Middle School Athletes Now Protesting the Anthem



The picture shows the Beaumont Bulls, a football team playing in a Youth Football League in Beaumont, TX. The team in the picture appears to be their senior team, which is composed of 11 and 12 year-old players. I don’t see any white faces among the players, I wonder why? Aren’t they welcome on the Bulls’ team? Why are they segregated? Where’s the diversity among both players and coaches?

The photographer, owner of MHD Media, says he was approached by one of the coaches to get a snapshot of the silent protest. He said the team members wanted to get people talking about ending gang violence and “officer involved crimes” as well as other issues, reported 12News. The players said they knelt as opposed to sat down because they have respect for the military and others who have sacrificed for America’s freedom.

This is a CROCK – and you know of what I speak. What is the likelihood that the kids came up with this protest on their own, without encouragement from their adult coaches? One of the coaches said, the “team members” wanted to get people talking about gangs and “officer involved crimes.”

They’re being programmed early on how to protest and how they must stick together against the “white menace.”

I wonder … whether they’re protesting because they’re being hassled by the local cops for “pedaling their bicycles while black”. Or is there a “stop and frisk” program that targets middle school black kids? Are they being profiled and targeted for police intimidation?

I’d love to hear what these young men have been told of those “officer involved crimes,” I’ll bet that it’s not the truth and I’ll bet that Michael Brown is portrayed as being murdered while his hands were up and he was begging Officer Darren Wilson to spare his life. And Trayvon Martin was murdered for no reason by a neighborhood watch racist.

This protest by middle school kids illustrates one of the causes for racial strife as it exists today. These impressionable kids (11 and 12 year olds) are being taught to disrespect the National Anthem as a protest. I’ll bet that they’re being instructed that they can expect police to mistreat them and that they can’t trust the men in blue.

I know that I’ll be branded as a racist for saying it, but I’ll bet that they’re being indoctrinated to follow in the footsteps of their racist parents and coaches and told that they can’t trust whitey and especially white police officers. They’re being brainwashed into believing that everyone is against them and they’re doomed to failure unless they’re able to extort something from the white man because white people owned slaves a couple hundred years ago.

I’ll bet that they know a lot more about slavery and the mistreatment of their ancestors than they do about the positive measures taken over the last several decades to combat racism.

I wonder how much American History these kids know. I’ll bet that it’s a lot less than they know about slavery.

These kids are being set up to continue the legend, to stay the course. God forbid that someone tell them that they are no longer in chains.


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  1. You bet this started at home. After months of hearing & seeing the BLM garbage, then topped off with Kaepernick’s idiotic stunt, that’s probably all these kids are hearing from parent(s) who don’t know the facts either. If that’s the case, there’s no other way this could have turned out. They need teachers and coaches who will give them the facts, not encourage this mindset.

    A sit-down with the local police would be a good starting place, although that probably never occurred to them.


    • I don’t know about that – it would require the adults desiring that their kids might be exposed to truth rather than the BLM-sponsored propaganda, and you know that we can’t have that.

      Without indoctrination about the history of slavery, racial discrimination, and proper victim-hood training, how could they grow up to be cop-hating protesters and parasites?


  2. The brainwashers know you’ve to get them while they’re young. That’s why so many of them become teachers (in addition to the lucrative benefits and absence of anyone on an equal footing to challenge their absurd dribble.)

    Just start marching with your flute and the lemmings will follow.


    • When you stop and think about it, that is really sad. Here we have these young men (still boys) who, unless they have an opportunity to hear facts and truth, will one day grow up to mimic the actions of our black racists today – they who are repulsed by anyone who dares to disagree with their characterizations of police as “out to get them.” They need to be exposed to the truth – although I don’t know where that’s going to come from when their adult supervision is invested in continuing the slavery and perpetual victim memes. If exposed to the truth, some could actually grow up to be real fathers (not baby daddies), maybe even marry their girlfriends, maybe get a job and actually contribute to the betterment of all people.

      But, who am I to speak of those things, after all, I’m a white guy and know not of what I speak.


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