Milwaukee murder: Look who’s behind black killing spree

From:,  by staff,  on Aug 21, 2016,  see the article HERE.


Crime analysis shows whites targeted disproportionately in shootings

WASHINGTON – Milwaukee was the latest center of the racial unrest spreading across the nation, with a vicious black riot breaking out after a black cop shot a black suspect who refused to put down a gun he had pointed at the officer. In a shocking orgy of violence, buildings were looted and then set on fire, while white pedestrians were targeted for attacks by the black rioters who chanted “black power.”

An interview with one of the black rioters saw the unidentified male claim the violence was entirely because police can’t stop killing members of the black community in Milwaukee.

He said, “Right now, you’ve got a city riot going on, because once again the police failed to protect us like they said they would. They failed to do what they’re sworn in today. If we don’t have anyone to protect us, you get riots. We losing loved ones to the people that sworn in to protect us. It’s other stuff that’s going on out here and you wonder why it’s ISIS in America. It’s not us, it’s the police. This is the madness they sparked up. This is what they encourage, what they provoke. This is what you get. You get a lot of people hurt. They can’t vent the right way. And no, it won’t end today. I don’t know when it will end. We aren’t the ones that killing us, it’s y’all killing us. We can’t make a change, if you can’t make a change.”

But the claim black people are being hunted and killed by police doesn’t pass scrutiny in light of the data provided by the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, or MHRC, a government-funded organization that tracks the suspects and victims of all homicides and nonfatal shootings by race in the city.

Since 2005, the MHRC has published a yearly report that WND has independently analyzed, and the results completely contradict the idea that it isn’t black-on-black violence plaguing Milwaukee.

In the city of 597,867 people, Milwaukee itself is 40 percent black, 17 percent Latino and 37 percent white.

From 2005 to 2015, there were 1,070 homicides in the city, with blacks being the victims 78 percent of the time and suspects in 82 percent of the murders; Hispanics were the victims 11 percent of the time and suspects in 10 percent of the murders; and whites were victims 9 percent of the time and suspects in 6 percent of the murders.

Between the years 2006 and 2015, there were 5,122 nonfatal shootings in the city of Milwaukee, with blacks victims in 87 percent of the nonfatal shootings and also suspects in 87 percent of the cases. Hispanics were victims in 8 percent of the nonfatal shootings and suspects in 9 percent of the cases, and white people were victims in 5 percent of the nonfatal shootings and suspects in 2 percent of the cases.


The MHRC, established in January 2005, is a central component of the city’s violence prevention efforts. The MHRC draws on public health and criminal justice approaches and was designed to gain a better understanding of homicide through strategic problem analysis, innovative and effective response and prevention strategies, and focus on prevention and intervention resources.

One of the more shocking revelations of the WND analysis of the data is how homicides and nonfatal shootings increased substantially between 2014 and 2015 when the “Ferguson Effect” became most noticeable. Homicides increased 69 percent and nonfatal shootings increased 9 percent, with black people victims and suspects in more than 80 percent of the homicides and nearly 90 percent of nonfatal shootings.

Former police officer Jeff Roorda, author of the soon-to-be-published “The War on Police: How the Ferguson Effect is Making America Unsafe,” told WND how the “Ferguson Effect” has a “cumulative” effect in emboldening criminals.

He said: “The attacks on police and the faux police reforms foisted on American law enforcement combined with the knowledge that most of the elected officials in urban centers – and in the White House – do not have your back, leads to the phenomenon of de-policing. The reluctance of cops to be proactive in their duties combined with the sanctification of those who riot, loot, burn, murder, and commit or promote constabulicide (the organized genocide of police officers), results in a criminal subculture that is drunk with power at this moment in history.”

Roorda, who currently works as the business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, the union that represents police in St. Louis, Missouri, said: “Cops approach every interaction knowing this. They are at a state of constant high alert regardless of the race of the person with whom they come into contact. Yet the mainstream media, misguided politicians and opportunistic activists who control the flow of information have gotten away with painting this fictional depiction of cops as being trigger-happy in their dealings with blacks. The data implies that just the opposite is true.”

