Bill Clinton’s longtime pal: Hillary ‘losing her mental capabilities’

From:,  by Dolly Kyle,  on Sep 18, 2016


‘I wouldn’t trust her with matches in the kitchen’

Despite mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton is hiding serious health problems, she will press on in her campaign because of a crazed lust for power, which ultimately will propel her to self-destruction, contends a longtime critic.

That’s the dire prediction of someone who has been following Mrs. Clinton’s progress from the beginning, “Billy” Clinton’s childhood friend and former romantic partner Dolly Kyle, the author of “Hillary The Other Woman.”

“I really think she has been ’cruisin’ for a bruisin’, as we say in the South, because she’s such an angry person and so driven by this inner rage,” said Kyle. “People like that eventually break down, physically.”

Kyle has known the Clintons from their days in Arkansas. In “Hillary The Other Woman,” she chronicles a number of disturbing episodes from Hillary Clinton’s long career, including her infamous explosion of rage against mentally handicapped children when she was first lady of Arkansas.

But Kyle argues Clinton’s continuous health problems and inability to keep her lies straight suggest she is “suffering from cognitive impairment,” not just anger issues.

In “Hillary The Other Woman,” Kyle, an award-winning lawyer, painstakingly assembles a damning case that Hillary Clinton is losing her mental capabilities and showing evidence of emotional instability, memory loss and difficulty planning and carrying out tasks.

Combined with what Kyle alleges is her natural paranoia and determination to control information, the result is a psychological disaster.

“That paranoia, that tendency to be a control freak, has always been a part of her personality,” warned Kyle.

“I call her ‘Hillary Scissorhands’ because of her predilection for destroying records which could get in the way of her goals.”

Kyle noted that in 1974, Clinton “destroyed notes and cards from Marla Crider, who was a girl Billy Clinton was dating at the time, as part of her effort to intimidate her.”

“More worryingly, we see how eager she is to get rid of all kinds of evidence in the various scandals she’s involved in, including tens of thousands of emails from when she was serving as secretary of state,” Kyle said. “Her mania to destroy anything which she feels could be detrimental to her reputation is taken to such an extreme that she lies when the truth would do her good.”

The tendency for Hillary Clinton to lie, perhaps even unnecessarily, also applies to issues surrounding the Democratic nominee’s health. The Clinton campaign’s bumbling and inconsistent accounts of what precisely is wrong with the former secretary of state has contributed to Clinton’s longstanding reputation for dishonesty.

Recent polls in swing states indicate voters are more likely to find Donald Trump trustworthy than Hillary Clinton.

But Kyle says Clinton’s deception doesn’t just make her look bad politically. The author alleges the former secretary of state is suffering from serious health problems.

“Hillary Clinton is not physically fit to be president of the United States,” Kyle told WND. “Anyone who believes that she is has their eyes closed. If she was in a wheelchair or blind or something like that, she could still do the job. But she is losing her mental capabilities, she’s suffering from real cognitive impairment.

“I think if we saw her full medical records it would be a foregone conclusion that she’s out,” Kyle said.

“What’s even more absolutely clear is that she is not psychologically fit to be president. She is mentally unfit. I wouldn’t hire her to babysit my grandchildren. I wouldn’t trust her with matches in the kitchen. She doesn’t have the ability to think through a situation and come to a logical conclusion. She proved this in Benghazi when she couldn’t respond to legitimate requests for help. She had all the resources of the United States of America, and she turned over and went back to sleep.”

In recent days, top Democrats have held secret meetings to discuss the possibility of replacing Hillary Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket. Joe Biden has been discussed as the leading candidate to replace her, though a new poll indicates a plurality of Democrats would rather see Sen. Bernie Sanders take over as the new candidate.

However, Kyle says this is all a waste of time. No matter what happens, no many how many problems and scandals surface, no matter what health issues arise, she argues the “power addicted” Hillary Clinton will never drop out, even if she takes the Democratic Party’s hopes down with her.

