my own. He IS taking the fight to the dems and I applaud him for that. He’s a sorry candidate, a sorry excuse for a man, but he is all we have to prevent a Hillary administration – and I’ll bet, an eight-year administration, not because she’ll be so popular, but because she’ll have the entire federal government at her disposal to bend rules and cheat to win her reelection.

      We’re not talking about 4 years of Hillary, I’d bet money that we’ll be looking at EIGHT. That ought to just about put the final nail in our Constitutional Republic. Just imagine the damage to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that can be done with a liberal majority on the Supreme Court.


  2. “Can I in good conscience act in a manner that helps Clinton win the Presidency?”

    If only more people would have considered that question during the primaries….


    • I concur, it’s a little late to consider that. It’s too late for “buyer’s remorse.” It’s too late for anything except to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. That option is still available, until November.


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