Colin Flaherty, whose book “White Girl Bleed a Lot” has documented black-on-white violence across the nation that the media has ignored, noted the information WND compiled from the MHRC report shows white people are more likely to be the victim in a homicide or nonfatal shooting case than the suspect.

Flaherty told WND: “There is no question that reporters and public officials and activists have been successful in shutting down the conversation about how black crime is wildly out of proportion. People who speak out lose their jobs, lose their clients, lose their families. But that is changing as more and more people figure out the enormous difference between what the media says about black violence and what they see on YouTube videos that show the truth.”

He continued: “White victims of black violence often are afraid to talk about the details of their injuries because they do not wish to become victimized again. First by black violence, second by the media if they talk about how black violence is so wildly out of proportion. We saw that in Milwaukee when white victims of the black mob attack that inspired the book ‘White Girl Bleed a Lot’ hesitated to talk about the racial element of the crime against them for fear of being ostracized by reporters and public officials who ignored their attack.”

Flaherty also noticed the data from Milwaukee shows an increase in the number of homicides and nonfatal shootings in the city since Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of United States (representing 83 percent of homicide and 88 percent of nonfatal shooting suspects since 2009).

He said, “From the beginning of his administration, President Obama has made it clear on many occasions: Black people are victims of relentless white racism. All the time, everywhere and that explains everything. From top to bottom, his administration sees everything through the prism of race. From the president himself on many speeches, to the attorney general telling us that too many black people are in prison for no reason whatsoever, to the EPA talking about environmental racism, to the Department of Education reminding school districts throughout the country that any disparity in performance and discipline between white and black students is the result of one thing and one thing only, white racism, this is a crowd that has worked very hard to let black people know they are not responsible for any criminal acts they commit.

“Black criminals are victims of racism. And should be treated as such.


“And police? They are the perpetrators of this racism and the cause of the enormous amount of black criminality in America. Sound strange? Read the recent Department of Justice report on the Baltimore police department; that documents how the Obama administration is enforcing this new racial orthodoxy of black victimization.”

Roorda told WND one of the big reasons white people are fearful of even talking about race and the data analyzed from the MHRC is simple: fear of the “R-word.”

He said: “When whites talk candidly about race and crime, they are called ‘racists.’ When blacks talk candidly about race and crime, they are called ‘race-traitors.’ Black Lives Matter and their sympathizers have been very successful in suppressing honest dialogue about where we are as a country and how we get beyond it. Their agenda endangers Americans – particularly young, black Americans – and makes black lives matter less, not more.”

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, author of “The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood,” found the data compiled by WND extremely important in countering the narrative of racist police hunting down innocent blacks. In fact, it’s the opposite, he said.

“As a result of the scrutiny on alleged police misconduct based on the false narrative put forth by Black Lives Matter and the Obama administration, police officers are less proactive and are afraid to aggressively go after criminals. For the past seven years, Barack Obama’s actions and words have been more sympathetic to Black Lives Matter and black criminals than to police officers – this has emboldened the criminals and has made the police vulnerable to attacks.

“It makes it very difficult. It’s inevitable that the police will deal with black suspects, so if the encounter turns violent or if it results in an officer-involved shooting, in the eyes of this current administration and Black Lives Matter, the police are automatically considered guilty of wrongdoing. Law enforcement has their hands tied, and they’re constantly being forced to second-guess their decisions. This puts police officers in danger, and it jeopardizes the safety of the citizens that they’re supposed to protect and serve.”

Rev. Peterson continued, telling WND: “Because black crime is underreported, and under the Obama Justice Department black criminals are a protected class. Whites who dare speak out and tell the truth about black criminality and the disproportional numbers of crimes committed by blacks are considered ‘racist.’ Blacks who tell the truth are called ‘Uncle Tom’ and ‘Sellout.’


“This has a chilling effect on free speech, and it puts fear in people who want to speak out. People are afraid to speak out on race and crime because they don’t want to lose their jobs, they don’t want their reputation tarnished, and in some cases, they don’t want to be physically attacked by black thugs!”

Rev. Peterson ended his conversation with WND with this chilling statement, noting things will only get worse with Hillary Clinton as president.

