Refugees Get Government Grants to Learn How to be Farmers

By Elizabeth Harrington, 8-25-16 at Free Beacon:


Did you ever want to learn how to farm and raise your own crops? Thanks to government grants, leased or free land and the help of some do-gooder organizations, now you can – if you quality, that is.

You must be a) Native American, b) a refugee, or c) a diverse family, whatever that is.

BURUNDIAN 09/22/2009 Assignment Number: 97082 (From left to right) Adirine Ntirabampa(cq), (behind) Speciose Barera(cq) and Blaise Isaack Naayiragije(cq) pick bean leaves, which some African cultures consider a delicacy. The leaves are often cooked with potatoes or meat.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending nearly $1 million to teach refugees how to farm.

New grants announced last week include two projects in Idaho and Kansas to “cultivate the next generation of farmers” by helping refugees get land leases to start their own farms.

The first project was awarded to Global Gardens, a Boise, Idaho-based organization that teaches refugees about farming and community gardening. The group will train refugees and Native Americans about organic vegetable farming.

“Global Gardens trains beginning farmers who have cultural, linguistic, or economic barriers to success which might prevent them from otherwise becoming successful farmers or accessing more mainstream farmer training programs,” the project grant states. “Our long-term goal is to create sustainable, profitable, independent small farm businesses.”

Project goals include assisting refugees in securing land leases on incubator farms, teaching refugees “financial literacy,” and providing nine paid internships on a farm.

“Expected outcomes include increases in knowledge of sustainable vegetable production, marketing, and financial literacy for participating farmers, establishment of new, refugee and Native-owned farms, and increased productivity and farm income for those already farming,” the grant said.

The project has received $597,867 and will continue through July 2019.

A second project titled “New Roots for Refugees” was awarded to Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. The project will create an incubator farm for newly settled refugees.

“The long term goal is that refugees farm in Kansas City independently on land that they own or lease at a scale that they desire and manage,” according to the grant. “To reach this goal, we have identified the following objectives: Removal of Barriers to Marketing, Adapted and Increased Agricultural Skills, Financial Management and Farm Capitalization, and Whole Farm Planning.”

The Kansas project will also provide leases to refugees so they can “establish a path toward managing their own farm business.”

“The long term goal of New Roots for Refugees is that refugees will farm independently on owned land or through lease agreements at a scale that they desire, achieve, and manage,” the grant said.

The grant is worth $380,433, bringing the total cost for the two projects to $978,300.

Idaho has one of the highest refugee populations in the country, taking in 1,000 each year, the majority of which are resettled in Boise.

Kansas takes in roughly 350 refugees per year, mostly from Iraq, Bhutan, and Myanmar.


Global Gardens…ahh, doesn’t that have a sweet kumbaya sound to it? Here’s what they have to say about themselves –

Global Gardens is a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees. We strive to involve diverse families in healthy lifestyles and entrepreneurial training. We do so through the cultivation, harvest, cooking, eating, and sales of fresh, healthy produce. We connect the food needs of diverse families with resources to grow and market food. 

Although I give you guys more credit than that, their website even goes so far as to explain to us ignoramuses what a refugee is.

First we pay to bring refugees into the US, unvetted, then we transport them to various areas throughout the US, where they receive free housing, grocery money and can now enroll their kids into our schools. They can’t speak English which in itself creates a huge hardship for them and the do-gooder folks helping them. They don’t understand our customs or even the simplest of things like washing your hands, how to use restrooms and personal hygiene. The women use their burkas to shoplift and the men think beatings and rape are acceptable ways to treat females.

But, no matter, let’s give them land and have them grow food for us, and take a wild guess who’s in charge of the grants? It’s the USDA, who has their stamp of approval on every product we buy, most especially meat, dairy and produce items. An excerpt from the grant document states:

Our long-term goal is to create sustainable, profitable, independent small farm businesses. Our focus is mainly on organic or spray-free vegetable production with direct sales through farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture projects (CSAs).

So refugees are going to produce “organic or spray-free” vegetables?? Seriously?? It would be funny if the whole thing weren’t so ridiculously insulting to sensible Americans. You might want to wash that Idaho spud off extra good before you cook it, just sayin’.


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6 replies

  1. Rats! It’s too late to claim “Potato Famine” refugee status, and I can’t even get in on any of that ‘diverse’ dinero.
    My sister had one of those DNA tests done. Since she shares common parentage, with me, and our younger siblings, this is who we are:
    Ireland 70%
    Great Britain 13%
    Scandinavia 8%
    Europe West 7%
    Europe East 1%
    Iberian Peninsula <1%
    Talk about Caucasians with a capital 'C' – White Privilege strikes again.


  2. What gives the government, or to be more precise – a handful of individuals who happen to be in control of our money at any one time, the RIGHT to use our money this way? It’s not the business of the government to engage in charity on our behalves. This is no different than if they reached into our bank accounts and took our money to give to whomever THEY deemed worthy. Unfortunately, due to too much past complacency, we are long past the point of having the principled debate.


  3. Yes, it is more important for them do-gooders to help immigrants through welfare programs designed to make good citizens out of those who promise to vote and support DamnitCrat policies. Those so called refugees will bend over backwards to help those who help them, wherever they are in the USA. Just get them here for free (to them), just raise our taxes and never mind our citizens who have been forced out of their farming businesses. Just set them up with low or no cost housing, food stamps, obamacare health insurance, obamafones, school vouchers and specialized training. Show me a damnacrat who’d be against any of that. Then tally up all that expense and add sum more for administrative fees and expenses, it’ll about triple the submitted proposal, but don’t worry – taxpayers will be delighted with such a noble effort to stabilize the few lives that will benefit. But never mind how many Americans lost their lives fighting in wars they weren’t allowed to engage the enemies but allowed refugee status to insurgents who will eventually begin promoting that cock-crazy sharia law crap down our throat. And never mind how many Americans lost their jobs so that them refugees can step in and take those job openings. And never mind that they can’t quite get the hang of speaking our english laguage, they will quickly acclimate their business environment to work mainly with those who speak their language along with whoever tries to be patient with their efforts to say anything understandable.
    Oh, it will all be alright. This too and another day will come and this will all be behind us as we sit around holding hands and sing kumbaya.
    Just keep asking, “Where’s Waldo?” or go re-read Atlas Shrugged.


  4. Ya know, I could accept this concept IF we were already at 100% employment (or even close to it), but when so many American families are already hurting, why the HELL are we bringing in more welfare recipients further draining our already empty pockets and ignoring our citizens? It’s as if our government places more value on immigrants and “refugees” than citizens who need the help. It is ample evidence of the topsy-turvy thinking of our leftist federal government.

    I know that it probably gives liberals headaches to think logically, but doesn’t it make more sense to help our citizens FIRST, before even considering bringing in more competition for them?


    • You said it, Garnet – “It’s as if our government places more value on immigrants and “refugees” than citizens who need the help” and under O’s regime that’s exactly where their priorities are, as they will be with Hillary.

      A normal president would think of our people first, primarily our veterans.

      You probably noticed that the article was focused on solely refugees with no mention at all of the Native Americans they so magnanimously included in the grants.


      • Yes, I did notice their inclusion and I suspect that it was done with the same reasoning as the BLM often includes GBLT and “brown-skinned” immigrants in their complaints and demands – it’s to swell the numbers and make us think that they represent all of those other folks too. They really didn’t have to name those included anyway – like so many programs we see in the Obama Administration – all it needs to say is “NO WHITES ALLOWED.”


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