If you’re like me, you’re a Bill Whittle fan. If you’re not familiar with Bill, you owe it to yourself to watch and appreciate the simple, common sense approach that he uses to explain this particular subject: Black Lives Matter (BLM).

In this video, he uses facts and logic to illustrate the fallacy that is BLM. His facts are without question (check them out for yourself), his logic is irrefutable – he makes sense out of matters that are often obfuscated by the media to sell a particular perspective. BLM is all about political power, not about violence against black people.

See if you don’t agree.



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  1. I’ve been a BW subscriber for years, Love the guy’s clear-eyed analysis. Subscribers get extra content too, and it is quite affordable.


  2. NC, a black man is shot by a black cop and there’s protesting, rioting and destruction. In OK, there’s a black man shot by white female cop and there’s no protesting, rioting or destruction.
    What? Why? the difference?
    OK is already in the tank for Trump, and NC is ripe for DamnitCrat swinging the the vote for that HillaryUs long-list-of-expletives running for POTUS
    Who is running OUR Country? Elected officials or unelected and unaccountable people hired to instruct those elected how to keep their positions so long as they tow the line? or WE The People?.


    • An astute observation, WT! That’s exactly the reason that protests and riots are taking place in Charlotte and not Tulsa. It’s NOT coincidental, it’s NOT happenstance, it’s being directed by the “string-pullers,” the Soros-funded anarchists.


  3. Bill is spot on, as usual – it is a scam. His stats are always accurate, but there’s one thing that he’s not pointing out. He should remind viewers that these people are brought in from out of town in busloads to stage these ‘protests.’ They are the hired-for-pay puppets going from town to town to stir up trouble at the request of Dems who need to keep this pot boiling.

    There were reports today where the various spokespersons for the Charlotte PD have stated that 70 percent of the people arrested had out of state IDs. The same tactics were said to have been used in Ferguson and other locations. When they’re willing to take a chance on starting another civil war, It should tell us volumes about the lengths the Dems will go to in order to stay in control.


    • And that’s exactly the turmoil that George Soros wants to see and why he contributes money to help fund an overthrow of our Constitutional Republic. As you correctly point out, most of the real troublemakers are professional agitators who will gladly go where the money tells them to go. North Carolina is a battleground state in the coming elections and Soros wants to see racial upheaval bring out the black vote in favor of Hillary. That’s the real reason for the protests in Charlotte. There is evidence showing that police kept shouting at Scott to “drop the gun” before he was shot and a gun was recovered near Scott after he went down. In other words, even without the police body and dashcam videos being released, there is reason to believe that Scott was armed and the shooting was justified.


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