Do You Love Your Children Enough to Reject Hillary?


I could talk about the serial lies of Hillary Clinton and what this says about her respect for the citizens of this nation, but I won’t because I know that you don’t care.

I could talk to you about private servers set up for the intent and purpose of denying Americans their rightful access to see what our employee, the Secretary of State, says and does on our behalf, but I won’t because I know that you don’t care.

I could talk to you about BleachBit, and the illegal destruction of information subpoenaed by your representatives in congress, but again I won’t because I know you don’t care.

I could talk about Hillary Clinton’s claims to be a champion of women even when she contributes to their victimization in order to protect her husband and advance her own political ambitions, and how her hypocrisy proves her empathy to be just another lie, but I won’t because really, you don’t care.

I could talk about Benghazi and the Americans who died as a result of Hillary Clinton’s disregard for their safety, or her disregard for the rights and safety of an ordinary video producer who she sacrificed for the sake of diverting attention from herself, but once again, I know you don’t care.

I could talk about Russia, Libya, Syria, Iran and other regions of the world where our foreign policies have failed and made us weaker as a nation, but let’s face it, you still don’t care.

I could talk about Wall Street and Hillary’s cozy relationship with those who make their millions and billions by playing the rest of us.  Maybe you care, maybe you don’t.

I could talk about The Clinton Foundation and how we all know that it is a façade for an organization that’s real purpose is to pedal influence, but in all likelihood, you don’t care about that.

I could talk about environmental hypocrisy, and ask what it means when a politician campaigns on fears of environmental catastrophe all while they live a life of gluttonous energy consumption, but maybe you don’t want to ponder that.

Or I could talk about the many former employees and associates who have written accounts of shocking verbal abuse by our former first lady and how this is a telltale sign of the way Mrs. Clinton views the less powerful people around her, but apparently you don’t care.

Can I presume, at least, that you care about your children and grandchildren and about their futures?  That you care whether they are able to not merely survive like ants but to thrive economically in this world and to achieve the increasingly elusive American Dream?  That you care whether they can enjoy basic freedoms to speak their minds, practice their religions and protect themselves and their families in their own homes?  That you care about their abilities to make choices about medical care and education and that all of the things we once took for granted are not driven further and further from their reach by deceitful, power-hungry government bureaucrats?  That you want them not to be turned into slaves to their fellow citizens by big-government policies that continually rob Peter in order to support Paul?   That you care enough for your children to not want them saddled with massive debts that could crash their economy and condemn them to years or even life-long struggles to survive?   That you care whether or not their country is illegally overrun by intruders who trespass here without our permission, strain our resources and influence our politicians to put the intruders’ interests ahead of theirs?  Do you care if they will have the security of police protection if and when they need it, and that our police departments will not be made useless and impotent by politicians who coddle to groups that resent law and order?  That you care whether their own nation is weak or strong and able to exert influence in this world, rather than have the influence of others forced upon them by corrupted world bodies and opportunistic adversaries?

If so then you need to care about the fact that Hillary Clinton, the bleached and coiffed, robotically smiling former first lady and grandmother, is a committed leftist, and all that this implies.

In the days before America was brainwashed, people understood all too well what a leftist was.   Leftists are committed to undoing the Constitution, not with the permission and approval of the people by the open and forthright process incorporated therein but quietly, incrementally and surreptitiously so that when people realize what has happened, it’s too late.  Leftists understand this is a numbers game.  All they need to do is amass a bigger voting block than anyone else.  How do you sell voters on their own self-destruction?  You don’t.  You divide The People into groups – white, black, male, female, Latino, gay, straight, rich, poor, students, union members.… – then you win over those groups one by one with promises of special treatment and handouts at the expense of others so that in the pursuit of these trinkets they stop thinking about what they’re giving up, particularly for their children.  I say particularly for their children because the cliché that there’s no such thing as a free lunch is absolutely true, and the bill will eventually come due one way or another.  Will it be this generation or the next?  That’s the gamble you set your children up for when you hand your government over to the leftists.

I know you want free college.  I know you want free daycare, free healthcare and high wages imposed by the government rather than earned via skills and experience.  I know you want to feel as though you’re being charitable or making a difference for the environment or making history by electing the first woman president.  It’s all about you, and what I’m asking is this:   Are you willing to sacrifice what you want in order to insure a better future for your children?  Will you earn and pay your own way, make your own charitable impact, sacrifice your own convenience for the environment and forego your claim to fame so that your children and theirs can enjoy the freedom and economic opportunity that you had?  That’s the test of character Americans are facing today, and the final exam is on election day.





For the sake of your children, please re-read Animal Farm.


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  1. CW, that sums things up pretty well about Clinton. And unfortunately, it sums things up pretty well about the general public not caring. Trump loses so much ground in the polls for a bad debate or the revelation of his vial words 11 years ago. But nothing Clinton can do can hurt in the polls – especially with the media protecting her. Maybe Republicans have a stronger moral compass than Democrats. But a Clinton presidency would have some very catastrophic consequences. I just do not get it.


    • You’re too smart to get it, Patrick!

      Not to bombard you with reading assignments but since you mention the media protecting Clinton, please see my post here today on that subject when you get an extra minute or two. I welcome your thoughts.


  2. Great piece, CW. One of the big problems is all the freebies the lefties keeping doling out, and at our expense, that keeps them in power and makes the corruption tolerable for some folks. If we could put a stop to a bunch of that, it would diminish some of their hold on voters. For some of them, those kids are their meal ticket, and that’s the kind of reward that has to stop.


    • Thanks, Kathy.

      I see no way to win this circular battle. Democrats get elected by using the gov’t to steal from one group of Americans to subsidize another (that was the purpose of Obamacare and so many other giveaways), and Republicans become the bad guys when they threaten to take the freebies away, which is why they quickly evolved to “replacing” Obamacare rather than simply repealing it. You simply can’t get enough brave conservatives into office to turn the spigot off. Unless we can get through to Democrats by appealing to concern for their children’s futures (a LONG shot, I know) this game is going to continue until the country implodes. I doubt we’re very far from that eventuality.

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  3. Kudos CW! An excellent piece and so timely. The questions you raise are honest-to-goodness real ones that all of us need to answer. Unfortunately, the early part of your essay recognizes (accurately) that too many of us simply don’t care. It’s really a matter of timing.

    Earlier, when we voters had a chance to exert our desires on our government, we didn’t care enough to participate and now we’re suffering for it. We’ll suffer even more if that same “don’t care” attitude prevails in November.

    The left has been working a long-term game plan for decades and we’ve been constantly been on defense trying to stop their momentum towards socialism/communism – and that’s almost impossible when so many on our side simply don’t care enough to get involved – or even to cast an INFORMED vote.


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