The reality of Chicago’s murder rate

From:,  by Thomas Lifson,  on Sep 30, 2016


Monique Causey and a picture of Malik.

Political correctness is lethal, and the killing fields of Chicago provide ample evidence to those willing to look at it with clear eyes.

The Associated Press manages to provide some surprisingly frank details on the real nature of the outbreak of murder in Chicago, a phenomenon that has become a worldwide emblem of the violence depravity of American society, in the eyes of America-haters.  In a piece titled “Why is Chicago a murder capital? Clues from a bloody month,” Don Babwin lays out clearly specific subculture that is responsible for the murders:

To those outside Chicago, the rising murder toll might suggest a city wracked by widespread violence, but August portrays a much narrower picture of constant tit-for-tat attacks among gang members, with bystanders sometimes caught in the crossfire.

Babwin lets the subculture reveal itself through interviews.

Fourteen-year-old Malik Causey loved the way gangs took what they wanted from people on the street, the way members fought for each other, the way they could turn drugs into cash and cash into $400 jeans.

His mother tried to stop him. She yanked him out of houses where he didn’t belong. She cooked up a story about Malik punching her so the police would lock him up to keep him safe for a while.

Then on Aug. 21, Monique Causey woke to discover that her son had sneaked out of the house. Before she could find him, someone ended his life with a bullet to the back of his head a few blocks away.

“I went to him and cried and told him he wouldn’t make it,” Causey said. “But this fighting, jumping on people … this is all fun for them. This is what they like to do, you know, so how can you stop them?”

This is utterly horrifying and heartbreaking.  A mother is powerless to save her son from the allure of a street culture that proved irresistible.  The drug trade offers quick money, and the macho aggressiveness necessary to defend drug-dealing turf leads to the tit-for-tat of murder.

“People are arguing on Facebook over the color of some girl’s hair, real simple things … and they carry guns and when they finally catch each other, that’s how it be,” said Derrick House, 51, a former gang member and ex-convict who now works trying to prevent violence. “When they see the person they looking for, they don’t care who else is out there, old people and kids, they just start shooting.”

This subculture’s membership is well known to police:

… more than 70 percent of those shot to death appeared on the Chicago police’s “Strategic Subject List,” which includes 1,400 people considered likely targets of violence based on gang involvement or criminal record.

The real question then becomes how to destroy this subculture.  The Constitution rules out simple but drastic measures, and left-wing legal groups are anxious to push theories like disparate impact to prevent reasonable approaches surviving litigation.  Cops can convict some of the murderers, but incarceration is hardly a scary deterrent when murder is so common a fate.

The real leverage point for change would be the broader culture.  These kids have their minds filled with glamorous imagery and music glorifying gangsta life.  But getting the producers of this material to stop is fruitless.  Instead, we need to start mocking the gangsters as dummies, too stupid to realize they are throwing everything away.  Stop treating them as victims, and let the rest of humanity scorn their subculture as uncool.  Of course, it is taboo for whites to scorn anything associated with any blacks.  But is this taboo worth preserving when it is killing thousands of young African-American males?

The one thing adolescents can’t stand is shaming as uncool.  It is time to let the natural human revulsion at this barbarity be expressed instead of repressed by political correctness.

Or you can just call me a racist and move along.


The situation in Chicago highlights the ineffectiveness of democrat policies. They want more gun control – fine, so why won’t they (at least) make an attempt to take guns away from these teenagers in the black ghettos of Chicago? How many of them have a legal right to possess a firearm? How many are already felons and not qualified to possess a firearm? How many are under age and not legally permitted to possess a firearm? You want a big payoff for your gun control buck? Take those guns “off the street” in Chicago’s black neighborhoods and watch the crime rate drop dramatically. 

Why won’t they do it? Because it won’t be easy, and that’s reason enough for them to ignore the problem. Democrats have no stomach for difficult jobs, they’d prefer to continue to wail and lament the “senseless deaths” committed by those pesky guns and try to prevent law-abiding citizens from having them. Think about it – they’re cowardly and afraid to remove the guns from Chicago teens, but they want voters to continue to elect more democrats to “lead” the country.

Lead the country? That’s a laugh! Democrats simply haven’t demonstrated that they have the cojones to do anything difficult, their solution is either ignore it or blame it on someone else.




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  1. I’m not sure where the author, Thomas Lifson, has been lately but there have been plenty of people making the case for how uncool things are in inner-city Chicago and it must not be making an impression on the thugs because things are only getting worse. It seems the young black males whose whole world consists of their little nook of Chicago couldn’t care less about what outsiders think of them. A better solution relates to a questionable assertion by Mr. Lifson, who said of the woman whose teenager was a victim of gang violence, “A mother is powerless to save her son…”

    Is she really? What prevented this woman from taking her son and moving to a place, a predominantly white neighborhood I dare say, where there is little to no such violence? There’s no law preventing this, only her own unwillingness to do what is hard even for the sake of her child. I don’t want to hear excuses about how hard it is to make that kind of move. Learn a skill, get a job and get yourself and the kid out of the hell hole. It can be done if the will is there to do it. And if the attraction to the hell hole is free public housing, then it’s time for taxpayers to stop being the enablers and to start gradually shutting it down. Only that kind of tough love, not silly campaigns about how “uncool” it is to be a gang-banger, is ever going to change the dynamic in Chicago.


    • I understand CW, but in the short term, that woman may not have the wherewithal to move out of the “hood.” I doubt that she stays there by choice. It does show however how little is being done by Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s BFF) to fix the inner-city problems. I’m sure that Mayor Emanuel can recite chapter and verse of all of the programs that they’ve tried, but without success. Of course, they’re walking a tightrope, trying to make it appear that they’re doing something while at the same time keeping the blacks “on the plantation” and voting for democrats – they won’t do anything to jeapordize that.


      • It always makes me glad to see liberals like Rahm Emanuel have to deal with the mess they’ve created, and to see them be spat on by the people they purport to want to help. Maybe they understand more than we think they do.

        I’m sorry but I can’t be as understanding about these moms who won’t move their kids out of these hell holes, even if it just means moving 20 lousy miles.


  2. “their solution is either ignore it or blame it on someone else.” Or often times they choose to throw more money at it.

    When the riots were going on in Baltimore, it was said that they just need better housing, better schools, etc., but many of them lived in housing that was built just a few years ago, specifically for them, and in a matter of months, they were run down and falling apart because nobody took responsibility for maintenance.

    The schools were there also, but vandalism and graffiti ruined them and belligerent students ran off the teachers.

    No matter how much is done for these people, it’s never enough, so they get guns and go take what they want. I don’t know what the solution is, but mocking them will only make them angrier and cost more lives. Relaxing some of the gun control laws would be a good starting place. When the bad guys have guns, the good guys deserve to be able to defend themselves. Taking away their upper hand will change their attitude.


    • You’re right, it’ll never be enough. They’ll absorb the new goodies and reinforced by the success of their last protests, will start another campaign to win even more goodies. It’ll never end until the spigot is turned off.


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