California’s illegal voter registration drive – what could go wrong?

From:,  by Andrew Grant White,  on Sep 6, 2016,  see the article HERE.


In February 2016, the California governor and legislature did something rather outlandish.  They made a law (2015 Motor Voter Law) that allows all California illegals to apply for a driver’s license.  This law combined with 2013 Assembly Bill 60 (automatic voter registration when getting a driver’s license) effectively results in allowing illegals to vote, because having a license now automatically registers “eligible” voters to vote in California.

Well, perhaps.  Therein lies the rub.

California created a set of laws that effectively allow illegals to vote (Oregon and others, too, but let’s stick with California).  We can quibble over how DMV workers will handle whether to voter-register a license of an illegal or how mail-in registration would be handled, since cross-referencing illegals databases is discouraged.  Bottom line, though, is that the loophole is now there and may cost Clinton the election.  Even one illegal vote (let alone 30 million) is enough to disqualify a state’s vote…perhaps.

There are those who throw up the 15th Amendment to prove that California’s laws are unconstitutional.  Put another way, a more straightforward approach is common sense.  Not a citizen = no vote (unless you’d like 7 billion taxpayer dollar-hungry voters involved in the U.S. election).

Why is this important?  California is a reliably blue state, but what would happen if each and every Californian vote (including its 55 Electoral College votes) were declared null and void by the courts (Trump would be the obvious plaintiff)?  After all, post facto, there’s no way to untangle citizen from illegal non-citizen voting.

What are the ramifications?  If – and it’s still a big if – all California votes were declared null and void by a court, that leaves 489 Electoral College votes (i.e., half or revised 245 votes to win the U.S. presidency).  Using the current flawed polls within the incomplete RCP 2-way average poll weighting, Hillary Clinton is currently holding an “insurmountable” yet diminishing lead in projected electoral votes: 229 (with no toss-up states).  That is not enough to clinch the deal in a non-California world.  Her current “229” Electoral College votes based on dubious sources would then be 174.  Whoops.  That scenario might even place her in second place behind Trump (who himself may or may not have votes to reach 245).

For the sake of argument, then, to the Republican House of Representatives we go.  How are Representatives in the House – even those who dislike Trump – going to vote for president?  Clinton, the second-place finisher, or Trump, the first-place finisher?  It would be the ultimate ratings boost for CSPAN.  My betting would go for Trump.

The only question remaining is, will Trump, trailing by a little bit in electoral votes, himself sue to remove reliably blue Californian Electoral College votes post-election?  Question asked and answered.  California has done a potentially material disservice to Hillary.



Wouldn’t it be some form of Karmic justice for Donald Trump to win the presidency after the courts throw out California’s electoral votes – those assumed to go to Hillary? Would Trump sue if he thought that it would win him the White House?

In a New York second.

Governor Moonbeam and the Democratic-controlled state legislature have made it possible by authorizing ILLEGALS to be granted a driver’s license. Those “undocumented” aliens are in the United States illegally. What is there about that is so difficult to understand? This may turn out to be just one more “feature” of Obama’s anti-Constitutional circumvention of immigration laws.

Personally, I take great affront at the idea that someone who was captured entering the country illegally and released (as some 80% are according to the Border Patrol) is issued a California driver’s license and, at the same time, automatically registered to vote. I don’t have a problem with some form of automatic voter registration, there shouldn’t be any impediments to voter registration and we should be encouraging all CITIZENS to vote. That being said, we must still be sure of a person’s citizenship when registering them to vote. Non-citizens must NOT be allowed to vote in our elections – period.

As a senior citizen of these United States, a longtime taxpayer and a veteran, my exhaustively researched and carefully considered vote can be cancelled out by an illegal alien who may not even speak English or know refried beans about the candidates. Please tell me where the logic or fairness can be found in that?



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  1. That would be sweet karma indeed, were it to happen, but O’s got Moonbeam backed up 9 ways from Sunday and has had since he first opened the back door and encouraged the illegals to pour in. At every level they’re counting on the fact that ‘there’s no way to untangle citizen from illegal non-citizen voting.’

    Add that to the number of liberal judges that O’s put in place and Trump wouldn’t have a chance. His people have been busy just getting him up to speed on current issues, so it’s doubtful they’ve thought that far ahead and planned any kind of countermeasures for such an occurrence.


    • The author says, “there are those who throw up the 15th Amendment to prove that California’s laws are unconstitutional.” I guess I’m one of those because the amendment does specifically specify “citizens” and it looks to me like the liberals in charge wrote the new law with the blending of citizens and illegals as a “feature” rather than an omission or mistake.

      Once the votes are captured, they can no longer be identified as citizen or illegal. That’s the flaw that I think yields an opportunity to strike down the law and invalidate the election. If the courts hold that an illegal has no right to vote, what other choice would they have?


  2. Well for that matter, your “exhaustively researched and carefully considered vote” can be cancelled out by a LEGAL citizen who may not even speak English or know refried beans about the candidates, which is why I do a little shiver whenever someone says everyone should be encouraged to vote. I say if you’re stupid and you know it, please do us all a favor and don’t vote.

    I can see Trump suing California but my vision gets a bit cloudy when it comes to seeing the California vote nullified. Given how Obama has stacked the judicial deck with leftists and the fact that the Supreme Court, at 4-4, would throw it back to the lower (leftist) court, I’m not going to hold my breath on this strategy to save us from Hillary.


    • You’re right about a legal voter, but that’s a given, that’s what happens when votes are cast for two opponents. But the concept goes out of kilter when illegal thumbs push on the scale – that’s what I’m pissed about. Given a preference, I’d agree with you that I’d prefer that dumbasses just didn’t vote at all, but look at what happens when they do – they elected Barack Obama – twice.

      As far as the courts go, the wording of the 15th Amendment is pretty plain, not even as muddy as the 2nd, it specifically says “citizen” and only addresses race, color, or previous condition of servitude. It OUGHT to be cut and dried.

      If Hillary wins by just a little, I think that we can bet on Trump filing suit after suit after suit ………


      • The laws are only as good as the people’s ability to enforce them. Barack Obama’s success in circumventing the law (and Hillary Clinton’s as well) has proven this to be true. I think we may have to face the prospect that we now live in a largely post law and order society.


      • I fear that you may be right. What other conclusion could be drawn from Obama’s numerous unlawful actions and the lifelong criminal acts by the Clinton Crime Family – all going unpunished – actually, hardly even acknowledged – have on our population’s perception of law and order?


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