“She has been running for president ever since she took hold of Billy Clinton’s coattails so many decades ago in 1971,” Kyle said.

“I do not consider it an admirable trait to be this tenacious, because I see it as a function of her power addiction. It’s like a crack addict who needs that next fix, and they will do whatever it takes to get it. She’s a power addict, and she will do whatever it takes to get that next fix.”

Kyle argues the most important thing to understand about Hillary Clinton is how the former first lady subordinates her humanity to her ambition. It was only after seeing that ruthlessness publicly displayed that Kyle said she was forced to come forward to write “Hillary The Other Woman.”

“I didn’t want to do this,” Kyle said. “I’ve known the Clintons for decades, and I was finished with them. But when I saw Hillary say into the television with that fake ‘sincere’ look that she does that women who claim to have been raped and sexually abused ‘should be believed and we need to support them,’ that made me so angry! Because that is simply a lie.

“She will not support any woman who was raped or sexually assaulted by her husband,” said Kyle.

“So I think it’s interesting that she took that piece off her website recently. But she didn’t do it soon enough to keep me from writing this book. So instead of throwing a shoe at the television screen, which I was inclined to do, I started writing the book, and it came very quickly because I know this information.

“I know the Clintons and I believe this truth needs to be out about them.”

The NATIONWIDE SENSATION which is rocking the 2016 election. “Hillary: The Other Woman,” the explosive new book exposing the horrible history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Available now at the WND Superstore.


As if we didn’t already have a multitude of reasons to avoid voting for Hillary Clinton, now it appears that she isn’t healthy enough to execute the demanding job of the presidency. For the life of me I can’t understand how there can still be so many people who (apparently) sincerely believe that she would be good for the country. 

It seems to me that it’s time for U.S. citizens to demand greater qualifications of a candidate for president, such as being able to pass a Top Secret security clearance investigation, and they should be required to release both tax and health records.

We, the people, have a right to know everything about an individual who will be elected to lead a nation of some 320 million people. Those requirements ought to be in place in time for the 2024 elections. I know that the Constitution doesn’t require those qualifications, but I think that it’s time to limit the candidates to those who have proven that they possess the qualities that the job demands.

It’s ludicrous to require less of the nation’s president than would be required by corporate Board of Directors when hiring a CEO.


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  1. I’ve heard about many people saying “I wasn’t ready to see the first women president.” I was ready. I hope those people learn to find the true meaning of Hillary’s presidency. She would’ve been the turning point of this world. Those that didn’t vote for her have no reason or right to talk about Donald Trump and his ways now.


    • What kind of a bigot chooses a POTUS based upon gender?


      • I listen to what the candidate is offering, and how serious they are. Yet, I did agree with Hillary’s mindset. I did not agree with Trump’s mindset though. There is no reason why we could not have a women president. What kind of person is sexist like this?


      • Of course this country is ready for a female president, but we want one that didn’t leave Americans to die in Benghazi, who doesn’t have a hit list of all the people in her path who’ve died from strange accidents, who upholds security clearances regarding phones and emails, who doesn’t launder money through her ‘charitable’ foundation, who doesn’t sell uranium to our enemies…shall I go on?

        It has nothing to do with sexism, and everything to do with loyal and qualified, and Hillary is not that woman – not even close.


  2. Ideally, voters would insist on the tax returns and health records of the candidates starting in the primaries, but we are so far from “ideal” in the way we conduct elections that it’s just one more thing to be manipulated and misused. The average person is not going to understand the tax returns of someone like Trump or Clinton, and will instead be hit with a barrage of pundits and “analysts” offering their own interpretations which will, of course, favor their own candidate. Trump, who never managed his taxes with an eye towards running for office, will have tried to show as little income and paid as little in taxes as possible. Democrats will make hay of that. Professional politicians like Clinton, whose been unofficially running for POTUS forever, have the advantage. She will gladly pay a lot in taxes knowing that she’ll get it back a hundred fold if she succeeds in becoming POTUS. Besides, what really matters to her is power, and she has that through her role in the Clinton Foundation. The people who get all this have already chosen sides and those who don’t are putty in the hands of the liars. For every voter who is positively enlightened or educated by the information that comes out, another is negatively manipulated by the false punditry.

