More Than Half of Americans Think Race Relations Have Worsened Under Obama

From:,  by Erika Haas,  on Oct 6, 2016


Things aren’t looking good for Obama. According to a new CNN/ORC poll, a majority of Americans think race relations in the U.S. have worsened under our first African American president.

The poll finds that 54 percent of Americans believe relations between blacks and whites have gotten worse since Obama first took office. More specifically, 57 percent of whites and 40 percent of blacks believe race relations have worsened. A similar survey was conducted in June 2015, shortly after the racially motivated Charleston church shooting. Even then, only 43 percent said race relations had worsened.

Similarly, in 2008 when Obama first came into office, only 19 percent of Americans thought racial discrimination against blacks in this country was a very serious problem; 44 percent said it was somewhat serious; and 36 percent said it was not too serious or not serious at all. Compare that to today: 42 percent of Americans think racial discrimination is a very serious issue; 37 percent think it’s somewhat serious; and only 20 percent think it’s not too serious or not serious at all.

The current CNN poll also finds that only 36 percent of Americans think the U.S. criminal justice system treats whites and blacks equally. That’s down 6 points from February. More specifically, 52 percent say the system favors whites over blacks, while only 1 percent say the system favors blacks over whites.

Despite this, 86 percent of Americans still have a favorable view of police in their community. Only 10 percent say they have an unfavorable view, and 3 percent say they have no opinion.

However, 13 percent of those polled believe that police officers in their community are prejudiced against blacks. That number climbs to 30 percent among blacks and drops to 10 percent among whites. Quite the stark difference.

It is important to note, though, that the poll was conducted not long after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the subsequent riots, the Tulsa police shooting, and the El Cajon police shooting.

It is likely for this reason that the poll asks if the peaceful protests that have occurred recently are justified or unjustified. Nationwide, 67 percent say they were justified. That number stays the same for whites and increases to 71 percent among blacks.

The survey then asks if violent protests are justified. Fourteen percent say yes and 84 percent say no. Among blacks, 23 percent say yes and 74 percent say no; and among whites, 9 percent say yes and 90 percent say no.

Lastly, the survey asks about the Black Lives Matter movement, which America seems pretty torn about. Forty-four percent of adults view the movement favorably while 40 percent view it unfavorably. Only 5 percent say they have never heard of the movement; that’s down 19 points from last year, when 24 percent of Americans did not know what BLM was. Unsurprisingly, more blacks have a favorable view of the movement (78 percent) than whites (38 percent).

The CNN/ORC Poll was conducted between September 28 and October 2.  A random national sample of 1,501 adults were interviewed on the phone. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points for results among the full sample, 3 points for results among whites, and 8.5 points for results among blacks.


My own personal perception is that race relations have worsened dramatically since Barack Obama took office. In 2008, I thought that race relations had improved dramatically over the previous 20-30 years to the point that I didn’t consider them a major problem in the country. Blacks and Whites were getting along better than ever. Polls taken in 2008 showed that only 19% of those polled thought that race relations were a very serious problem. 

And then along comes Barack Obama; the (half) black president who broke through the “color barrier” and was elected president. The CNN/ORC poll now finds that 54% of Americans believe relations between Blacks and Whites have gotten worse since Obama first took office. That’s a 35% increase in public perception, I’d say that an increase that size qualifies as a dramatic worsening.

Obama brought this on himself. He had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a positive contribution to the history of race relations in America. As the first Black president, he could (and should) have encouraged and promoted harmony between the races, but he did not. He took every opportunity to side with the Black perspective and was, at times, openly hostile to a point of view held by most White citizens. He made a number of racially insensitive statements publically that made Whites wonder if he was truly being a president “of all the people”?

If he had been more even-handed in his treatment of the races, he could have established himself as an icon of racial harmony – another Martin Luther King – and solidified his place in history as the president who “brought the races together.” 

Instead, he squandered his opportunity and will forever be known as the Black president on whose watch the races were at each other’s throat. That, coupled with the numerous other ways that he’s been instrumental in diminishing America, should win him a place among the country’s failed presidents.




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  1. “More Than Half of Americans Think Race Relations Have Worsened Under Obama”

    And the other half are lying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even if they weren’t lying, how could half of the country think that race relations have improved? It sure wouldn’t be the BLM bunch or any of their cronies – I’d be interested in knowing WHO thinks racial harmony is BETTER now than when Obama took office?


  2. garnet92, you would like to give the impression that you are open and democratic-minded but you are not.

    Your anti-president Obama crusade permeates your blog ( is ‘Pesky Truth’ your ‘blog’? Sorry, I forgot about that) through and through. It is sickening.

    Now, just as you abhor president Obama whom you turn into your literary punchingbag, I do not kindly to your vilification of him. He is a good man and a very capable and competent statesman. You have no iota of respect for him by dint of his skin colour alone and this makes you ‘totally brainwashed’ and rabidly anti-black people.

    So block me if you will, it is your call but the fact remains:You are not the democrat or libertarian you pretend to be but some narrow-minded, ill-informed literary despot.

    Lay off president Obama, dammit.


    • You [beeeping] idiot – I don’t care whether you take kindly to my (our) vilification of B. Hussein Obama or not – what an arrogant attitude – what makes you think that ANYONE cares what YOU think?

      As a Marxist Revolutionary Communist, you don’t have the innate ability to understand anything other than what you’re told to believe. And, to show your ignorance, you think that I’ve “claimed” to be a democrat or libertarian? That statement alone illustrates your ignorance. And “lay off president Obama,” in your dreams – in fact, I’ll redouble my efforts to publish something derogatory about him daily, in your honor. So stay tuned.

      You might as well face it, you can call me narrow-minded and ill-informed all you want, but that’s called “transference,” look it up.


      • Garnet, go for it. Double down on openly criticizing the failures of opportunities performed openly and pubblicly by a person (s)elected by a constituency mostly white who honestly believed would rank honor with MLK instead of Castro, Hitler, Stalin, and the rest of their evil siblings.


      • I will, WT, it’s just that our black visitor from Namibia is just as racist as the 78% of blacks who approve of Obama’s job as president. They voted for him en masse BECAUSE he is black – not that they really knew how he’d govern and they still support him BECAUSE he is black – not because he’s been a good president, they don’t (or more accurately, won’t) really access his accomplishments and failures to determine how he’s done, they simply belive that he must be successful simply BECAUSE he is BLACK. If that isn’t the very definition of racism, I don’t know what is. I actually have a list of 1,150 occasions of Obama’s lying, breaking the law, and corruption, but that’s simply too voluminous to post here and most of us are familiar with those misadventures anyway. He’s simply an awful president – not because he’s black – just because he was (and is) totally unqualified for the job of leader of over 300 million citizens, 87% of whom are WHITE.


  3. This might be true considering many white people hold the president in disdain; not because he is not discharging his duties diligently but because he is non-white.


    • Vapopya, you are really a piece of work! You believe that you know what public sentiment is like in this country when so much of what you apparently believe is completely and totally false. You’re totally brainwashed into believing that Obama is doing great work and he is disliked just because he is (half) black. I could post evidence showing otherwise, but you’re not worth my time.

      You’re so full of anti-white, anti-American, anti-capitalist hatred that you won’t hear anything that proves you wrong.

      I’ll ask politely that you stop visiting Pesky Truth and commenting, you’re not welcome.

      If you continue to comment, I’ll block your access. Understood?


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