Lochte’s Out, but Hillary’s Up. Make Sense to You?


Curioser and curioser.  That’s how I would describe the state of our national principles and priorities.  People are up in arms about Ryan Lochte’s lies, and that’s fine.  Lies hurt people and they ought to have consequences.  But where is the commensurate disgust and outrage with one of this country’s most infamous and far more dangerous liars, Hillary Clinton?  Depending on which poll you see some 65-80% of voters distrust her and understand that she’s dishonest, yet she basks in cheers and applause while poor little Ryan Lochte is taking a huge loss in endorsements.  Remember the big headlines over “inflate-gate?”  Any outrage over Clinton’s web of corruption pales in comparison.  It’s a sad world when people care more about ethics in sports  than for presidential candidates, but I guess if the Clintons and Democrats have taught us anything it’s how to be, um, flexible with our standards.  “Flexible” might be too soft a word, actually.  Schizophrenic is more like it.

On an interesting and related note, Fox News has noted how the leftwing media is doing its best to tie Lochte to Donald Trump.  Although there seems to be no evidence that Lochte supports Trump (he was for Obama last time around, according to the piece, which explains his casual relationship with the truth), the MSM apparently believes that tying a known liar to Trump will taint Trump.  Once again I’m left scratching my head.  If Lochte’s lies taint Trump, why don’t Clinton’s own lies taint her in the minds of the MSM?  It makes little sense…..unless you understand who the MSM really are, as we do here.  When they say they’re here to “make a difference,” it’s not the kind of difference you might think.

Regular readers here understand that I’m no Trump fan, in part because he too plays fast and loose with the truth when it suits him.  But Trump’s no Hillary.  She’s in a class all her own.



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  1. I already tild you the truth,
    What lie you want to hear?


  2. Hi CW, I suppose one issue is that the media has been covering Lochte much more than Hillary especially on the latest information about her server and Foundation ties. Heck, they are not even covering the latest Obama lie about the ransom to Iran. Or about Obama not visiting Louisiana (he did well after the fact after Trump). Remember how much attention Bush endured after Katrina. The media is placing no pressure on Clinton to hold a Press Conference to finally answer questions. So I blame the media to a large extent. As you said, it is sad.


    • Hey there, Patrick!

      I blame the media too, but the American public has to bear some responsibility as well. As long as people buy what they sell there’s no accountability.


  3. I concur, CW. Trump is an egotistic, narcissistic, serial liar, BUT he’s penny-ante in comparison to Hillary Clinton. She’s easily win a Gold Medal if lying was an Olympic sport. In fact, Hillary is such an accomplished liar, she could also win an Oscar, a Grammy, and a People’s Choice award for telling the most, the biggest, and the most outlandish lies – all without working up a sweat.

    A Hillary presidency would signal the impending death of our United States.


  4. Fantastic comment, Kathy. Thanks.


  5. Frequency and perception. People saw Lochte as a red, white & blue American – Superman in a speedo – and when they realized he’s a flawed human being, they’re disappointed. There’s the perception, but it was just one incident and since it was nationally known, it will haunt him for a while, but then it will eventually go away.

    On the other hand, Hillary’s been lying to people for 50 years and we’ve come to expect it. If she were to tell the truth now, no one would believe her. What’s amazing is that even though she’s perceived to be a serial liar, there are still people who think she’s presidential material. Talk about your flawed human beings!!

    Ethics in sports? – yes. Ethics in politics? They’ve been missing in politics so long that the few who still have ethics are dubbed rebels and troublemakers.

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