    As reluctant as you are to vote for Trump, I’m guessing that there is nothing short of kickbacks from Iran or mysterious payments from George Soros that would cause his tax returns to change your vote. That’s how most of us are, because we already know what side we’re with, red or blue. It’s not that I don’t think you’re right to want the information, but the effort might be better spent pushing for laws that make it less fun to be a Democrat (such as that everyone has to pay taxes).


    • I’ve always considered the issue of tax returns to be a completely irrelevant non sequitur. It’s ginned up by the Left and their MSM whores simply in an attempt to find some “gotcha” ammo against GOPers and conservatives.

      As long as someone obeys the tax laws, which is the responsibility of the IRS to enforce, then that data should remain confidential.


      • I look at it a couple of different ways, Brian. I don’t think there should be a legal requirement for candidates to give up their tax or medical information because, in addition to the way the Left abuses the information, voters already have the means to make it a deal breaker if it means that much to them. The fact that Clinton gave 20 years or so of returns while Trump has given none yet they are essentially tied means that the voters don’t perceive it to be that big of a deal. That being the case it hardly justifies the making of a law. Whether or not they SHOULD want them is a matter of opinion, but they don’t.

        Next comes the question of whether or not Republicans should voluntarily give their tax and medical information, given the fact that (as far as I know) all candidates in recent memory have done so. That unfortunate fact has set up Republicans to be accused of hiding bad things should they refuse. Consequently I believe each candidate has to decide for himself whether it’s to his benefit to provide that information.

        Finally, there’s the voter’s perspective. Voters should demand whatever information helps them make a decision that’s in their best interests, naturally. Candidates can comply or not, and let the chips fall where they may. Ordinarily I don’t need to see my nominee’s returns because it’s not going to change my vote and I happen to agree with you that it just gives ammo to the Democrats. However, this year was a bit different. Trump was an unusual candidate both in the sense that he divided the Party and because he was running on a business record that it is difficult to verify without tax returns. It made perfect sense for his detractors to ask to see his returns (unless, perhaps, they were committed to ultimately supporting him no matter what) to see if he was truthful about his success and to learn more about him; but he had the right to refuse and clearly that was the wise way to go since he won the nomination.


  3. I have a family member who simply makes excuses and rationalizes for Hilarry. During the primaries he said, “You have to admit Hillary has a really good resume!” We just looked at him. Arguing never helps.
    Recently he said that the email crimes she perpetuated were obviously ok if she did them.

    I think that’s how all these Hillary, Democrat supporters look at her. Even her health. “It’s ok. She’s Hillary, a good Democrat and will be a great president…”

    Hard to understand but that’s just how it is.


  4. “People like that eventually break down, physically.” It’s true – our mental state can often affect our physical condition and hers didn’t just recently start. She’s been in a rage for a very long time, therefore both the mental and physical breakdown have been working on her for a long time too.

    That being the case, it’s likely that her mental breakdown played a part in decisions made regarding Benghazi. She didn’t protect those guys, so what makes people think she can or would protect the entire country?

    Qualification requirements would be an excellent idea – too bad we didn’t already have those in place prior to 2008.

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  5. I hope she stays in this race to the bitter (for her) end.

    I still maintain that she’s the singularly most beatable candidate in the Dem/socialist stable; even more so in light of the most recent revelations (her health) and her mounting scandals.

    The absolute WORST thing that could happen would be for the Dem/socialists to have the opportunity to replace her with a scandal-free “legitimate” alternative, like Biden, Warren, or someone like that.

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    • I hope she does too. You’re right, she’s the most vulnerable of any of the democrats and it still amazes me that she has the following that she has – it doesn’t speak well of a large portion of our population. IF she drops out, my money would be on Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders – and I’d be concerned.


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