“The election of Hillary Clinton will mean the legitimacy of Black Lives Matter. Hillary will continue to encourage the hostile, anti-police rhetoric and violence that has resulted in the deaths of police in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other cities. We will see an all-out war on police and whites and more violence in the streets if Hillary wins. Donald Trump will stop this nonsense, and he will reestablish the respect for police and the rule of law. This will help the decent and law-abiding folks in the black community.”


A video that was part of this article (I couldn’t post it here) featured a young black man who was expounding on how all of the rioting was the fault of the police. “The police wouldn’t keep his people safe and the police were the ones doing the killing.” That’s about what we’ve come to expect from blacks who are full of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) “happy gas.” Maybe some of them truly believe that, but it’s wrong – it’s not even close. In fact, the BLM crowd doesn’t care about the truth, only what their protests and complaints can get them – political power.

It’s apparent the the media is afflicted with “political correctiveitus” and willfully slant the news reports to leave out the racial makeup of anything troublesome for blacks and highlight anything that smacks of white or police racism against blacks. They simply refuse to report the truth because they’d have to admit that blacks kill whites far more often than whites kill blacks and, to them, that would be racist.

Political correctness is one of the factors that contributes to black-on-white crime because the media “whitewashes” it and conveniently leave out racial identities when blacks are the perpetrators. They, by their willful revisions of what really happens, contribute to the continuing and escalating black-on-white violence. 

Let’s face it, the “Race Card” doesn’t hold the weight that it once held because it has been overused by the left so that it’s now a “boy cried wolf” situation. It shouldn’t be avoided because it simply doesn’t matter any more. The truth is what really matters and should be the only thing that matters. Problems can’t be fixed until we know exactly what the cause is and that applies to racial problems too.

It’s time that we (including our politicians and media) begin to truthfully identify what our racial problems are before we can begin to fix them. And regardless of whether they like it or not, blacks will have to (finally) accept the responsibility for causing most of them.





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  1. The people’s willingness to both hear and heed the truth would go a long way to solving every problem this country has, but notice how the Left fights the truth with political correctness and bullying of those who try to put the truth out there. A cynical person might think those on the Left don’t want our problems solved. Let’s follow the money/power by asking who gains from racial unrest and the lies that fuel it? Answer: The race hustlers, Democrat politicians, black thugs and criminals, and white liberals with an insatiable need for self-affirmation and misguided notions about moral superiority. And then there are the secondary beneficiaries: Democrat voters who cash-in when Democrats are in office. All of these constituencies are invested in the lie, which is why conservative appeals to hear and heed the truth always fall on deaf ears. The moral character and conscience simply isn’t there. You might as well be trying to reason with a three-year old about why he can’t have candy whenever he wants it. It’s probably good to explain your reasons but in the end you simply take the candy away.


    • Color me cynical, CW. I don’t believe that the left wants the problem solved. All of those you mention benefit in some way by keeping us in a racial upheaval mode. If racism disappeared tomorrow, so would those you mention shortly thereafter. I know that it’s a futile exercise, but I keep hoping that one day, that proverbial light bulb will flash on in some of those black skulls and they’ll recognize that they’ve been hoodwinked and hornswoggled by those who pretended to be helping them.


    21 And he had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them.

    we need to help stop organizations that teach racism and help spread love


  3. Although it really started simmering with the whole Trayvon Martin and the ‘if I had a son’ thing, O really turned up the fire when the Ferguson madness started. Now look at the impact it’s had on crime since then.

    I don’t know who or what it will take to convince these guys they’re wrong. They need someone they respect with a strong enough argument to lay it out for them & force them to look at the numbers. It won’t happen so long as O is in office and if Hillary gets elected (God forbid) there will be at least four more years of the same.


    • Right, I know that Obama supporters will disagree, but he has had a direct impact on everything related to race and none of it has been beneficial for anyone – and certainly not the blacks. You’re right that it will take someone that they respect (I don’t know who that will be) to spell out the misinformation that Obama and his cronies have been shoveling to black folks. Until some black leaders come forward and rhetorically slap them upside the head, “ain’t nuthin’ gonna get better.”


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