Black Lives Matter = Anarchy


Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

Watch for it and recognize it for what it is – we’re seeing the first few steps towards anarchy.

We have some black folks lamenting that we’re putting too many (of them) in prisons and that there are already a disproportionate number of blacks in prison. That’s true, but they conveniently forget to mention that blacks commit a disproportionate percentage of crimes.

Blacks make up 37.8% of our prison population, while committing 49.4% of murders and 32.5% of forcible rapes (Crime in the U.S. FBI stats). It seems that those blacks in prison belong there, no?

We have some blacks calling for an abandonment of police entirely. Black Lives Matter demands disbanding or dismantling of the Minneapolis police department. Now, who thinks that’s a good idea? Could it be that they just want criminals to roam free, “free-range criminals” as it were, without any unwelcome pesky harassment by police?

And we have the Los Angeles Police Commission who want police officers to run away when a suspect confronts them with a weapon. What are they thinking? Evil-doers shouldn’t even have guns – they passed laws, didn’t they? How could that even be possible when California has such strict gun laws?

Maybe those who want to see fewer police and fewer black arrests can point to statistics that support their position. I haven’t see stats that support those positions, but maybe I just missed them – because I’m a racist who doesn’t want to show anything excusing blacks in a favorable light – right?

Let’s look at some numbers (the following stats come from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting).

Homicides increased 9% in the largest 63 cities in the first quarter of 2016; nonfatal shootings were up 21%, according to a Major Cities Chiefs Association survey. Those increases come on top of last year’s 17% rise in homicides in the 56 biggest U.S. cities, with 10 heavily black cities showing murder spikes above 60%.

To what can we attribute this explosion in violent crime? Isn’t it becoming obvious by now? Of course, some will call it racist to point that out.

Let’s look at violent crime rates for our big cities (over 250,000) with the highest violent crime rates: Number one (Detroit) has a black population of over 80 percent, Memphis (#2) has over 60% blacks, St. Louis (#4) has over 49% blacks, Milwaukee (#5) over 40%, Baltimore (#6) over 63% blacks, and Cleveland (#7) has over 53%.

That’s six of the ten big cities with the highest crime rates – do you think that the large percentages of blacks is coincidental?

And all ten have more than 25% black populations. These stats from HERE and HERE. Why isn’t more emphasis placed on the group causing most of the violent crimes? That would be B-L-A-C-K-S. But, heaven forbid we do that. It would be akin to profiling and we’ve all been told that profiling is a no-no.

And yet the people who are screaming for more lax policies pertaining to police and incarceration are primarily blacks – are they lobbying for MORE violent crime?

The truth is our crime problem is primarily a black one. It’s not all blacks, not even close, most of our black brethren are good, honest, hard-working citizens who want the same thing for themselves and their children as white people do, yet many of them are unfortunate to be living in neighborhoods controlled by gangs and predatory young blacks, and they suffer for it.

It’s mostly young inner city blacks who don’t have jobs or any education to speak of, who were born into homes without a resident dad and whose role models are the drug dealers driving fancy cars and sporting gold chains. They have no future aspirations, except to be a professional ball player, an entertainer (rappers mostly) or become a professional criminal. That’s about it; they aren’t really prepared for anything else.

But let’s be honest about it. The dismal future facing these young black thugs wasn’t caused by slavery and  it wasn’t caused by institutional racism. It was caused by the disintegration of the black family and a lot of the blame for that falls on permissive attitudes fostered by irresponsible blacks and liberal whites.

Going back to the 1950’s, when institutional racism was real, black families were solid and exerted strong influences on their children. There was a bond between them; they were church-going, God fearing, and honest. Out-of-wedlock births were ostracized and fatherless families were practically non-existent. Welfare was not a prime source of income and black kids didn’t commit crimes – any more often than white kids did. Families taught their children discipline and self-restraint. They were taught to be responsible.

And then came the liberal democrats and down went the black family.

It became acceptable, even common, to have children without wedlock. Out of wedlock births to black mothers are up to almost 75%. Welfare now pays for children born to moms without a father in the home and too many fathers don’t see their offspring as anything other than just another accident. Black kids aren’t getting educated – for whatever reason – and that’ll reap more negative dividends in coming years.

In short, black lives are in a downward spiral and black racist groups like Black Lives Matter are (unwittingly) making sure that they’ll never recover.

I just read two articles this morning (and it’s early) that highlighted the influence that BLM and their lies are having on other black Americans. A woman tried to get a cake baked at a Walmart for her father who was retiring from the police force after a 25 year career. The Walmart bakers refused to ice the cake because the design was “racist” since it was honoring a policeman’s career.

In another episode in Houston, BLM protesters chanted “Pig, pig, bang, bang” while another yelled “F**k blue lives.”

BLM has morphed into a black version of the KKK, and is actively preventing peaceful conversation by driving a wedge deeper and deeper between the races.

It is my belief that BLM isn’t really interested in comity between blacks and whites, they are on a quest for political power. Funded by George Soros and other globalists, they are hell-bent on promoting anarchy and the eventual overthrow of our American way of life – and they want to assure that they get a piece of the pie.

This cannot end well.


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  1. >>”And then came the liberal democrats and down went the black family.”

    Liberalism, the disease of the mind wherein adults remain in a permanent state of adolescence, is the root of all evil. BLM and the cultural corruption of the black community are only two examples. There is no ill suffered by this nation that cannot be traced back to liberalism.

    Every society has its aggressive leaches. The difference between a normal society and a society strangled by liberalism is whether it tolerates and thus emboldens the leaches. We all know which one we’re living in at the moment. You’re right, Garnet. The goal is a sort of anarchy, with the intent to make the government into what BLM wants it to be. And Kathy is spot on too, because what BLM wants to turn the rest of us into slaves for the black community. That’s their REAL goal.


  2. You could be closer to right than you thing, because these people are warped. One of the BLM founders, Alicia Garza claimed that the Charlotte riots are a “natural reaction; they occurred because people had been denied housing and good schools.”

    Evidently, the freebies they’re currently receiving aren’t enough. Now all we have to do to stop the rioting, etc. is give them adequate housing, adequate schools, adequate food, and dignity. “This is a response and a reaction that we should absolutely expect.” She also said some of their members are looking into what it would mean to have police-free communities.

    Dignity? How does more free stuff give people more dignity? It doesn’t.

    First it was just about the bad white cops, then it was all cops are bad, now it’s about more free stuff they deserve simply because they’re black. Give them an inch, they take a mile. I say let’s give them the police-free communities for 24-48 hours, and after nobody responds to their pleas for help, what say you now?


    • Of course, my knee-jerk reaction is to do just that – pick a city – Milwaukee, for example. That’s what BLM demanded. Put the police on hiatus for a week – no police response for a full week. By then, the good people would be crying out for them to return. But then, the good black folks of Milwaukee didn’t want them to leave to begin with.

      BUT, what is more likely to happen is that the criminals would have a week to not only wreak havoc on the city, but it would give them a week to rearm and retrench. They’d set up kill zones to ambush cops when they returned and would only end up more powerful than ever. Gang wars would be rampant as they fought for territory. I just can’t see where it would hurt anyone but the good people of Milwaukee – or whatever city was chosen. The criminals would take advantage of their hassle-free time to dig in deeper and make it more difficult to eradicate them.


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