Disrespecting Our National Anthem – the Trigger That Starts a Race War?


To some, it might seem like a trivial gesture, simply an action taken to call attention to what the kneelers and sitters call “wanton violence against blacks.”

That position misses two important points:

First, we who call ourselves patriots, who love the United States and all it stands for, take offense at the disrespect that those actions show. We know that the U.S. does NOT encourage or condone unwarranted violence against anyone – including blacks or police. We perceive kneeling or sitting during the National Anthem as a disrespectful action that is a symbolic slap in the face of those who were killed or wounded to purchase that right. As is so appropriately said: “Freedom isn’t free; it was bought and paid for with the blood of heroes.”

Secondly, it assumes that the information on which they base the accusation of “wanton violence against blacks,” is accurate.

I believe that much of what those participants are protesting aren’t even true facts. Examples are Michael Brown’s “hands up, don’t shoot” lie as well as Trayvon Martin being murdered. Neither of those incidents could factually and truthfully be interpreted as “wanton violence against blacks.” They were both instances of self-defense taken against actions instigated by Brown and Martin.


I believe that these incidents are being encouraged by professional racial agitators – those whose standing in their community and their source of income depends on the turmoil that their racial propaganda encourages.

No one is asking the American public to do anything more courageous than stand with a hand over your heart. That gesture is simply to recognize that we are a free people and that freedom wasn’t conferred by a civil rights activist, an entertainer, or Barack Obama – the nation’s young men gave up everything to purchase that freedom.

It was bought and paid for by the 2.8 million men who were killed or wounded in the wars that we’ve fought – wars that were fought primarily to protect our freedoms and our American way of life.

Yet that simple gesture is viewed as being repugnant by some? They believe that their disdain for our National Anthem and/or our flag somehow establishes themselves as doing something heroic. It does not, it simply displays for all to see, that they have determined that their misguided opinion is more important than the lives of those who have died to protect our liberties. Yes, it is their right to protest in any legal manner they choose, it’s just that they could have chosen some other action rather than disrespecting a revered symbol of America. In fact, that action illustrates the definition of disrespect.

Are there occasions of black people being subjected to unwarranted violence? Of course there are, and we should do everything we can reasonably do to prevent it, but the largest number of violent acts against black people (including murders) are by other blacks, not police, nor white people. Where are the demonstrations; the symbolic gestures targeting them? They protest police violence against blacks, but not blacks murdering other blacks, where is the logic in that?

They could start in Chicago. Why haven’t they?

Many white people (myself included) resent being blamed for slavery that occurred hundreds of years ago. I wasn’t part of that nor were my parents or grandparents. And black folks alive today weren’t slaves either.

If there is a country on earth that offers more freedom and opportunity for a person of color, please point it out because I don’t think it exists. Look at the “motherland” (Africa) and note all of the opportunities that are available to blacks there – compare and contrast – please do your homework.

We resent seeing police being depicted as being racist and out to get blacks. Blacks find themselves in contact with police because they commit most of the crimes – way more than their percentage of the population would indicate as normal. Change that and you’ll see the relationship change.

It really concerns me that there is more tension now between black and white people than I can remember in my lifetime – and I’m an old guy. Escalating that tension won’t be good for either race and it could, if allowed to continue, become the tinder fueling a race war.


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  1. Great essay, Garnet.

    You ask, “They protest police violence against blacks, but not blacks murdering other blacks, where is the logic in that?”

    The logic is in understanding the real motive. The pretend motive is white on black oppression. The true motive is to gain power that blacks can’t achieve in legitimate ways.

    I think there are those who do want a race war – sort of. It will be like the war between the Left and Right in this nation, i.e. bloodless and incremental. Some talk about a violent confrontation, but their leftist cohorts know that’s dumb. They can achieve what they want without an all-out war using fear and intimidation. But first the police must be neutralized, because they represent whites in the eyes of the black agitators. Whites don’t street fight or engage in street justice for the most part; we hire police to fight our battles. They are US, and when blacks attack them, they are attacking US.

    Justice is not defined as no one ever being mistreated by police, or the absence of all crime. Justice is when we respond to inevitable misconduct fairly and according to the law. The shooter of Trayvon Martin had a lengthy, public trial. He was found not guilty, but blacks refuse to accept this as justice. Other incidence of police shootings have all been investigated and sometimes ended with acquittals or convictions. Blacks refuse to accept the acquittals. Under BLM justice, he who screams the loudest and can whip up the largest mob is right, and your day in court doesn’t matter. The police in the Freddie Gray case came perilously close to becoming victims of BLM justice, except for the fortitude of one brave judge who wouldn’t play along. This is what we can look forward to if we keep losing the race war.


    • Yep, again today there was a shooting of a black man in Tulsa by police. It appears that it was unjustified and that he was unarmed. It’s early yet, but if he was shot without just cause, I’m for crucifying the cop. The country is walking on eggshells right now and we don’t need another event that gives credence to what is otherwise a pack of lies in the litany of the black agitators. I hope that this incident doesn’t erupt into another Ferguson or Baltimore. Our LEOs need to be careful – if the perp needs shooting, by all means shoot him, but otherwise they need to be aware of the consequences that an unwarranted shooting brings.


      • Very frustrating, Garnet, I agree. I took a quick look at the news but it’s still unclear to me exactly what occurred. Everyone’s on edge and hair-triggered these days, whether it’s the cops being too quick to shoot or blacks and liberals being too quick too quick judge the situation. It’s a perfect mess courtesy of Obama & Co.


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