Black Teens Kill Good Samaritan After He Pulled Vehicle Out of Ditch

By Katherine Rodriguez, 8-16-16 at Breitbart

Two teenagers shot a Good Samaritan who helped them pull an SUV out of a ditch, police say.

Charleston killers

North Charleston, South Carolina, police spokesman Spencer Pryor said 45-year-old Chadwick Garrett helped two teenagers pull a Dodge Durango out of a ditch at 11PM Monday when the teenagers robbed and fatally shot him.

Garrett died at the scene, the Charleston County Coroner’s Office said.

Pryor said police arrested 17-year-old Deon Antonio Frasier and 19-year-old Michael Odell Anthony Dupree-Tyler – both of the Reserve at Ashley River Apartments, 6520 Dorchester Road –  about 6 miles away from the scene.

About 20 minutes after the shooting, a woman at the apartment the teens reside in called dispatch to report that the two had used her vehicle without permission, the affidavits state. She gave a description of the SUV and Frasier and Dupree-Tyler but later tried to cancel police response when she got the Durango back.

Both suspects have been booked into jail Tuesday morning and face murder charges. Fraiser also faces an additional charge of possession of a firearm during a violent crime, the Associated Press reports.

Frasier was free on a $10,000 bond for possession of a stolen vehicle. Dupree-Tyler had been booked eight times before since July 2014 and pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of a non-narcotic controlled substance, according to The Post and Courier.

Garrett Chadwick

Garrett Chadwick

The victim, Garrett, had an arrest record dating back to 1995 when he was brought up on drug charges and domestic violence.

He served a year of probation for possession of cocaine in 1995 and six-months probation for third-degree assault and battery in 2010.

This was North Charleston’s 21st homicide this year.


There are a couple of things missing from this story. There is no mention of the BLM or the residents stirring up riots in the streets over Garrett’s murder. There’s no mention of the presence of the Black Panthers threatening destruction to North Charleston as they did in Milwaukee. There is also no mention of skin color even though all of them are black.  Apparently it’s only important to mention skin color when the shooting involves a police officer.


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  1. But, the Ford Foundation and others are contributing 100+ millions to the BLM.
    Really? For what? What free thought is arising out of those parasites other than violence and that continuing mantra of repatriation?
    So, where’s Waldo?


  2. These comments are absurd. The reason that Black Lives Matter activists aren’t saying anything is because the alleged shooters are in prison. It has nothing to do with the fact that the killers are black.


    • Anya, you dear girl are the one who is absurd. I see from your FB page that you apparently help to recruit BLM participants, which makes you a whore for Soros and this whole manufactured chaos and destruction he and his puppets are bringing to the blacks across this country.

      Question from a friend or follower whose name I withheld: “Anya Silver: do you know if there is a BLM chapter in Macon? do you or (name) have a plan to help in our community? because if you’re looking for recruits…”

      Your response: ” I don’t know (name), but there should be. I’ll try to find out.”

      Either you don’t see the bigger picture, or you don’t care.


    • I wonder why BLM isn’t saying about the hundreds of OTHER blacks killed so far just this year? The proof is in their actions. BLM only cares about a black life when it advances the anti-cop agenda.

      We’re all too familiar with the Anya’s of this world, eh Kathy? They’re all the same.

      Let’s see, her delicate sensibilities are offended by Donald Trump but people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can lie to us, manipulate us, divide us, make phony promises to uphold the Constitution, put their own interests ahead of the nation and orchestrate massive theft from us without a peep from Anya. What an awesome world she’s setting up for her kid who she pretends to care about: MASSIVE debt, freeloaders breaking the backs of the taxpayers, cheaters and scammers everywhere, the cops who protect her child being assassinated in the streets, the liberal education establishment getting filthy rich on the backs of our students (don’t worry – they’re trying to pile that on the backs of taxpayers too), healthcare system ruined (just got a bill for the hubby’s 4-hour visit to the emergency room: $17,294.34 thanks to Anya and her brilliant friends); tax code 70,000 pages long, radical Muslims beheading people or burning them alive (we really need to sit down and have a friendly chat with those guys, find out what’s bothering them), etc., etc., etc., etc. But at least Anya feels good about herself so it’s all worth it.

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  3. The hypocrisy always proves the lie, Kathy, and the lie is that Black Lives Matter has anything to do with saving lives. It’s about giving blacks a reason to be agitated against whites. People who can’t or won’t exert power in positive ways love the feeling of power they get from bullying and intimidating others. If the BLM crowd didn’t have this “cause” to justify their bullying they’d be pedaling their thuggery some other way, joining an Islamic extremist group perhaps.

    Look how dead their eyes are. Just a scourge on the planet.


    • Specifically brought to us by Soros, O and Hillary for the purpose of creating hate, discontent and chaos. They’re whores who’ve been bought & paid for, with Hillary to be the next president who will carry it forward, so that she can fix it at some point. The Dem MO of create the problem so you can create the fix.


  4. The blame for not properly informing the public lies solely at the feet of the media. Their PC BS has gone too far. If race is EVER to be mentioned in a news report, it should ALWAYS be mentioned. If political Party is ever to be mentioned, it should ALWAYS be mentioned. These should be standard format data points, not a discretionary style matter!

    Now the cultural issues in minority communities also need to be publicly aired. If the upstanding members of those communities are not publicly supported, do you really blame them for not taking the lead? And if those leaders happen to be of another ethnicity, most especially white, God forbid the media ever backs them!


    • Your remarks about the media are spot on – always or never. They were already bad before O came along and they’ve only gotten worse – they don’t even try to cover the lies or try to appear unbiased. We need to get rid of the so-called analysis and get back to reporting facts only.


  5. Isn’t it time that we started recognizing and exposing the violence that appears to be an integral part of life among black youths today. Just because it may not be politically correct to expose it doesn’t mean that we should be ignoring it. It is NOT racism to tell the truth and the truth is that black youths are responsible for an inordinate number of crimes today.

    I just published a post about the flooding in Louisiana and minutes ago my son sent me a local television station report that eight youths were arrested for looting of flooded businesses. Guess what, they are all black. Surprised? No, not really, they have apparently been indoctrinated with the same lack of regard for our laws as these two murderers in North Carolina.

    Ignoring it or “whitewashing” it won’t solve the problem. First, we have to recognize it and confront it and blacks themselves have to take responsibility and not just blame it all on “whitey,” slavery, racism, etc.


    • Incidents like this are part of the reason that so few people will stop and help strangers, and who could blame them? It’s hard to take seriously their demands to be treated better, when stories like this come out.

      The looting was bound to start and it says a lot about their mentality. I’m surprised it took this long.


  6. It’s a pretty disgusting story.
    But I had no idea the victim was black. I’ve only seen the pics of the 2 murderers.
    Your points starkly stand out to the widely publicized murders in Baltimore, Milwaukie, Ferguson, etc.


    • Exactly, tannngl, it wasn’t coming out in the earlier stories that the victim was also black, but it is now, although it’s more of an afterthought. Our media is as disgusting as the BLM and the Black Panthers are.

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