The Dummy, Colin Kaepernick


Like a lot of people these days, Colin Kaepernick does not discriminate.   He does not discriminate between the actions of individuals versus the policies of a state, nor does he discriminate between what’s fact and what’s fiction.  That’s nothing to be proud of.  Far from being special, he is part of a growing and dangerous epidemic of easily brainwashed people who have traded their minds and their maturity for the short-term thrill of basking in faux heroism.  This is the garbage that liberalism has wrought.

Thanks to liberals and their lock-grip over education and the media in this country, Colin Kaepernick, at 28 years old, is pathetically incapable of distinguishing between the actions of a few bad apple police officers and a nation that is a completely separate entity.  Kaepernick could do a great deal, given his wealth and high profile, to help change the dialogue and encourage black men to achieve respect through accomplishment rather than violent protests, but he chooses instead to take the easy, selfish route in which he ignores the self-destructiveness of the black community while wrongly blaming every other American for their failures.  That’s the liberal way but, hey, Kaepernick likes the attention.

Speaking of those who love attention, the other day I read a news story about Beyonce’s performance in some music awards show.  Apparently she showed up with the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and others, then did her act which included songs about black oppression.  The only thing missing, I presume, was the banner reading, “Look How Saintly and Awesome I Am!”  But it was the next story I read that day that really got to me.  It was the story of a 17-year old (white) girl who, according to the FBI, was kidnapped by a black teenager and taken to a “stash house” where she was gang raped, murdered and tossed in an alligator pit.  According to a witness, the kidnapper/rapist’s father was present at the house during the crime.  It doesn’t get much more barbaric than that, does it?  The people who would do such things are sub-human in my humble opinion.  What’s worse is that such stories aren’t all that uncommon.  For every black “victim” rightly or wrongly martyred by the Black Lives Matter people I can name a hundred or more real victims, black and white, of senseless black violence.   Even so, as a mature, thoughtful and discriminating woman I don’t indict all black men for their crimes.  That would be wrong; therefore my conscience would not allow it.  The same holds true for this country as a nation.  Even though blacks murder at a rate seven or eight times higher than whites we still have the conscience and the will, as a nation, to refrain from indicting an entire group for the crimes of a few.  That, I guess, is the difference between us and self-styled ‘heroes” like Colin Kaepernick and Beyonce.



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  1. Thanks and great comment, Garnet. I’m looking forward to hearing the boos when “Kaepernick” runs onto the field this season. He’s going to find out that free speech runs both ways.


  2. So let me get this straight: He is protesting what he believes is targeting of ALL people of color by targeting ALL police officers. Makes perfect sense – fight perceived discrimination through discrimination.


  3. Nicely done, CW.

    But this football loon isn’t any kind of new phenomenon, nor is he particularly unique. He’s simply another celebrity spokeshole for the latest leftist cause du jour.

    How many times have we heard DiCaprio spout off about whales, or Damon blathering about oil, or Clooney chattering about “climate change”, or any of dozens of others of the People magazine class rattling on about whatever their “cause” is? Maybe they get so used to celebrity reporters and fans fawning over their every word that they become convinced of their own “wisdom”, and decide to use the pulpit of that celebrity to further their causes, all in the philanthropic betterment of mankind, you understand.

    And yes, they’re utterly blind to their own hypocrisy, such as this kid raised by adoptive white parents squalling about “racism”, or DiCaprio hopping into his private jet after bleating about “climate change”, or Damon hopping into his limo after bleating about oil. That’s just SOP; it’s par for the course.

    The only potential upside is that this ignoramus will lose his celebrity sponsorships and take a huge hit in his wallet. But other than that, SSDD.


    • You’re absolutely right, Brian. Kaepernick is nothing new or special. Just the latest in a long line of self-loving, attention-craving celebrities who believe everyone gives a rat’s behind about what they think. But hypocrisy, as you point out, has a way of revealing one’s true motives. They can’t escape that.


  4. CW, we’ve reached a point in time where very little surprises us anymore – except perhaps the depths of depravity people can sink to while the media continues to report it as every day news. We’re no longer very surprised at beheadings, torture or gang murders of old harmless people.

    As for Colin, I have to chalk his idiocy up to his raising – perhaps coddled to compensate for being adopted – but it’s fairly apparent that he’s been led to believe that his line of thinking is logical when it isn’t. It’s also an indication of just how degraded our education system has gotten, when a 28-year-old is confident enough in his thought process to make such a statement to the nation.

    Good thought-provoking piece, CW.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Yes, when the children are running things the world isn’t such a nice place. I think you’re right – Colin’s been coddled. He’s been taught that taking a stand makes him brave, with no regard to whether or not his stand makes any sense. But I’m sure a young man looks at Obama and sees him getting away with the same thing and thinks, why not me too?


  5. Good stuff, CW. It’s bad enough that mixed-race Kaepernick dishonors the white couple who raised him by speaking out against what he apparently perceives as institutional racism, that’s far more forgivable than showing public contempt for one of the symbols of America’s freedom. I wonder if he’d been present, would he have prevented the flag from being raised at Iwo Jima? No one ever said that the U.S. is perfect, we have our warts, but I challenge that professional game-player to show me a better country, one that has on many occasions saw thousands of its young men die for someone else’s freedom. I’m a pro football fan and look forward to the coming season, but it’ll be without Colin Kaepernick regardless of his position or his team. He is dead to me henceforth, as is anyone who spits on, burns, or otherwise defaces the flag.


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