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I’ve been responding to detractors like Sean Hannity on FB who simultaneously insist that me and Cruz supporters don’t matter anymore, and that it will be our fault if Trump loses.


Either we matter, or we don’t. Indeed, it’s part of what makes Hannity’s attacks so laughable. He has millions of listeners and viewers, but he can’t deliver the election for his dearest leader. Yet somehow I can? WTF? LOL!!

This points to one of the hard and humbling lessons of this election: Many of the so-called gatekeepers of “conservatism” have been utterly inadequate to the task of protecting that which we love, because while we’ve been guarding the gate, the Trumpians have smashed down the walls on both sides of it.

In response, many gatekeepers have left their posts to join the mob, in the spirit of “There go the people. I must follow them, for I am their leader!”

The fact is: If Trump’s as awful a candidate, as he might very well be, then he hardly needs my help in losing. Yet, I’m accused of sandbagging him, and supporting Hillary thereby!

But that’s the thing, I don’t feel obligated to support Hillary. I despise her! The insistence that I must admit to something I do not believe isn’t dishonorable. Rather, it is the product of a conflict of visions: the simplistic binary argument that one must be for one candidate if one is against the other.

I don’t buy the binary argument!!

Think of it this way: What if the race this year was between Hannibal Lecter and Freddy Krueger??

Am I really obligated to figure out which is the lesser of two evils, or am I actually obligated to say they’re both evil?

“C’mon some of us are trying to win an election here! Stop bashing Dr. Lecter. Sure he kills and eats people, but he’s so much better than Krueger. Just look at the Krueger Foundation!”

I go back and forth over the question of whether Hillary or Trump would be worse for America, and/or constitutional conservatism, or whom I would vote for if this binary question came down to my vote. . .


So, I fall back to the safe harbor of saying what I believe about both of them and the issues at play, for the simple reason that this seems like the right thing to do, and because I want to be consistent about what I believe in, — no matter who is president.

Hat Tip to Jonah Goldberg for the inspiration, but he was merely reading my mind. (The mind-reading plagiarist!) This crap is just that! As are ALL of the announced candidates!!!

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  1. I stopped listening/watching Hannity many years ago when it became clear to me that he was just a team guy, meaning that he would do or say ANYTHING to support his team regardless of whatever principles he claimed to hold dear. But since he comes on the radio after Rush Limbaugh I still hear him now and then without intending to, and lately whenever that happens it’s always the same song: “You people who refuse to unite behind Trump are going to get what you deserve! YOU’RE going to ruin the country! It’s all YOUR fault if Hillary gets elected! I’M not the bad conservative – YOU ARE! You’re unpatriotic! Grrrr….grrrr…grrrr. Bark…bark…bark.”

    Where was all this passion and anger when there was a real conservative in the race, Mr. Great American? Sean was too busy hedging his bets back then. He couldn’t be bothered to expend the energy or his formidable clout to assist the conservative by going all in for Ted Cruz. But NOW he’s all in for Trump. Just what you’d expect from a true “conservative,” eh? That’s classic Hannity and the Trumpsters love him for it. The fact that Hannity is cursing and spitting on those who are reluctant to help Trump while he gives a complete pass to those who threw the conservative candidate under the bus and gave us Trump or Hillary exposes him for who and what he really is.

    Like you I don’t buy the argument that not casting a vote for POTUS equals voting for Hillary. That’s a convenient way for Trump supporters to frame things so as to let themselves off the hook, and because apparently it’s easier to scapegoat us than to make a positive case for Trump. Nevertheless it is true that this is election is going to come down to Hillary or Trump. Hopefully everyone will give it the contemplation it deserves.


  2. I suspect that most of our readers know my position on the choices for president. They both stink – with bubbles. But there are really four choices: don’t vote, vote for someone other than Donald or Hillary, vote for Trump or vote for Hillary. Those are the gross choices (and i do mean gross).

    1) I maintain that if you don’t vote, you’ve given up your right to bitch – period. I cannot take this path, I’ll vote even if it takes holding my nose and doing it (it will).

    2) Vote for someone other than Trump or Clinton. That’s a cop-out and really will have no bearing on the governance of the country – you might as well not vote.

