Hillary’s Health and Those Who Speak of It

Hillary Rodham Clinton

You’ve probably seen the story, or at least the headline where Donald Trump called for Hillary to release her medical records. Naturally her campaign people bashed his records as being selective while continuing to hide hers. While Trump can’t be fired or let go for challenging her to a duel of sorts, that’s not the case for others, as we’re now seeing.

One case was Dr. Drew Pinsky who’s show on HLN was canceled only days after he stated he was seriously concerned about Hillary’s health. Never mind that his concerns were based on the concussion she had in 2012, and never mind that Clinton herself blamed the concussion for recent memory lapses (cough, cough).

It’s been reported that Dr. Drew was so afraid of Hillary that he wouldn’t blame HLN, sister channel of CNN, for canceling his show.

“No, no, no. I just want them to go away!” he told one friend.

Even his rep, Valerie Allen has stated that it’s just a coincidence.

Another case involved one David Seaman, who is a political commentator and pundit, having contributed to publications such as Business Insider and more recently Huffington Post. According to his bio, he’s been a guest on a litany of news programs including CNN News, BBC World Service, FOX News, ABC News Digital, etc.

In late August, Seaman posted a couple of articles relating to Hillary’s health. One was entitled, “Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton to Health Records Duel.” The other: “Hillary Clinton’s Health is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens).”

In the second piece (which can be viewed here, although it’s been deleted from HuffPo), Seaman linked to a video on the her health.  The video, an InfoWars compilation, claims that Hillary not only has very serious health problems which render her unfit to be president, but also that there is an attempted cover-up by the media at large – as if we weren’t aware of that, right?

Within hours of Seaman’s posting, Huff Po deleted the articles and revoked his publishing rights, despite the article trending at number three on the site. Seaman confirmed that he’d been dropped as a contributor there and even made a video to document their action.

In his video he notifies readers that he is not depressed nor suicidal. “So, if I am to ‘slip in the shower’ over the next couple of days – or something silly like that – we have to really employ probability and statistics here, because I’m not a clumsy person, and I’m also not a depressed person,” he said, not ruling out the possibility of being attacked for exposing the Huff Po. “I am a person who’s spooked out though.”

Below is the video compiled by the tinfoil hat team at InfoWars.  Although the fact that they’re the source makes it iffy in my book,  it is interesting to watch nonetheless.

Senile and decrepit John McCain had his health questioned in 2008 when he was running for president, and Trump’s health has been called into question as well, so what makes Hillary’s health off limits, especially when it’s so obvious she has some issues? How is that she gets a free pass every single time? We can thank the lefty media for that.



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  1. Gee, and I thought she just had a real crappy personality.

    Seems there are good reasons to question her physical health but I second what Brian said – it’s her mental health that’s the bigger issue. Either way we’re screwed with her as POTUS. If Trump were smart that’s the case he would make. IF…….


    • There is that too, CW – the crappy personality, but she’s had that since childhood. Right now Trump is focused on her constant lies, but so many people are numb to them and simply don’t care. He needs a new attack plan if he wants to be sway more voters and picking on her health would be completely justified.

      A little research and a few videos I watched makes me think she’s got Parkinson’s Disease. She’s showing many of the symptoms like the head bobbing and the rigid muscles, which are causing the frequent falls, one of which caused the concussion that’s created additional problems. She can cover up the hand tremors by gesturing with her hands and also holding on to the microphone. PD causes problems in swallowing thus the coughing fits that can’t be covered up so easily.

      We already knew she’s not mentally fit to serve as president, but add the physical problems to it and she should be disqualified. How many of the Dems and the Secret Service are knowingly covering for her? If he really wanted to save this country, that’s where Trump’s focus should be.


      • Ideally I would want this contest to come down to an epic debate about conservatism vs. liberalism, but any hope of that went out the window when Trump became the nominee. Instead we have to hope that Trump can win on the basis that he is healthier and less dishonest than Hillary. I can’t help but sadly wonder, given just those two parameters, how far ahead we might be with Ted Cruz as our nominee. He would have had the age, health and the honesty points locked in from the get-go. Sigh.


      • Oh, ditto that, CW. Months ago, who would have ever thought that we’d be rooting for Trump over Hillary when we had so many candidates who would have been so much better?


  2. Well, I think liberalism itself is a mental disorder, so…


    • Yeah, but who knew that a mental disorder could cause marathon coughing spells? Ol’ Hacking Hillary’s got it bad…


      • Well, in all seriousness, I think there’s a reason the Hildebeest’s been avoiding doing any live pressers. It’s one more reason why I think Trump can absolutely SLAY her in the debates.

        To be honest, I can hardly wait. I so LOATHE that bitch.


  3. I watched your video compilation of Hillary’s coughing, facial tics, inane laughter, peculiar facial expressions, etc. that do lend credence to her being brain damaged. That was a real eye-opener. I don’t ever watch anything where she’s speaking so I’d never seen those peculiar mannerisms before – they sure don’t seem normal to me.


    • Except for bits & pieces, I don’t watch her either – I’d rather have a root canal. The head bobbing motion is akin to what you see in people with Parkinson’s, but for my nickel the overly long laughter is her way of trivializing whatever comment or question she just heard and a cover-up while she recalls which lie covers this topic.


  4. Did you see her cough…cough…cough…cough…coughing fit in Cleveland today.
    I half expected her to launch a lung into the first row.


    • Saw it earlier, and this seems to be the longest spell so far, although I couldn’t stay for the entire 4 minutes. After that, even her brain-dead supporters must be having second thoughts, so It seems to me that at some point she would at least offer a semi-plausible explanation for the near-endless coughing spells. Something for the little morons to shrug off as incidental would be in order about now.


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