What Lives Matter?

From: therightscoop, posted two days ago by Joey Salads has already received 42 million views. Posted on Sep 28, 2016 on the Right Scoop

Here’s an interesting social experiment. The white dude shows a “Black Lives Matter” sign to white customers as they enter and leave a store. He gets some comments, mostly stating that “all” lives matter, but then he goes to a black neighborhood with an “All Lives Matter” sign and all hell breaks loose. He’s lucky to escape with his life. And WHO are the racists? You be the judge. BTW, it’s a short video, only 3:31 long.


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  1. Even though the white people may have disagreed with his sign, nobody attacked him like they did when he went to the black neighborhood. For them, only their message matters and that tells us who the racists are.


  2. That should be required watching for everyone, Garnet.

    That man was brave, literally risking his life just to see the response to “All” lives matter. Welcome to the world of Barack Obama.


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