Soros Paid Al Gore MILLIONS To Push ‘Aggressive US Action’ On Global Warming

From:,  by Michael Bastasch,  on Aug 17, 2016,  see the article HERE.

George Soros

Liberal billionaire George Soros gave former Vice President Al Gore’s environmental group millions of dollars over three years to create a “political space for aggressive U.S. action” on global warming, according to leaked documents.

A document published by DC Leaks shows Soros, a Hungarian-born liberal financier, wanted his nonprofit Open Society Institute (OSI) to do more to support global warming policies in the U.S. That included budgeting $10 million in annual support to Gore’s climate group over three years.

“U.S. Programs Global Warming Grants U.S. Programs became engaged on the global warming issue about four years ago, at George Soros’s suggestion,” reads a leaked OSI memo.

“There has been a budget of $11 million for global warming grants in the U.S. Programs budget for the last several years,” the memo reads. “This budget item captures George Soros’s commitment of $10 million per year for three years to Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, which conducts public education on the climate issue in pursuit of creating political space for aggressive U.S. action in line with what scientists say is necessary to put our nation on a path to reducing its outsize carbon dioxide emissions.”

It’s unclear what year the memo was sent, but the Gore co-founded Alliance for Climate Protection (ACP) was established in 2006 and lasted until it became The Climate Reality Project in July 2011. In 2008, the Alliance launched a $300 million campaign to encourage “Americans to push for aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” The Washington Post reported.

Al Gore

ACP got $10 million from the Open Society Institute (OSI) in 2008, according to the nonprofit’s tax filings. OSI handed over another $5 million to ACP in 2009, according to tax filings. The investigative reporting group ProPublica keeps a database that has OSI tax returns from 2000 to 2013. TheDCNF could not find other years where OSI gave money to ACP.

OSI is primarily a grant-making nonprofit that hands out millions of dollars every year to mostly left-wing causes. Now called the Open Society Foundations, Soros’s nonprofit has handed out more than $13 billion over the last three decades.

OSI didn’t only plan to fund Gore’s climate group to promote global warming policies in the U.S., OSI also planned on giving millions of dollars to spur the “youth climate movement.”

“This budget item also allows for the renewal of U.S. Programs’ long-standing support of the Energy Action Coalition, which is the lead organizer of the youth climate movement in the U.S., the memo reads.

“We are also including a placeholder for an additional $2 million, pending discussion about and development of OSI’s global warming agenda,” the memo reads. “There is a memo from Nancy Youman in the strategic plans binder that recommends pathways forward for OSI on the climate issue – in the U.S., as well as in other parts of the Open Society Network.”


Most of our readers are familiar with George Soros. He is a multi-billionaire who is hell-bent on achieving a global government, which necessarily means that he has plans for major upheavals in the governance of our United States. Obviously, he’s also a pro-Climate Change proponent, thus his funding of Al Gore. By the end of 2015, he’d also contributed over $8 million dollars to groups supporting Hillary Clinton so you can see that he puts his money where his mouth is – contributing to liberal causes. If Hillary was to win the presidency, you can bet your bottom dollar that Soros will be pulling the strings, controlling the wrinkly old crone to do his bidding.

He is an evil, evil man. I’ve said it before, but it still serves to illustrate how evil he is: it’s said that when Satan curses, he uses Soros’ name.

I’d mention some of the organizations that Soros funds via his Open Society Institute, but the space available couldn’t do it justice. I suggest that anyone who is interested in learning the length and breadth of Soros’ influence go to Discover the Networks and do a little research.




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  1. We’ve talked for years about this climate change push and how many times did Soros’ name come up as being behind it? Probably more than we can count. Nowadays we’re seeing fewer and fewer people buy into this, so they have to turn up the volume and beat the drum more because they’re have so little effect.

    Just how long can Soros’ money last anyway??


    • Soros spent an unprecedented $27 million trying to defeat Bush’s re-election in 2004 and supposedly he was uber-pissed when he failed. I’d like to think that this is another occasion when Big George gets punched in the goobers by Mother Nature and some common sense shown by the masses. He’s wrong again!

      Unfortunately, his money will outlast his wrinkled, worn out old body and no doubt his successors will continue his push for a global government (as long as they’re in control).


  2. I used to say, more years ago before global warming, that if them poilitisists could charge or tax folks for breathing – they would. And they’re doing it, calling it climate change, after starting out with global warming – so that it’s a global issue.
    World Control necessitates world cooperation, obedience, or whatever’s convenient to call it.


    • You have to hand it to Gore, Soros, etc. – they hatched a scheme that, if the public bought it, would open up countless new possibilities for control of the masses and making tons of money. I mean, after all, if the climate is failing us, we HAVE to act, right?

      The problem is that Mother Earth hasn’t cooperated with their scheme. I love it when Karma strikes and assholes get hurt by it!


  3. Bad Science. George got sucker punched on this one, now he wants to sucker punch all of us.


  4. Money, money, money. The leftists that pretend to abhor it always manage to be swimming in it. The truth, of course, is that they love money. Money equals power. But they don’t want anyone else to have it, which is the whole purpose of the “climate change” fraud. The proof of that is right in front of us. There isn’t a single leftist environmentalist who actually lives what he preaches. Soros, Gore, Obama, Hillary and all the rest have multiple lavish homes and consume energy like it’s going out of style. They don’t change their lifestyles one bit while demanding that we do. That’s all I need to see the lie for what it is. That’s all anyone should need. Why would someone who supposedly is worried for the environment not practice what they preach? Gee, maybe they have other motives.

    Yes, Garnet, Soros is as evil as they come. He makes fortunes on the backs and misfortune of others and then uses his ill-gotten gains to play puppet master everywhere he can. It’s not enough that his money gives him a wide circle of influence anyway. He must have more and more. I would celebrate his old age and advancing demise but it won’t make any difference. His minions will take over where he left off.

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    • I believe that the leftists made a serious misjudgment on the Global Warming/Climate Change issue. I think that they thought that they had accumulated enough scientific and political heavy hitters to push the issue that eventually we dolts out here would accept it as gospel and fall in line with whatever they prescribed as the solution (carbon credits, etc.). I don’t know that they’re losing money on their investments in “green” stuff, but they aren’t rolling in cash like they thought they would be by now either. I prefer to think that they overestimated the ease with which they’d hoodwink the public.


      • The problem is the indoctrination of the may make it easier in years to come than with our generation. We were taught about how the Oxygen Cycle works, thus knowing that CO2 isn’t the bogeyman the glowarmers describe.
        Yes, Soros’ fortune continues to grow as he buys politicians to create policies and crises that he prepositions himself to profit from. Remember when Obama gave $4 Billion to Brazil’s Petrobras to develop their offshore oil reserves while squelching development of our own? Guess who had just bought a big position in Petrobras right before that announcement was make, creating a big jump in the share prices? You gussed it! Soros made his entire investment in Obama back right there, and that was one of many!


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