Allen West on Sunday’s Debate: He Wiped the Floor With Them All

From Allen B West, 10-10-2016

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Last night, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took on Hillary Clinton, Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. And, yes, he wiped the floor with them all.

Thanks to the events of the preceding 48 hours and the frenzy of the media and some very spineless GOP politicians, last night’s debate was set up to be a doozy. And just when it appeared it was to be Armageddon, Donald Trump made a masterful stroke. Hours before the debate, he held a press conference with four women who’ve been embroiled in sexual assault allegations and demonization by Bill and Hillary Clinton. That’s the boldness missing from the GOP. What Donald Trump did early on was to display his contrition, but also draw the distinction between private words and public actions — to include sexually deviant behavior in our Oval Office. He brought an end to that discussion very quickly and caused serious damage to Hillary Clinton — even my oldest daughter Aubrey did not know about the “cigar” episode.

From that moment on, Hillary Clinton was on defense, rightfully so; she was taken off her game as she came into this debate with a smug confidence evident in her demeanor. As for the moderators, they realized they were losing and did everything they could to assist Hillary Clinton. I never knew Martha Raddatz was some brilliant military strategist, but it appeared she injected herself as a debater. And Anderson Cooper’s attempt to try and convict Donald Trump for sexual assault over a private talk 11 years ago was appalling — especially considering Bill Clinton being in the audience.

Trump was not perfect; he needs a little more study time on Syria and foreign policy. However, Trump was more forceful, and please don’t give us the poor Hillary Clinton line. If Hillary Clinton wants to be president, then stop with the victim card. Vladimir Putin, Hasan Rouhani and Xi Jingping are not concerned about not being intimidating. Trump exuded more confidence, and had the right one liner zinger, and that served to unnerve Mrs. Clinton.

The thing I was looking for from Trump in this debate was preparation and a step up on the learning curve. He met those evaluative criteria. Trump’s first debate performance was truly painful to watch, and with the recent audio tape release, he had a headwind going into this debate — which he quickly turned into a tailwind.

Here are some key points from the debate:

 – Hillary Clinton said she wants to be the president for all Americans — yeah right, to include the “deplorables,”  “irreconcilables” and those Republicans she’s declared are the enemy.

– The greatest revelation of the evening were that Donald J. Trump is now responsible for the increase of bullying in schools.

– For Hillary Clinton to try and use President “Honest” Abe Lincoln as a fall guy for her own duplicity (two-faced positions) — that was truly “deplorable.”

– I noticed Hillary did not challenge Trump on the statements about Bill Clinton or her rapist defense case, where she assailed a 12-year-old rape victim and laughed about it…as we say down south, “a hit dog will holler.”

– When you listen to Hillary Clinton, her achievements that she touted were all about bigger government, but it was her husband who 20 years ago in his State of the Union address stated, “the era of big government is over.” What a difference 20 years makes, and the latest Clinton to seek the Oval Office is clearly a different candidate for a different Democrat party — the new American socialist party.

– Donald Trump finally took Hillary to task on Benghazi, and in a brilliant judo-like move, he took Anderson Cooper’s question about his tweeting at 3am and shifted it to Hillary not answering the call at 3am from Benghazi. Superb, and Cooper did everything he could to redirect, but failed.

– I found it amazing how many times Hillary Clinton tried to make Russia some “straw man” and a threat when she was the one who gave the Russian foreign minister the silly little yellow toy box called a “reset button.” Clinton claimed she had traveled all over the world; well, it is a world in chaos since her tenure as Secretary of State.

– Hillary had absolutely no answer on Obamacare, which is nothing more than 20 new taxes and an expansion of Medicaid — not free market policy.

– Hillary Clinton’s tax plan includes adding another tax bracket, raising the corporate/business tax rate and instituting an “exit tax” for any business seeking a more friendly tax rate. She will increase government jobs and our GDP will continue to be abysmally low. Economic growth comes from fiscal policies that convey the message that America is open for business. It’s about unleashing the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, not chaining it down with higher taxes, more government spending and increased insidious regulations.

– And Hillary needs to understand, there’s not going to be any attack on Mosul, the Iraqi foreign minister has all but said so. The Iraqi Army is controlled from Tehran, by Shiites, and they’re not going that far north into the heart of Sunni country. The Kurds, unless they’re told Mosul will be theirs, are not concerned with going door to door in Mosul…so there are no ground forces. And I found it interesting that Hillary Clinton does not consider US Special Operations forces part of our US military. She stated she would not place any American troops into Syria, except for Special Forces, well, they’re already there, to include some 6,000 already in Iraq and Syria — oops!

– And honestly, we need not be concerned about feelings when it comes to defining Islamic terrorism. If you do not embrace the reality of your enemy, which they admit to and state themselves, as Sun Tzu would advise, you will lose.

Lastly, I want to bring out the final question as a very telling point. When asked to provide one positive aspect of her opponent, Hillary Clinton referred to Donald Trump’s children, very nice. Trump responded by admiring Mrs. Clinton’s tenacity. That’s quite telling and she never apologized for labeling a large segment of the American population “deplorable.”

The night was Trump’s, but he had best not get cocky!


I’d agree with Col. West on most all points, except that Trump started out a little weak and Hillary had a head of steam and was more lively than she’s appeared in recent weeks. However that changed almost immediately as Trump took the reins.

While West sticks to the main topics and to policy I have to say that Trump had one shining moment that won’t soon be forgotten. Here’s the video of his zinger:

One of his best lines of the night and the crowd went wild despite earlier warnings from the moderators not to applaud or shout comments. It’s well known he’s not my candidate of choice and his rambling drives me crazy, but it’s good to see him step up his game. It’s high time someone went toe to toe with her.


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  1. I want Allen West for President! It’s almost painful to imagine the way he would take Hillary down in a debate.

    I think it’s a bit optimistic to say that Trump “mopped the floor” with Hillary and her helpers but I do agree that he had a good night. There were a couple of priceless moments, including the one in your video (which I just watched 3 times – thank you!) where I told my husband, “Ok, I’ll vote for him on that zinger alone.” Republicans have waited their entire lives to see a Democrat be publicly treated with the disdain they so richly deserve always to be disappointed until now, so those moments were highly satisfying.

    Of course, I have my criticisms as well, but I’m sure you can guess what those are so I’ll just leave it at that. Good post, Kathy.


    • I wouldn’t have gone with ‘mop the floor’ either, but he did have some great moments, especially compared to the last debate. I can’t watch him without yelling ‘get to the point!” at my TV so it would be nice to see him be more succinct in his responses, speeches, etc

      Hillary debating Allen West? I’d almost feel sorry for her…almost.


  2. Oh Lordy! That “you’d be in jail” comment was priceless! Other reports of the debate also say that Trump won it “going away.” Now, I’m sorry that I chose not to watch. I was afraid that I’d see a replay of Trump’s first debate performance – abysmal. But, I was wrong and apparently he sliced and diced her up pretty well. Good, she has it coming. Great post, Kathy!

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    • My first instinct was to turn it off when he started out, but I hit mute instead and was glad I stayed for that moment, if nothing else. He made her really uncomfortable all evening, so it was worth it, in spite of the moderators.


      • I just talked to my son (who is also a proud conservative) and he made the same comment about Hillary’s demeanor. He said that Trump wiped that “know-it-all” smile from her face and had her looking uncomfortable for the rest of the debate.


      • I have to say I kind of marveled at Trump’s restraint not to just reach over and smack that smarmy smile off her face. I don’t think I could have resisted. Maybe he should tout that as evidence of his super-human self-control.

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