FBI gave at least partial immunity to 5 Clinton aides

From: americanthinker.com,  by Rick Moran,  on Sep 24, 2016


The weekly document dump by the FBI has turned up some startling information.  The Bureau granted at least partial immunity to five Hillary Clinton aides who were key players in the private email scandal now roiling the Clinton campaign.

Clinton’s I.T. aide, Bryan Pagliano, has already been held in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify, despite his being granted immunity by the FBI.  The documents revealed that Hillary Clinton’s friend and lawyer, Cheryl Mills, also received an immunity deal for turning over her laptop.

This has incensed congressional Republicans trying to get to the bottom of Clinton’s use of a private email server and why so many emails that were deleted shouldn’t have been.  They wonder why the immunity agreements did not include language that would have allowed the aides to testify before Congress.




“If the FBI wanted any other American’s laptops, they’d just go get them — they wouldn’t get an immunity deal,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), an oversight panel member, said in a phone interview. “But everyone associated with the Clinton gets a different set of standards applied to them… It’s the strangest stuff I have ever seen.”

Republicans were also incensed that the immunity deals, which now cover five Clinton staffers at the heart of the controversy, did not require witnesses to cooperate with Congress, sources who reviewed them told POLITICO. Such agreements sometimes include language forcing the recipients to answer other investigative entities, but the Justice deals did not.

Republicans have been trying to question several of those protected individuals, including: Clinton’s top IT staffer Bryan Pagliano, who set up the server; Platte River Networks engineer Paul Combetta, who erased Clinton’s email archive days after news of her email use became public; and John Bentel, a tech staffer at the State Department who told his subordinates never to speak of Clinton’s email when they raised concerns.

This latest email flare-up comes at an inopportune time for Clinton, just days before her first debate against Donald Trump. Republicans said the timing of the immunity news was not intentional; they only learned on Friday of the arrangements with Mills, Samuelson and Bentel and almost immediately disclosed them to the AP, which first reported the story. Regardless, Clinton has been unable to shake the email controversy even after the FBI decided against recommending charges against her in July.

Comey’s decison not to prosecute Clinton can now be seen in a different light.  The fact is, granting all these immunity deals is just another way to cover up the truth.  No one under Clinton is going to be held responsible for the illegal deletions of emails or the mishandling of classified data, so how can you hold Clinton solely responsible?

Where it looked as if, at one time, Clinton aides Abedin and Mills would, at the very least, be charged with mishandling classified information, the FBI made sure that no one would be held accountable.  Roger Simon of PJ Media asks, “What Happens When You Can’t Trust the FBI and the Department of Justice?”

The answer is lawlessness in government at the highest levels.


The refusal by James Comey to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton, et al, stinks to high heaven. With all that we now know about her use of a secret private email server to transact the nation’s business, how can anyone believe that no laws were broken?

Does anyone really think that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the airport late in June was accidental? Do you really believe that they talked about grandchildren and golf and there was no discussion about the FBI investigation? That meeting and the subsequent decision by Comey not to pursue charges against Hillary follow the Clinton Crime Family playbook.

Were there payoffs promised? Were threats issued? My guess would be both – both the carrot and the stick. 

Now we find out that the FBI also issued blanket immunity deals to five of Hillary Clinton’s aides who were key players in the email investigation. Those immunity deals further insulate Hillary from testimony by those five aides, all of whom had knowledge of Hillary’s secret private server – three of them had intimate technical knowledge.

Is there any wonder that a Clinton once again evades justice? Apparently, the threats and/or payoffs worked.


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  1. The law for thee, but not for me…. ~Any Leftist

    >>”This latest email flare-up comes at an inopportune time for Clinton, just days before her first debate against Donald Trump.”

    Yeah, wasn’t it great to see Trump confront Hillary about it in the debate? NOT.


    • I tried … God help me, I tried … but Hillary was exactly as expected and Trump was just like he was in the Republican debates, rambling non-answers, repetitious, self-aggrandizing, etc. I had hoped that he’d have jettisoned that demeanor and would try to look more serious and presidential, but he just went back to his usual crap. I lasted 15 minutes and had seen enough. Reports today validate that decision. I’ll still vote for him, but he really ought to listen to others and change his debate style. Hillary was there for the taking, and he whiffed.


  2. Nobody with more than two brain cells thought the Lynch-Clinton meeting was innocent, but many people did find it weird that they’d conduct their business basically in the public eye rather than by phone. Was it to deliberately flaunt it in our faces? Like we didn’t already know there was a set of rules for everyone else and none for the Clintons?

    That she used a private server for classified government business should have landed her in jail, and at the very least it should have been enough to get her disqualified to run. To heap on additional corruption with immunity for all is just another slap in the face that we’re powerless to stop.

    There are additional reports out now stating that O has known about it for several years and even went so far as to use a pseudonym (alias) when he emailed her. Most us suspected the corruption went all the way to the top, and now the entire country knows and still no repercussions – instead they’re tossing around terms like executive privilege. Really?? Richard Nixon must be fuming in his grave.



    • I can’t wait to find out the pseudonym that Obummer used – I haven’t seen it identified anywhere – yet. That alone could be worth an open thread kind of thing with our readers suggesting the pseudonym that Barry chose to hide behind – I can think of a few politically incorrect ones myself!


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