Man Who Shot Crossroads Mall Terrorist Is USPSA Competitor, 3-Gun Shooter

From:,  by Bob Owens,  Sep 19, 2016

jason-falconerUSPSA Shooter,  3-Gunner, and NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer has been identified as the man who shot and killed a 22-year-old Somali immigrant who went on a stabbing rampage inside a St. Cloud, (MN) Mall on Saturday.

The apparent terrorist—who apparently asked victims if they were Muslims before stabbing them—was engaged by Falconer inside the mall.

Falconer is the president and owner of Tactical Advantage LLC, a shooting range and tactical training facility with a strong focus on arming concealed carriers. He’s also a former chief of the Albany (MN) police department, and he remains a part-time officer.

But Falconer has consistently been identified in the mainstream media only as as a “former police chief” and  “off-duty police officer.”

A knife-wielding suspect who was dressed in a private security uniform and made references to Allah while attacking at least nine people during a mass stabbing incident at the Crossroads Center shopping mall was shot dead by an off-duty police officer from Avon, authorities said.

Jason Falconer, former police chief of Albany, Minn., was shopping when he confronted the suspect.

At a press conference at the police department just after noon on Sunday, St. Cloud Mayor David Kleis said he believes Falconer prevented additional injuries and loss of life.

“Clearly he is a hero. Officer Falconer was there at the right time and the right place.”

Kleis said the end of the attack and the final confrontation could be seen on video from the Macy’s store. Describing the video, which did not have audio, Kleis said the suspect clearly had a knife in hand, and lunged at Falconer, who fired at him. The suspect fell, then got back up three times before the fatal shot.

“None of us ever want to have to do that,” said St. Cloud Police Chief Wm. Blair Anderson, “but that’s what we’re here for, and Officer Falconer’s actions were swift and direct, and in my opinion appropriate.”

Eight people were treated at St. Cloud Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following the attack first reported about 8:15 p.m. Saturday at the mall. Three people were admitted, according to Chris Nelson, spokesperson for St. Cloud Hospital. By early Sunday evening, all three had been released. A ninth victim went to the Long Prairie Hospital.


It’s almost as if the media is attempting to cover up the fact that creating and training armed citizens is a major part of the man who took out the terrorist in a MN mall this weekend.

Here’s Falconer’s bio at Tactical Advantage, LLC:

Jason Falconer is the President and Owner of Tactical Advantage and has also been operating Tactical Advantage Firearms Training, Inc., since 2003. Tactical Advantage currently concentrates on firearms training for individuals in a group or private setting, including permit to carry training classes in Minnesota. Jason has also created advanced and customized classes for individuals who desire more advanced safety training. As a consulting member of SMEAC, Jason specializes in reality-based firearms, law enforcement and personal security training. His business has grown primarily through student referrals, and he takes great pride in providing the best training options available in Central MN.

Jason believes everyone can always learn something new, no matter what their expertise or discipline. That is why continued education and training has been a strong personal interest of his. As a result, he has attended some of the best firearms training schools in the United States. His goal is to teach individuals the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to be successful with firearms in order to secure their personal safety or that of their family; at home or in public. As a firearm training professional, he continuously researches and develops new curriculum and training methods to make the experience for his students the best they can get.

Since 2008, Jason has been assisting Ted Boran with St. Cloud State University Law Enforcement Skills Training in the disciplines of decision shooting and dynamic entry. He intends to use this experience to further develop the curriculum to help instruct law enforcement professionals and responsible citizens the benefits of reality-based training. Jason believes that although civilian and law enforcement students can obtain great firearms training from various sources, they are missing a key component in their personal safety training if that training is not reality-based.

Jason has a law enforcement background and is the former Police Chief of the Albany Police Department where he continues to serve as a part-time officer. Jason also serves as the department’s firearms instructor, and has created POST Board approved firearms training curriculum.

Jason has been a member of the United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) as well as a local club, St. Cloud Area Practical Shooters Association (SCAPSA) for many years. He competes at the SCAPSA outdoor range in matches and league competitions year-round, and has attained several league championships in various divisions. Jason is an avid three-gun competitor and has been privileged to participate on shooting squads at various 3-gun and tactical shotgun matches with professional shooters such as James Casanova, Rob Romero, Mark Harnish, Janson Jensen, Mark Miller, and Dave Neth. In June 2012, St. Cloud hosted the CAN-AM Games for Law Enforcement and Firefighters from around the world. Jason was fortunate to compete in various Can-Am events including two of his passions, shooting sports and ice hockey.For his efforts, as well as his team members, Jason earned six Can-Am medals, five for shooting events, and one for hockey. This was a tremendous experience to be treasured.

Jason Falconer isn’t some marginally-trained big-city patrol officer with just a basic grasp of using his department-issued firearm.

He’s a firearms instructor passionate about training concealed carriers and developing the best-possible, most-realistic training for his clients. He’s part of the reason why concealed carry continues to surge in popularity, with more than 14 million Americans now choosing to carry some or part of the time.

While Mr. Falconer happened to be the armed citizen who stopped the wannabe mass killer before he could take a life, it just as easily could have been one of his students.

It just as easily could have been one of you.


Not surprisingly, none of the three articles I’ve seen about this incident identified the shooter as anything but an “off-duty police officer.” I’ve seen no mention that Mr. Falconer is primarily a private citizen and only works part-time as a police officer as well as not mentioning that he’s a NRA-certified instructor. They don’t want to imply that an ordinary citizen with a concealed handgun might have done much the same. And they would rather eat broken glass than use the term “NRA” in any positive context. That would diminish the meme that defensive gun use is unusual and rare.

Kudos to Mr. Falconer, his actions shine a bright light on concealed carry and how it can stop a massacre.




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8 replies

  1. Thanks for bringing out the bio, garnet.
    That’s true, there hasn’t been any other mention than an off duty cop, which I thought was to imply if it weren’t for him being a cop then no other citizen would’ve intercepted that sharia law isis serving muslim.


    • Well WT, you KNOW that there’s NO way that the left and the media (redundant) would ever want to admit that the shooter had anything to do with that rascally NRA or that he instructed others in the fine art of defensive shooting.


  2. Love this story, Garnet. I would think Mr. Falconer’s business should be booming after this, if it wasn’t already. While the pampered loudmouths from Hollywood were giving themselves awards and mouthing off at the Emmy’s, Mr. Falconer is a REAL American hero. The difference couldn’t be more glaring.

    If Trump were smart he would invite Mr. Falconer to be his honorary guest at future rallies.


    • Excellent idea CW, if Trump is reading Pesky Truth (and I’m sure that he is) he’ll attach himself to Falconer like stink on Hillary. Falconer is one badass dude to be competing in the 3-gun. Trump ought to offer him a spot on his security detail.


  3. They mention only the former police officer bit in efforts to steer people’s thinking away from the notion that any ordinary armed citizen could do the same thing. It’s an attempt to make people think only cops should have guns. To mention his other skills and interests would negate the narrative.

    As the author points out, it could have been any one of us in Falconer’s position that day with the same end result – a good guy with a gun saved lives.


    • That they do Kathy and you’re right about the reason too. The other reason is that they didn’t want to write an article that would associate anything positive with that dreaded Satanic organization, the NRA.


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