Obama and Clinton: ‘Don’t Fear the Terrorists’



Painful as it was I watched press conferences by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama yesterday on the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey.  This is something that I rarely do, so annoying is it to watch and listen as these committed leftists deliver their carefully crafted messages designed to manage the perceptions of the gullible.  But I felt that, as a blogger, it was sort of my civic duty.

I don’t believe either one of them mentioned the term “radical ISLAMIC terrorism,” but it’s possible that I just I missed it when my brain automatically tried to tune their voices out (it can’t be helped, sorry).  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that I didn’t miss it.  Obama pre-scolded the press, warning them not to get ahead of the investigation and to wait for information to be selectively doled out to them.  I read that to mean that the investigation will be overseen by the feds, with Obama’s people micromanaging the distribution of information so as not to conflict with the Left’s propaganda about Islam being the religion of peace and other crapola.  In other words, he doesn’t want the press asking any annoying questions or uncovering any inconvenient facts about the people who are trying to kill us.  Then he knitted his brows together in a stern look that said, “Don’t mess with me.”  I resisted the urge to hurl tomatoes at the TV (it’s a new TV).

What really struck me about both Clinton’s and Obama’s statements today, however, was the unified message that Americans must not “give in to fear” because this is what the terrorists want (assuming they really are terrorists; maybe they were just out for a stroll one day and decided to leave a few bombs around).  I find it kind of ironic that the Left, who are always trying to stir up fear about one thing or another (racism, homophobia, “climate change,” etc.), are conveniently unified in their message on rejecting fear of terrorism (Islamic terrorism, but of course this goes unsaid by Clinton and Obama).  As I listened today I thought again how disturbingly contradictory this is to our natural instincts for self-protection.  Fear is the God-given, inner mechanism that tells all creatures to get into self-defense mode, and do the things we need to do to protect ourselves.  Why does the Left keep warning us against it?  Common sense would tell us to be reasonably guarded of all things Muslim, just as common sense makes us teach our children to be wary of strangers.  Nobody worries about hurting the stranger’s feelings.  We expect strangers to understand that the safety of the child comes first.  Similarly, we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or bad because we listen to our instincts about protecting ourselves; but unlike the parent caring for the child, the leftists don’t care about us and our safety.  That’s critical to understand.  Being liked by Muslims, inside or outside of this country, and appearing to be superior in their acceptance of others (while they themselves are heavily guarded, of course) is what Clinton and Obama and other leftists care about.  And of course they have their political motives as well.  They don’t want voters switching sides to the candidate that appeals to their desire for security, therefore the leftists remind those voters every chance they get not to be “ruled by fear.”  In her statement Hillary Clinton was careful to add that if we should see something, we should say something.  Each of understands, however, that doing so is likely to get us branded as “racist” or “Islamophobic” by the Left if our suspicions happen to be wrong.  They’ve made sure of that.

I remember the many times when I was a girl and then a young woman that I would be walking somewhere and men that I didn’t know would pull up in their cars and offer me a ride.  With the words of my father echoing in my head (“Don’t ever accept rides from strangers”) I would always decline, even if they seemed nice and even if I was tired of walking.  Now I watch crime shows about girls and women who end up raped and/or dead after accepting rides from men they didn’t really know, and each time I’m thankful that I heeded my father’s warning.  He cared about me.  Parents who warn their children to stay away from strangers do so because they care about them.  The leftists don’t care about you.  They care about themselves.  But at least one person cares about you, and that’s you.  Listen to the voice in your head, and when it tells you to be afraid, be afraid.  Then act accordingly.



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  1. Hi CW, good post. We all know that the Left loves to change definitions of words to include exceptions and even new meanings. As you so rightly point out that this may be the start of the changing of meaning of Fear and Fearmongering. The new definition will include exceptions for terrorism and Islamophobia to fit their ideology.


  2. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my, I’m scared.
    If you don’t listen and do as I say, you won’t get any pudding. How can children have any pudding if they won’t do as they’re told?


  3. It’s unfortunate, but much of our citizenry is woefully uninformed. I know that it’s a pipe dream and a Utopian desire, but if more of us were informed of the truth, we wouldn’t have as many occasions of people getting killed or injured because they were oblivious to their surroundings.

    In my view, we should be wary of any threat that we perceive, whether is be in the form of bearded guy who “forgets” his backpack under a mall bench, or a group of young black guys approaching us on a deserted street. True, both situations could be innocent, but as CW said, we are blessed with a God-given instinct for survival and we ignore it at our peril.

    Kudos to CW for submitting to the torture that she must have endured in order to listen to speeches by both Hillary and B. Hussein. It’s hard to listen to anything said by either of them without throwing something at the TV. It’s also because we understand that we can’t take anything that’s said at face value – they lie so often, you’d have to carefully parse their entire transcript to locate any small inconsequential tidbit that might be true.

    The problem is, we know that we’re being fed pure propaganda, while the leftist supporters lap it up as gospel truth. That brings Ronald Raegan’s famous quote to mind, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

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    • >>”…we know that we’re being fed pure propaganda, while the leftist supporters lap it up as gospel truth.”

      People believe what they want to believe. The key is to figure out how they are rewarded by believing it and remove that reward. Easier said than done, I know.


  4. I was going to say thank you for being brave on our behalf, but I’m not sure that’s the correct term to use for someone who subjects themselves to such painful experiences. hehe

    It’s easy for them to tell us not to be ruled by fear, because neither of them will ever be on the streets of NY or at a mall in Minnesota, or any of the other places where terrorists could attack. Living behind a wall of armed guards who will take a bullet for you and will even hoist up your lard butt and shove you in a van, makes the words come easier to them.

    What they’re really saying is don’t use common sense – be afraid of the stuff I tell you to be afraid of, like climate change. Yeah, that’s the real threat. What’s ironic though, is that much of what they say is based on fear. They’re scared they’ll lose power and control, and I think the truth scares them worse than anything. That’s the main reason they work so hard to control the media

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    • Their entire careers are spent trying to eliminate common sense from our lives, Kathy; forcibly, if need be.

      It’s common sense that you don’t want only criminals to be armed, so what do they do? A: Try to take guns from law-abiding citizens.

      It’s common sense that if you reward irresponsible behavior you get more of it, so what do they do? A: They take our money to give to people who make bad choices so that those choices don’t hurt as much.

      It’s common sense that you don’t empower your enemies, so what do they do? A: Free Iran from sanctions and give them tons of money.

      I could go on all day. Common sense is what you do when you’re looking out for your own interests. Self-destruction is what happens when Democrats are in charge of your interests.


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