Gay Parasitic Hairworm Named After Obama

From:,  by Daniel Greenfield,  on Sep 9, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Maybe the oddest creature to bear Obama’s name, though, is Paragordius obamai, a parasitic hairworm that originates near the area in Kenya where the president’s grandfather was raised. This particular hairworm, which infects crickets, is notable because the species reproduces without a male.

University of New Mexico professor Ben Hanelt, who bestowed the moniker, told Yahoo News that he and his colleagues were aware that the announcement of “a gay parasite named after the president” might generate some unfortunate news coverage.

Hanelt said two factors led to putting the name of the president of the United States on the hairworm. First, the grant money for his research came from the 2009 economic stimulus bill that Obama championed. Second, he and his colleagues discovered the creature not far from where Obama’s grandfather grew up and some relatives still live.

After Jan. 20, 2017, when “hopefully he won’t be getting thousands of letters a day but maybe hundreds,” Hanelt said he would write to Obama again.

“I will not quit! I want the president to know about this parasite!” he said.


I’m not making this up!

Just consider the implications: this peculiar creature is parasitic (OK, that fits), it is gay (you know you’ve heard the rumors), and it’s a worm (that he is), so I guess that it’s fitting that the worm was named for Obama.  It’s far more fitting that a worm is now named for him than it was for him to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m sure the worm will find comfort in the warm embrace of his/her namesake, B. Hussein Obama.

Maybe this is the beginning of Karmic justice warming up to bring cosmic retribution to that sorry excuse for skin, Barack Obama, for what he’s done to our United States.

Obama has it coming, but really, that poor worm deserves better.





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  1. Nice to know our children’s stolen money was used in such a productive way, studying parasitic hairworms that infect crickets. I guess all of the grant money for studying gay and lesbian underwater basket weaving was already doled out.

    The name is fitting but it’s wasted on just one parasite. Congress should pass a law that requires all parasites to be named after Obama.


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