Why the Democrats can’t replace Hillary Clinton

From: americanthinker, by Robert Arvay, on Sep 14, 2016.


Hillary faints and requires assistance to enter her SUV. She is undoubtedly in poor health.

With the much publicized recent health scare regarding Hillary Clinton, there are rumors of the Democrat National Committee seriously considering replacing her.  Here is why they can’t.

In a nutshell, it is the Clinton Family Foundation.  With millions of dollars collected from donors, including foreign governments, it is hardly a secret that those donors expect their money’s worth – not in charity, but in influence.  A Clinton in the White House will be the one and only avenue of repayment to those donors.

No one else will do – not even another Democrat.  No one outside the Clinton family will reliably honor those agreements.

This creates enormous potential difficulties, if not outright catastrophe, for the Democratic Party.  If Hillary does not win the presidency, those donors are going to be very, shall we say, disappointed – or may we go so far as to say, very angry?  At a minimum, we may expect that they will demand refunds of their money.  Unless kept secret – and how could it be? – word of the corruption and criminality will become public, and its wide-ranging implications will be thoroughly investigated by a Trump administration.

If she does win, however, Mrs. Clinton will clearly be unable to perform the exhausting duties of the presidency.  What then?

The Clintons anticipated that problem, which is why Hillary has already averred that she will place her husband in charge of the economy.  A major part of a working plan would be for her to appoint her husband as secretary of state, which would place Bill Clinton in position to effectively exercise all the powers of the presidency using Hillary’s authority.  The foundation donors will be pleased with that arrangement, because they can then collect their pound of flesh from the American taxpayer.

Should Mrs. Clinton become so obviously unable to carry out the duties of the presidency that the incapacity could not be disguised, the normal procedure would be for succession in the following order:  the vice president, the speaker of the House – and then the senior cabinet member, which would be, oh my, Bill Clinton.  Although it seems that no president can serve more than two terms, a Clinton Supreme Court might easily find an emergency exception, emanating from a penumbra of the Constitution.

In such a case, Bill Clinton would have only two three [including the Senate president pro tem –ed.] people separating him from becoming a third-term president.  I would hate to be either any of them.


Honestly, I must confess that I hadn’t thought of that consequence of replacing Hillary.

It’s pretty obvious that she is seriously ill and not physically able to handle the difficult and stressful job of the presidency. I think that we can expect her to voluntarily drop out (for health reasons) before the election and for the DNC to replace her with someone else – my money would be on Joe Biden.

The aspect of shafting Hillary and Bill’s “clients” who paid good money to the Clinton Family Foundation in order to gain influence with Hillary the president, is something that I never considered. Their “clients” would be incensed and perhaps want their money back. They’d probably see the replacement as a “bait and switch” tactic and be afraid that they wouldn’t receive the consideration that Hillary would have given them – after all, they bought and paid for influence with her and if they lose that preference their “contribution” (bribe) will have gone for naught.

Naming Bill as Secretary of State is another move that I never considered. I guess I’m just not devious enough to conjure up such a scheme.

And, as Mr. Arvay speculates, if Bill were in line to become president if something untoward happened to the three people standing between him and the White House (again), I wouldn’t give you a plugged nickel for their lives. I’ll bet even Lloyds of London wouldn’t issue any life insurance on those three – they’d be dead people walkin’.




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  1. I don’t think you can demand a refund of a bribe. It’s not exactly a due process kind of transaction. Consequently I don’t agree that Clinton’s donors have any say over whether or not someone is named to replace her, unless they are also bribing the Democrat Party. No matter how much money changes hands the players cannot entirely eliminate another major player in this game: voters.

    I don’t really understand how it would work to replace a nominee at this late stage in the game. Can another democrat get on the ticket and be added to all state ballots? Even if write-ins are allowed that would put the candidate at a serious disadvantage. I think Democrats are all-in for Hillary at this point, even if they have to wheel her in on a gurney.


    • What’s to stop those entities who “contributed” hundreds of thousands of dollars to Bill and/or the Clinton Crime Family Foundation from demanding their money back? They probably won’t get it, but they can make their displeasure known – perhaps even publicly. And personally, I believe that any entity who has given a couple hundred thousand to Bill or Hillary will find an eager listener in the DNC. Doesn’t mean they’ll do anything, but money talks.

      As far as replacing Hillary, if it becomes politically necessary, they will find a way. I recall that they circumvented party rules several years ago when something happened in a state election (don’t remember the specifics) and the DNC managed a way to replace a candidate – they are the maker of the rules governing their candidates and they can bend or break them as needed. Just watch – if the DNC is convinced that Hillary is about to lose, they’ll find a way for Biden or Bernie to replace her.


      • The game with the Clinton Foundation is that donors give (tax deductible) money under the pretense of being generous and charitable but in actuality to buy influence from the Clintons. Even if they suddenly realized the influence isn’t going to pan out I think it’s implausible that they are going to want the nasty attention of requesting a refund from a charity.


      • I agree that they wouldn’t want any “nasty attention,” but you presume that the complaints would be public. If you had “contributed” a couple hundred thousand to purchase influence and Hillary doesn’t get elected, would you sit quietly and bite your tongue? I know that I’d be pressuring Bill to do something to “earn” that money and if the Clinton Crime Family ever wants to see that entity contribute funds for a Chelsea campaign for Senator or president, they’d do well to stay in their good graces.


  2. I hadn’t thought of it from the Clinton or donor perspective, but the author is right – those donors will want their money’s worth or a refund, and that’s not likely to happen.

    If she’s elected, my guess is that it would be easier to bring Kaine in on the plan than it would be to get him disappeared. He’s probably been brought up to speed on the plan and has fully agreed to comply with their actions – perhaps even signed an agreement to such a scheme.

    If that’s the case, then with him in place and Bill as the SoS, things could go swell for them while Hillary receives treatment in the private quarters out of the public eye. From what we’ve seen from Paul Ryan and his bend over backwards cooperation with O, he won’t be a problem either.

    Remember too, that she could possibly place Chelsea in a key position as well, and really sew up their little Clinton kingdom.


    • You’re right, we could witness the Clinton Crime Family morph into the Clinton Royal Family with Chelsea getting groomed and prepped for an eventual run at the presidency.

      I’ve often thought that might be the case – but, I thought that Chelsea would get elected as a U.S. Senator from New York first. From their perspective, it would be a shame if Hillary doesn’t win the presidency. She would continue the monarchy of the House of Clinton with Queen Chelsea coming into succession a few years later.

      But wait – there’s more – the Clintons may have competition. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Michelle run herself – just to keep the Obama legacy alive with perhaps Sasha or Malia coming along later. Again, I’m thinking that each of them would be a U.S. Senator before running for president.


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