Hillary is too big and too powerful to jail

FBI agreed to DESTROY laptops used to delete Hillary Clinton emails!

From: therightscoop.com,  by The Right Scoop,  on Oct 3, 2016

Not only did top Clinton aides get immunity from prosecution, but the FBI also agreed to destroy the laptops they used to sort and delete Hillary emails!


WASHINGTON EXAMINER – House Republicans are demanding to know why Justice Department officials entered into a pair of “side agreement” with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — two of Hillary Clinton’s top former aides who went on to become her personal attorneys during the FBI’s email investigation — that allowed law enforcement agents to destroy their laptops after searching their hard drives for evidence.

In a letter from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday, Goodlatte questioned why the destruction of the laptops used to sort Clinton’s emails was included in immunity deals that already protected Mills and Samuelson from prosecution based on the records recovered from their computers.

“Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Goodlatte wrote of the “side agreements,” which lawmakers were allowed to read even though they have not yet been released in full to members of Congress.

The House Oversight Committee exposed publicly the immunity agreements provided to Mills and Samuelson last month. Critics quickly questioned why the two Clinton aides were permitted to accompany Clinton to her early July interview with the FBI if they had already become immunized witnesses in the case. The FBI said that because it was a voluntary interview, investigators had no control over who Clinton brought with her.

It’s starting to look as if the FBI was in on this whole thing. I mean, why would else would they destroy key pieces of evidence, other than to protect Hillary from future prosecution.

This whole thing is disgusting. We might as well go back to nobles versus peasants because the real message here is that Hillary is too big and too powerful to jail. But the rest of us are fair game.


If you have any sense of right and wrong, if you believe in fair play, if you still believe in that old adage that “honesty is the best policy,” you can’t, in good conscience, vote for Hillary Clinton.

And, to take it one step further, you can’t vote for the FBI either. Yeah, I know the FBI won’t be on the November ballot, but they deserve a vote of “no confidence” for the role that they’ve played in letting Hillary Clinton slide on the email issues.

The FBI has enjoyed an exceptional reputation as being above reproach; their investigations have always been conducted fairly with the truth as the ultimate goal. Through Director Comey, that reputation has been sullied such that it may never recover. Who can trust the FBI implicitly going forward? It appears that they’ve fallen victim to the same corruption that has penetrated our other federal agencies since Obama has been in power.

It’s been the country’s unfortunate experience to watch impotently while the Obama administration has corrupted our venerable institutions, and now the FBI is the latest victim. It’ll never again be thought of as “law enforcement done right.”

BTW, you might have noticed that Catherine Herridge broke this story – she has been doing what the media isn’t doing – digging deep and finding answers. She’s been uncovering things that no one else could find for some time now – she deserves some Kudos El Grande from all of us.



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  1. They can’t prosecute Hillary, therefore they can’t prosecute O either, now that the evidence has been destroyed. How very convenient.

    Kudos to Catherine Herridge – she is a treasure. She also unearthed a lot of the Benghazi details in the months after it happened.


  2. I’m guessing there’ll be no Pulitzer Prize for Catherine Herridge, Garnet. In fact she should probably get ready for an IRS audit.

    Anyone who thinks this was not an orchestrated, top-down cover up is fooling only themselves, and we’re about to find out whether the American people are going to tolerate it. I know at least 47% have no problem with it.


    • Yep, I’m sure you’re right about the Pulitzer. But she has been alone in pointing out the criminal (and treasonous) activities inflicted on we Americans by our supposed “leaders.” She’s a jewel – I’d vote for her over either of our current candidates, at least she is bright and honest.


  3. College boys and girls(FBI) can be corrupted. Sad day when it becomes the talk of the town. However lets focus on the leadership most of the Working Agents still can’t be bought, however they can be silenced by their evil masters. Thank God there is one Investigative Reporter left.


    • Agreed Jack. I know that there must be scads of honest agents that can’t believe what’s been done to that hallowed agency. I do feel for them, but I just read a few minutes ago of numerous meetings between Loretta Lynch and Obama to keep him up to speed on Hillary’s investigation. It apparently got to the point where he could see the evidence linking his activities and Hillary’s together and determined that she couldn’t be prosecuted or he’d be in jeopardy as well – thus the outcome. They’re both criminals and traitors to the country and both ought to pay the price.

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