Obama plays 300th round of golf while Louisiana drowns – is that presidential?

Here is a representative view of the extent of flood damage in South Louisiana. This video shows Denham Springs, a bedroom community about 12 miles East of Baton Rouge. This is a short video (4:13) but captures the devastation.

Remember when Obama ripped President Bush for flying over New Orleans to view the extent of Katrina’s destruction? Bush was also on vacation on his ranch when Katrina struck, but he cut his vacation short by two days and flew back to Washington. He was on his way back to D.C., when the president ordered a detour to fly over New Orleans to see the damage first hand.

And where has Obama been while Louisiana floods? Not even in an airplane viewing the flooding from the air, no, he’s warm and cozy in Martha’s Vineyard casually playing golf. Calling Bush’s flyover a metaphor for Bush’s failed leadership candidate Obama said, “People looked up at the roof tops for too long they saw an empty sky.” Bush was accused of “not caring about black people.”

“We can talk about what happened for a few days in 2005 and we should,” Obama said. “We can talk about levees that could not hold … about a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and aid.”

Or, we can talk about a president who refuses to cut his vacation short or even to forego a round of golf to “provide comfort and aid” to the people of Louisiana, tens of thousands of whom have lost practically all of their possessions, their homes, their furnishings,  their automobiles and trucks – some lost everything. And only a small percentage had flood insurance (homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover rising water).

These are “his people.” Louisiana’s population has the second largest proportion of black Americans (32% according to 2010 census) in the United States and 96% of them voted for him in 2008. He may choose to ignore the white people hurting, but is this how a black president treats “his people”?

You’d think that if the president can interrupt his vacation for a swanky fundraiser for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, as he did on Monday, then surely he can make time to show up for a catastrophe that’s displaced thousands.

But, it was apparently important for Obama to reach that threshold of playing his 300th round of golf while president (George W. Bush played 24 rounds). Those pesky rednecks down in Louisiana will just have to wait.

This is yet one more example of how awful this president is and what a mistake it was to elect him.



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  1. The hypocrisy always proves the lie, Garnet, and Barack Obama is a liar if ever there was one. He never cared about the people of New Orleans any more than he cares about the people of Louisiana. They were just useful pawns when he wanted to denigrate George Bush for his own political gain. What a nice man, eh?

    The video really tells the story. To the credit of the people of Louisiana, so far I haven’t seen evidence of the kind of stupidity and bewildering helplessness that was abundant in New Orleans, not to mention the scapegoating and running away from responsibility. It’s going to be a tough road ahead for a while but I have high hopes for their recovery.


    • You’re right CW, what happened in New Orleans was primarily because of Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin not asking for help soon enough and then ignoring the emergency plans that were already in place. They underestimated how serious the problems were and tried to make political hay instead of following the city’s emergency plan. Ray Nagin was just an Obama-in-waiting, thinking that he was destined for bigger and better things than just being a Mayor and his decisions cost people lives and countless millions of dollars. Thank God that he self-destructed and has no further political future.


  2. It’s heartbreaking to see these videos of the damages across practically the entire state. They’ve had even more rain and those waters won’t be going down any time soon – the loss is horrific.

    It’s my understanding that they didn’t want Bush on the ground in 2005 as it would have created more congestion and interrupted their aid efforts. It makes sense that they wouldn’t want O there either, but he could at least make the attempt. So far I haven’t even heard a statement from him regarding this disaster, but perhaps I missed it.

    George Bush stopped playing golf after the 9/11 attacks, because he thought it unseemly to be seen enjoying himself at a time of war. O has no such gage, nor does he have compassion for people in trouble, unless they’re muslims.

    O couldn’t be bothered, Hillary had to get some rest, but Trump went to Louisiana. Of course it was a photo op, but it was also the right thing to do. He took food and water and helped distribute goods to the people. Maybe they’ll remember this in November and get off the Dem train.


    • “There but for the grace of God go I.” Though my family, with the exception of my brother, escaped the worse flooding, I know that if I were still living there, I could have been one of the unfortunate ones who lost everything. Those who didn’t have flood insurance (the vast majority) are on their own with little to no help when it comes to rebuilding or replacing what they lost. My son related the story of a girl who works for him showing him pictures of the family’s modest home with 3 feet of water in it – they lost everything. Yes, Trump’s visit and truckload of needed goods was a photo-op, but it did provide one thing that money can’t buy – hope – and the knowledge that someone cares about them. As everyone knows by now, I am not a Trump supporter, but I give him kudos for at least showing up and giving those poor souls who are affected by the disaster, some hope. Thanks Donald.


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