Looting and rioting are NOT methods of peaceful protest


I can’t speak for everyone, but I wasn’t aware that the unrest in Charlotte was as extensive and as destructive as it apparently was. I was aware of the violent riots and vandalized businesses in Uptown Charlotte, but not aware of the masses who gathered on Interstate 85 to continue their “peaceful” protests.

I was surprised when I read about hundreds of what were previously called peaceful protesters blocking Interstate 85 allowing them to loot semi-trailers. Truckers called in to 911 and reported that hundreds of people were blocking the highway and were breaking into their trucks and looting the cargo. Several of the trailers were emptied.

I wonder why this rampant looting wasn’t described in the numerous media reports about Charlotte’s peaceful protesters. Could it be that they didn’t want to stigmatize those so-called peaceful protesters as being nothing more than ordinary criminals helping themselves to stolen goods?

I remember a time when looters would be shot – regardless of color. We the people, via our law enforcement, didn’t abide looters – and consequently looting was rare. Our current PC method of dealing with looters is to let them go, don’t impede them, and eventually they’ll empty the stores, they’ll tire when there’s no more merchandise and then the looting will stop. I wonder who thought up that strategy.

What kind of people loot? I’ll tell you what kind: black opportunists egged on by black anarchists. Supposedly, they were expressing their outrage over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Apparently, they weren’t so busy expressing outrage that they couldn’t find time in their busy protesting schedule to break into truck trailers and clean them out.

These people were displaying, for the world to see, their inner nature. Given an opportunity, some of them revert to being savages, barely evolved from living in mud huts.

And we’re supposed to respect them, honor them, and accept them as equals. In plain words: bullshit. The rioters and looters are not my equals, nor are they the equals of any of my friends. We wouldn’t stop traffic, harass the innocent motorists unlucky enough to be there, break open the trailers and steal the contents.

And yet, I’m supposed to empathize with them, try to understand their plight, and sympathetically give them more free stuff and turn a blind eye to their criminal activities?

Again, bullshit.

As late as a year or two ago, I never would have written anything labeling any blacks as out-of-control savages; that statement alone would have labeled me as a racist. I don’t care anymore; the stigma of the word has worn thin from being over-used to demean anything that the black racists don’t agree with.

So, we’re supposed to ignore looting, we’re supposed to accept that some blacks will resort to stealing goods to assuage their feeling of hopelessness (attributable to racist whites). Racist black agitators have been pushing the envelope, testing to see how far they could push until there would be push-back. I think it’s time for that pushback.

Many of us white folks are tired of coddling blacks, seeing them given preference in college admissions, job hires and contracts awarded, while continuing to pay the ever-increasing welfare bills. And, all the while being beaten over the head with slavery that we had nothing to do with and that happened over a hundred years ago.

And now, with any slight provocation, any excuse, the savages riot and loot.

As a peaceful society, we need a way to segregate the good, honest, law-abiding people of color from these black racist savages. It’s not unlike the difficulty in vetting “refugees” from Syria, how do we tell the good ones from the anti-American radical Islamic troublemakers?

I have basically the same advice for the good people of color as I have for the “good” Muslims who want to be patriotic Americans. You need to distance yourselves from the troublemakers. Simple questioning won’t work. It is difficult to tell one from another when we can’t depend on honest answers. You need to police your own. You need to identify the bad ones and expose them so the rest of us can live together in peace.

And so it is with our black brothers and sisters. If they really desire peace between the races, they need to participate in identifying the bad seeds so they can be removed from the conversation and they need to disown Black Lives Matter as a subversive anti-American conspiracy.

Speaking for myself, I have no desire to help or assist the hoodlums that participated in the riots and looting that happened in Charlotte. They are criminals and should be dealt with as such.

It’s one thing to protest, it’s quite another to harass and injure innocent bystanders and damage private businesses. Protesting does not include the wanton destruction of property and it certainly doesn’t include looting.

As with the majority of blacks killed by police, the evidence surrounding the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott shows that he did have a gun (not a book) and he refused to drop it. Police were justified in the shooting and Scott could have easily avoided his own death by dropping the gun and falling on the ground when told to do so by police.

A belligerent response to police is (apparently) becoming the norm in the black community. They’re being goaded to react that way by the activists of Black Lives Matter and other anarchists.

It’s really quite simple and it’s the same for blacks as for whites: do as the police instruct, follow their orders, and shootings will become rare. Continue to escalate the rhetoric and become argumentative and belligerent and the shootings will continue.

Which will it be?


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  1. Ditto that, Garnet – it is time for pushback, but it will have to come from the state or the local level because the feds sure aren’t going to stop it, since they’re the ones who helped instigate it. If the local citizens tried to stop it, there’s a good chance it could end up starting a civil war, making matters much worse for law enforcement.

    There is a BLM group in New Orleans who are now demanding $5 million to help put black historians and black artists to work. They say they’ll put the funds into their own education group. That’s pretty asinine since we’re already funding education and all they have to do is go to school. These guys ought to be in jail for attempted extortion and other lesser charges.


    • New Orleans is a really sore subject for me. I’ve spent a lot of time there and both my son and my brother lived there. I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for The Crescent City and black agitators want to demolish many of the commemorative statues around the historical city – calling them racist. That may be enough to start a localized race war there. New Orleans is already ranked as the 4th most dangerous city in America – because of black gangs and black crime. If the black agitators push too hard, there will be war.


  2. Well done, my friend. That was a fantastic essay.

    You’re exactly right. We’re dealing with savages, and that was never supposed to be part of the grand bargain. Just as with the Left, though, the savages are winning because the rest of us still abide by certain rules of behavior and won’t reduce ourselves to their level. That may have to change before too long, certainly if Hillary is elected.

    Looting is almost too nice of a word to describe what’s been going in these “protests.” Historically it implies a crime of convenient opportunity. What does it become when that convenient opportunity is intentionally created by the looters themselves? It verges more on an act of war IMO. And I am always outraged when thugs block our roads in the name of “protest.” To borrow a great line from the esteemed Ronald Reagan, WE PAID FOR THOSE ROADS! No one should EVER be allowed to deny our right to move freely on them. That, again, is an act of war IMO. If the police are not up to the job of fighting the thugs, maybe it’s time we start having their backs and show some force of our own.


    • Thanks CW!

      I believe that we’re fast approaching that proverbial “line in the sand” when law-abiding whites (and good blacks) will finally have had enough and there will be push-back. I believe that we’ve had enough, I know that I have. The so-called “leaders” of these black anarchists have misjudged how far they can go, unimpeded by the good people of this country.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see a resurgence of white supremacists and KKK-like organizations in response to the violence that is supported by Black Lives Matter and their goons. Because of apologetic guilt-ridden whites and pacifists, there’s been no offset to BLM’s inciting of violent protests, riots, and looting, but that will change – mark my words – and it won’t be pretty and it won’t end well for black folks.

      Good blacks need to get involved and refute the inciting of anti-police protests. Police are just a convenient boogey-man. Remember Saul Alinsky’s 13th rule, “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” These criminals don’t represent the majority of blacks in America, but they are the most vocal part and the most dangerous part. They need to be put down.

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