    3) Vote for Hillary. Only if I was a lifelong democrat and had an IQ equal to my waist size could I do that.

    4) vote for Trump. I think that he’s a terrible candidate, but with that said, he’s better (less evil) than Hillary so I expect to cast my vote for him.

    It’s only a binary choice if you can’t vote for either Hillary or Trump, leaving #1 or #2 as options OR if you can’t refrain from voting and won’t vote for a “lesser” candidate, your binary choices are either Trump or Clinton.

    For me, I’d be a traitor to my grandchildren if I voted for Hillary or if I chose to stay home or vote for a secondary candidate. At least, there is a chance that Donald will make a few good decisions such as Supreme Court selections. That chance is what I’m voting for.


  3. Like the rest of the trumpbots, Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter and the like are so far up Trump’s hind end they forgot that it’s supposed to be about what’s best for the country and not a popularity contest. Now if their fair-haired boy doesn’t win, it will be our fault, although a few months ago we were immaterial. Nice gig if you can get it.

    What happens when he wins and can’t do the job, can’t fulfill those promises?? That our fault too??

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    • Look, Trump very well may be better than Hillary. Death itself might be better than Hillary!

      That really isn’t the point for me! I want someone I can affirmatively vote FOR, and Trump will never be that guy. I OPPOSE Hillary, but that does NOT make for Trump, because the Binary Choice is a false choice!


      • I don’t think any election is a “binary choice”. In every election there are alternatives. Usually more than two candidates, and even if not there’s always the abstention option.

        However, in some elections — and this is one of them — there are only two possible outcomes, as I’ve written here and several other places, including my own blog: either Trump or the Beest is going to win this election. No one else. Not Johnson, not Stein, not Sanders, nor anyone else.

        The only way that becomes a “binary option” for YOU is if you decide you want to cast a vote that’s actually going to be relevant to the outcome.

        I’ve come over to the “Death itself might be better than Hillary!” camp.


  4. Well, as to your opening statement, I think Hannity (and others) are actually saying that Cruz doesn’t matter anymore, and they’re right.

    The reality is that next January, Cruz is definitely NOT going to be sworn in as President. But someone will be, and it’s up to us voters, as individuals, to make that choice. And whoever wins that race — and it’s going to be either Trump or Clinton and no one else — is going to be making the appointment to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court. On that issue EVERY vote matters. The outcome of the 2000 election ended up being determined by less than 600 votes.

    That’s the simple, undeniable reality of the matter. There’s no sugar coating it.


    • No one but Trumpsters are talking about Cruz, other than defending him. Well, there is some discussion about his 2018 Senate race. He has told everyone to NOT write him in, etc., yet the Trumpsters continue to attack.

      I’m all for letting the SCOTUS decline to 7 or 5 seats if the Dems win. The Constitution only implies a minimum of two, since a Chief is required.

      I have little confidence that Trump would appoint Scalia if he was 50 years old & available.


      • Well, you’re right; the Constitution doesn’t enumerate how many Justices there have to be on SCOTUS, so it could be any number, but again, political reality rears its ugly head. The number’s going to stay at nine, primarily because of tradition, and that’s simply not going to change. So there you have it. Those are the cards on the table.

        You’re also right that we don’t KNOW what kind of Justices Trump would nominate, though he has released a list that’s pretty good. But we DO know the kind of Justices the Beest will nominate, and it spells judicial death for many of our liberties.

        The last part of that puzzle is that ONE of the two of them is going to be the winner of this election. No one else. Period.

        So there you have it. Those are the facts on that issue. From that you draw your own conclusions, and make your own decision.


  5. Well I guess u will be happy on Nov9 that
    That the election is over and the world still spins
    !life is short and getting shorter for some of us
    We are here for a short time I intend on having
    A good time no matter who wins ! Ed


    • Hi, Ed!

      I suspect that I won’t be politically happy with the election outcome, regardless who wins. But, like you, my years of decline will continue, until they don’t.

      I’ll be 68 in November, on both SSA & Medicare while still working our business, which isn’t physically taxing. I’ll keep on doing it to stay out of trouble, and make a few coins. I’ll keep reading, and running my mouth off with friends and on social media for diversion. And I’ll persist in pursuing spiritual matters earnestly in my Christian faith. The latter alone will keep me happy!


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