The Presidential Game

Presidential game

I just read an article on Hot Air by Jazz Shaw who used a football analogy to question whether Hillary isn’t just “running out the clock.” Now that he’s mentioned it, I think he may be right.

Where is SHE? Is she hiding out in a bunker? She hasn’t held a press conference in 263 days and she is running for the presidency? Is she such a liability that her coaches believe that her chances of winning are best if she stays off the field – in the locker room?

The truth is that she can no longer keep her lies straight and to lessen the chance that she’ll get caught in another series of whoppers, her coaches have decided that not saying anything is best. Her game plan was filled with fakes and misdirection since those come naturally to her, but now she’ll play the game via television ads and her sycophantic spokes-liars, with the complicit media smoothing over any little “inconsistencies” that might make her look bad.

Using the football analogy, I wonder if she’s not running a “prevent” offense?

She has a 5% lead (RCP average) and that’s equivalent to something like a 2 point lead in our election football game. If nothing changes in the next couple of months, she could win, but Trump can still win if he can get in position to kick a field goal.

Team Hillary has shown almost no offense and no viable defense through the first three quarters, but Team Trump has gone three and out or fumbled just about every series. He hasn’t mounted any sustained drives and hasn’t been able to score (mostly due to his own fumbles).

They’re both so awful, their supporters and many of their “cheerleaders” have already left the game and headed to the local pub to erase the memory of the country’s worst two teams vying for the presidential trophy. It’s akin to a Super Bowl with two 0-16 teams playing.

It’s almost down to a virtual two minute warning and if Team Hillary can keep her off the field and not make any major mistakes, she may pull it off. So yes, she’s playing not to lose, and keeping her in the locker room is the best way to keep her from fumbling the game away.

Team Trump’s only chance is to mount a last minute scoring drive; he needs some offense – any offense – just to get into scoring range. But he also has to hold onto the ball, a fumble will stop the drive and let her run the clock out.

Trump needs a “Hail Mary” for sure. Everything boils down to his two-minute offense. He can win, but it’ll take discipline, something that is distinctly uncomfortable for him. Can he do it?

In the presidency game, there is no overtime; every game is sudden death. The game will end with a winner; that’s the way it’s played.

It’s just a shame that from the American citizen’s perspective, the two teams playing the game are both so awful, regardless of which of these two candidate wins, we all still lose.


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  1. If the 30% real Moderate Republicans and 20% real Conservative Republicans don’t set down today and rewrite the platform to represent both sides which could produce a real work in political compromise that both sides could adopt; then the 43% Liberals and 7% others will partner up with about 15% of the moderates and Hillary wins … America Loses. I voted for Cruz but have no choice now but to vote for Trump. I am okay with that … not happy … but okay. But, the Senate re-elects are in trouble and somebody needs to wake up to that fact now. If you are not voting for the most Conservative Senator then America loses. The time for insults is over. Lets team up to use an earlier analogy and beat the Hillarites down with Truth, Justice and the American way.


    • I hear you, Jack and you’re spot on. We’ve got multiple problems to contend with: first, we must defeat Hillary and then we must also prevent the House and Senate from a democrat majority. The dems can’t retake the House in this election, but they could retake the Senate.

      Just imagine a worst case scenario – Hillary wins, the dems take the Senate (who confirm SC Justices) and she gets to name one or two Supreme Court Justices during her first term. And make no mistake; that could happen.

      That would almost assure the end of America as we’ve known her.

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  2. Do you just have to be corrupt to the core to be qualified to run political campains? There’s no other qualified wonen willing to run for president? Maybe Fiorina should’ve put on a Democrat hat after losing the Republican ticket. Dems run as rinos, why can’t repolicans run as dinos?
    As for HillaryUs, look how long it took for the lbgt…to come out of the closet, and now she wants to hide back in the closet and lock the door. How can she ever come back out and face the public knowing full well she has disgraced herself? What’s she gonna do, stay behind closed doors and administrate via email? Send out her minions to deliver messages that portray the image of a goddess that’s gonna dole out everything for free then tax the hell out of everyone?
    Like I say about a certain group of folks,
    “If you caint mind your own damn business,
    who, what, how in hell makes you think of minding anybody elses business?”


