Liberals Are The Sort Of People Who….

From:,  by John Hawkins,  on Sep 4, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Liberals are the sort of people who eat cheeseburgers while they send vulgar messages to hunters who post pics of their kills. They’re the sort of people who ride in a private jet to an overseas conference where they claim our extravagant Western lifestyle is destroying the planet. They’re the sort of people who oppose drilling any new oil wells and then complain because gas prices are so high.

Liberals love America. Except for our past. And our capitalistic economic system. And our flag. And most of the people who don’t want liberals micromanaging their lives. But, don’t you call them unpatriotic because they support higher taxes…which makes them more patriotic than people who actually love their country. Or Something.

Liberals laugh at Christians who are serious about their faith, mock morality at every turn and do everything they can to promote degeneracy. Then they’re outraged if anyone notes the obvious fact that they’re morally inferior to conservatives.

Liberals are the sort of people who obsessively call other people racist right after they imply black Americans are too stupid, poor and lazy to get voter ID like everyone else in America.

Liberals are the sort of people who do everything they can to facilitate the deaths of millions of female babies via abortion and demand that men be allowed to use the women’s restroom even as they claim conservatives are engaged in a war on women. They’re the sort of people who sneer, “How could anyone vote for Donald Trump?” even as they put up a yard sign for a woman who would be the most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent President in American history.

You want to know how to make a liberal Democrat mad? Tell him the truth. Not the sugar coated, “We don’t want to trigger anyone,” happy talk that liberals are used to, but the real truth.

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be a Top 1000 contender for the presidency if she weren’t a woman and riding on her more popular husband’s shoulders. Speaking of Hillary, she deserves to be in jail, not the White House. In fact, if she’s elected, she’ll be the first President who has done enough to merit impeachment before she even enters the Oval Office. This is a woman who has essentially said, “I don’t understand how classified information works, derp” and liberals want to make her president.

Liberals are the sort of people who think guns are bad and a fence on the border won’t work while they stand at the White House and wait for armed Secret Service agents to allow them in for a tour. Liberals are the sort of people who’ll demand that the government “stay out of our bedrooms” while they try to force nuns to provide abortions and birth control. Liberals are the sort of people who’ll tell you conservatives are “angry” right after they obsessively hurl hate and abuse at the police, the military and Christians.

Liberals are the sort of people who hear about a police shooting of a criminal in a liberal city, with a liberal mayor, in a state with a liberal governor and conclude Republicans are responsible. They’re the sort of people who believe that cops are generally racists who abuse their authority, but they think only cops should have guns. They’re the sort of people who have an infinite supply of pity for someone who gets shot while assaulting a cop, but are indifferent to innocent Americans victimized by criminals.

Liberals are the sort of people who believe an adult with male genitalia can become a woman just by deciding to be, but that parents who give their little girls dolls or their little boys trucks are only confirming harmful gender stereotypes. They’re the sort of people who think of themselves as open-minded while they declare that college students need safe spaces to retreat if they hear something they disagree with on campus. Liberals are the sort of people who call others racist, sexist, Nazis, Fascists and haters while simultaneously complaining that other people need to be more sensitive and careful about what they say.

It’s important to note all of this for the historical record because one day when kids in America are wearing sack cloth, the middle class is eating out of garbage pails and crazed rape gangs, that we imported into the country to show how diverse we are, are running wild, people will want to know what happened. How did we destroy Social Security and Medicare? How did the country go broke? How did America change from a once powerful nation to a pitiable wreck?

If we get to that point and realistically, that’s where we’re headed unless we change course, there will be a simple answer to the question, “Who ruined America?” That answer will be liberals and people should become familiar with the insane, immoral way they behave so that future generations can have a chance to rebuild what people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are systematically destroying today. Liberals are the sort of people who will happily applaud the destruction of everything that made America a successful and prosperous superpower unless they’re defeated.


Mr. Hawkins pretty much nails it with his depiction of liberals, one hypocrisy after another. We’ve all noticed the hypocrisy that pervades the liberal mindset , how can you miss it? Yet, they don’t seem to recognize it in themselves or just don’t care. Maybe it’s my background as a computer programmer and a business operator, but it seems that both logic and critical thinking are absent in a liberal’s thought process. Liberals apparently firmly believe that merely wishing for good things to happen is enough. They don’t seem to understand that you first have to identify a problem and accept the truth of it before you can devise steps to fix it. To them, simply spouting flowery rhetoric is the equal of taking concrete steps to address a problem – and that’s why their “solutions” never work. They’re convinced that good intentions trump (no pun intended) deeds and actions.

For the life of me I cannot understand how liberals navigate their way through day-to-day real life activities without disasters befalling them at every turn. It seems that they are satisfied to go through life in a dense (but they believe, benevolent) fog.



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6 replies

  1. Brilliant post by Hawkins, Garnet. LOVE the image too!


  2. Yes he did nail it, and some of these Hillary supporters have taken it to a whole new level. Try asking them a question – such as what her qualifications are – and the fingers fly up and into the ears, while they chant la la la until you walk away shaking your head, then they resume breathing. #youcantfixstupid


    • They have established a reputation for not wanting to hear the truth. Now, without Bush to blame, it seems that their usual response is to retort with something like “your guy did it too,” as in Colin Powell’s use of email, etc. I wonder what color the sky it in their world? Polka dots?


  3. They really don’t do well in reality. And that they blame on us.


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