    • WT, you’re preaching to the choir. We all know that there are probably tens of millions of women who are MORE honest, more credible, more trustworthy, smarter, in better health, etc. to be president than Hillary Clinton, but she’s managed to kiss the right asses and paid off the right crooks so she won the sweepstakes and here we are – with her as a candidate. Women are the ones who ought to be pissed off as she’ll be representing the female gender, just like Obama has represented black people. After she’s done, she may be the last woman elected for a while.


  3. If even half of the talk about her various ailments is accurate, then she’s saving herself and hanging onto the last shreds of her health to drag herself across the goal line. Right now Trump is flip-flopping on immigration and he better get it right or it’s his game to lose.


    • Yep, I think that she’s a walking (hobbling) disaster area, but Trump’s flip-flopping on immigration can doom him. Just think, the main point that drew his Trumpanzees to him was his hard-line stance on immigration. If he softens on that, he’s history.


  4. You called that one right, Garnet. Right down to the loyal fans who don’t care who the best team is. They just want their team to win.

    The rules and regulations in football were intended to keep the game fair, but just like in anything else there will always be those who see that as a way to give their weaker team an advantage over a better team. Once that happens it becomes the standard for everyone out of necessity. Every now and then, however, you get a team with so much natural talent in it’s players and coaches that no amount of allowed cheating – running out the clock, icing the kicker, drawing the other team off sides or encouraging fans to make deafening noise – can overcome it. Those are the best but rarest of victories. Politically speaking I hope to see one in my lifetime, but my hopes are slowly fading.


    • Good comment CW! In a way, you’ve described Hillary’s “team.” She should have been a prohibitive favorite and only her monumental negatives are keeping Trump in the game. He keeps committing penalties, losing yardage, and fumbling, all because of his personal ineptitude. He’s even helped her by substituting players continually – preventing any sort of consistency in his “team.” She will, as you say, use every trick in the book to prevent him scoring and it’ll take a miracle (a Hail Mary) for him to win – but there is still hope. That’s why they call them “miracles.”


  5. My late father had very negative thoughts about a prevent offense: “They call it ‘prevent’ because it ‘prevents’ the team from winning.”
    Over the decades, I have found that to be true more often than not. A coach with the lead will order his team to throttle back, intending to run out the clock. There is a fumble, or other miscue, and the opposing team charges back to take the lead. Now, the first team is facing a must score situation, but cannot “throttle up” again after playing at half-speed.
    Therein lies the hope. If there is any “October surprise” lurking in wait for Hillary and her hellions, they may not be able to “throttle up” in time to poach a win over T-Rump.
    As you note, either way we are screwed. It is only a matter of degree. The choice comes down to being screwed, or screwed AND defenseless.


    • I concur with your dad – and of course we’re talking about a prevent defense. As far as an October surprise goes, I don’t think that Trump has planned anything like that – he seems to prefer to ignore what’s happened in the past and instead use the power of his “massive intellect” to prevail. So, IF there IS an October surprise, I think it’ll be pure happenstance or something planned by someone else – perhaps another document dump of her “personal” emails documenting her “pay to play” negotiations for Clinton Family Foundation “contributions”? Perhaps something from Wikileaks or Russia?


  6. I think the Hildebeest’s people understand how bad she is as a candidate, and try to keep her in tightly scripted and controlled environments. She’s about as warm and fuzzy as a cactus plant and has all the personal charm of Darth Vader. That’s why she hasn’t had a presser in almost nine months, and you never see her in open meet-and-greets. She has all the personal appeal of a used snot rag.

    But there’s something she CAN’T avoid, and that’s the upcoming debates. That’s where Trump wins or loses this election, in my opinion.


  7. A “front porch strategy” is traditional for a well-liked incumbent. Hillary is running as a 3rd Obama term, so that’s a form of incumbency. But she is actively disliked, and therein lies a difference. What is making her strategy operable is the unlikability of Trump, who has alienated so many people, her plan just might work.

    I honestly think Cruz, Kasich, or Rubio would have won in an absolute landslide. Trump was the only GOP candidate that COULD have lost against her!


    • I agree Curt, in fact even Jeb might be able to best her. For sure, the three you mentioned would win in a landslide. But noooo, our Trumpanzee friends pulled out all the stops to sink Ted and sweep Trump into the nomination. I hope they’re sweating bullets by now – I know I am.


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